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Liberty Newspost Sept-16-2012

Liberty Newspost Sept-16-2012

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A compelling mix of curated news.
A compelling mix of curated news.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Sep 16, 2012
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Curated News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com- 16/09/12
Submitted at 9/15/2012 11:36:00 PM
US orders some diplomats out of Sudan, TunisiaBy MATTHEW LEE, AssociatedPress – 45 minutes agoWASHINGTON (AP) — TheState Department on Saturdayordered the departure of all familymembers and non-essential U.S.government personnel from itsembassies in Sudan and Tunisiaand warned U.S. citizens againstany travel to the two countries dueto security concerns over risinganti-American violence."Given the security situation inTunis and Khartoum, the StateDepartment has ordered thedeparture of all family membersand non-emergency personnelfrom both posts, and issuedparallel travel warnings toAmerican citizens," saiddepartment spokeswomanVictoria Nuland.In Tunisia, the warning advisedAmericans that the internationalairport in Tunis is open andencouraged all U.S. citizens todepart on commercial flights. Itsaid Americans who chose toremain in Tunisia should useextreme caution and avoiddemonstrations. On Friday,protesters climbed the walls intothe U.S. Embassy in Tunis,torching cars in the parking lot,trashing the entrance building andsetting fire to a gym and aneighboring American school thatis now unusable.In Sudan, the warning said thatwhile the Sudanese governmenthas taken steps to limit theactivities of terrorist groups, someremain and have threatened toattack Western interests. Theterrorist threat level remains"critical" throughout Sudan, thedepartment said. It noted that U.S.officials are already required totravel in armored vehicles and toget permission to travel outsideKhartoum, where crowds torchedpart of the German Embassy andtried to storm the U.S. Embassyon Friday.A U.S. official said on Saturdaythat Sudan's government isholding up the deployment of anelite Marine team that the U.S.planned to send to Khartoum toboost security at the embassy.Meanwhile, Secretary of StateHillary Rodham Clinton workedthe phones on Saturday, callingtop officials from seven countriesto discuss the situation followinga wave of protest and violenceover an anti-Muslim film that hasswept across the Middle East andelsewhere in recent days. Anobscure, amateurish movie called"Innocence of Muslims" thatdepicts Muhammad as a fraud, awomanizer and a pedophilesparked the outrage.On Tuesday, protesters in Egyptbreached the walls of the U.S.Embassy in Cairo and then well-armed extremists attacked theU.S. Consulate in Benghazi,Libya, killing four Americans,including the U.S. Ambassador toLibya, Chris Stevens. Since then,protests over the video havespread to more than 20 countriesin the Middle East, Africa andSoutheast Asia. While most werepeaceful, marches in severalplaces exploded into violence,including Tunisia and Sudan.Clinton on Saturday spoke to theprime minister of Libya, thepresident of Somalia, and theforeign ministers of Britain,Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia andTurkey, Nuland said.With Libyan Prime MinisterMustafa Abushagur, Clintonspoke about the importance of bringing the consulate attackers to justice, Nuland said. The primeminister "expressed confidencethat the attackers would bebrought to justice, noting that thegovernment was already startingto take action," she said.With the Egyptians, Turks andSaudis, Clinton thanked them fortheir condemnations of theviolence and spoke of the need toensure security at diplomaticmissions, Nuland said. Clintonand Egyptian Foreign MinisterMohamed Kamel Amr also"agreed that while the film may beoffensive and reprehensible, itcannot be used as justification forviolence," Nuland said.Clinton's calls and the StateDepartment travel warnings cameas President Barack Obama paidtribute to the Americans killed inBenghazi in his weekly radioaddress and denounced the anti-U.S. mob protests that havefollowed.Copyright © 2012 TheAssociated Press. All rightsreserved.This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .
2Curated News Edition
Submitted at 9/15/2012 10:40:17 PM
DUBAI| Sat Sep 15, 201211:40pm EDT(Reuters) - A wave of furious anti-Western protests against a filmmocking the Prophet Mohammadabated on Saturday, but U.S.policy in the Muslim worldremained overshadowed by 13minutes of amateurish video onthe Internet.Washington ordered familymembers and non-essential staff to leave the U.S. Embassy inKhartoum, which was attacked onFriday, after Sudan turned downits request to send Marines tobolster security.In addition, it pulled non-essential personnel out of itsembassy in the Tunisian capital,Tunis, also attacked on Friday,and urged American citizens toleave the city.Marine platoons have been sentto U.S. missions in Yemen andLibya since the unrest erupted.Elsewhere, riot police stormedinto Cairo's Tahrir Square androunded up hundreds of peopleafter four days of clashes anddemands from protesters for theU.S. ambassador to be expelled.Saudi Arabia's highest religiousauthority denounced the attackson diplomats and embassiesacross the Middle East as un-Islamic.But the Yemen-based branch of al Qaeda applauded the killings of U.S. diplomats in Libya and urgedMuslims to kill more, calling thevideo posted on the Internetanother chapter in the "crusaderwars" against Islam.A California man convicted of bank fraud, who has deniedreports that he was involved in thefilm's production, was taken in forquestioning by officersinvestigating possible probationviolations stemming from themaking of the film.Afghanistan's Taliban claimedresponsibility for an attack on abase that killed two AmericanMarines, saying it was a responseto the insults to the founder of Islam.RELATIVE CALMHundreds of Muslims took to thestreets of Australia's largest city,some throwing rocks and bottlesin clashes with police. Somecarried placards reading "Beheadall those who insult the Prophet".About 80 Islamist militants werearrested in Paris while trying todemonstrate outside the U.S.Embassy near the ChampsElysees, French police sourcessaid.Saturday was, however, relativelycalm after at least nine deaths inthe Muslim world on Fridayduring protests and attacks onAmerican and other Westernembassies.President Barack Obama, leadinga ceremony on Friday to honor theU.S. ambassador to Libya andthree other Americans who diedin an attack on the U.S. Consulatein Benghazi on September 11,vowed to "stand fast" against theviolence."The United States will neverretreat from the world," he said.The Pentagon rushed to bolstersecurity at missions abroad.The U.S. State Department onSaturday also urged Americancitizens to avoid Sudan's restiveDarfur, Blue Nile and SouthernKordofan regions.Libyan authorities said they hadidentified 50 people who wereinvolved in the attack in whichambassador Christopher Stevensdied.In an interview aired on Saturdayon NBC's "Nightly News,"Libyan President MohammedMagarief was quoted as sayingthat foreigners along with Libyanswere involved in the attack on theconsulate in Benghazi. He addedthere were 10 suspects in custody.Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti,Sheikh Abdulaziz bin AbdullahAl al-Sheikh, denounced theattacks while urging governmentsand international bodies tocriminalize insults againstprophets.He described the short film as"miserable" and "criminal," butsaid attacks on the innocent andon diplomats were "a distortion of the Islamic religion and are notaccepted by God".FREE SPEECH LAWSThe video, circulating on theInternet under several titlesincluding "Innocence of Muslims," portrays Mohammadas a womanizer and a fool."We were attacked by Obama,and his government, and theCoptic Christians living abroad!"shouted one long-bearded Muslimprotester outside the U.S.Embassy in Cairo on Friday.In the Los Angeles suburb of Cerritos, Nakoula BasseleyNakoula, 55, who has deniedinvolvement in the film in a phonecall to a Coptic Christian bishop,was ushered out of his home andinto a waiting car by sheriff'sdeputies, his face shielded by ascarf, hat and sunglasses.He was voluntarily interviewedby federal probation officers andleft about 30 minutes later, apolice spokesman said.U.S. officials have saidauthorities are not investigatingthe film project itself, and thateven if it was inflammatory or ledto violence, simply producing itcannot be considered a crime inthe United States, which hasstrong free speech laws.A statement posted on a websiteused by Al Qaeda in the ArabianPeninsula called on Muslims to"follow the example of Omar al-Mukhtar's descendants (Libyans),who killed the Americanambassador"."Let the step of kicking out theembassies be a step towardsliberating Muslim countries fromthe American hegemony," thegroup said.Hundreds of mourners in theYemeni capital, Sanaa, attendedthe funeral on Saturday of ayoung protester shot to deathwhen riot police battled a crowdattacking the U.S. Embassy onThursday.(Writing by Andrew Roche;Editing by Kevin Liffey and PeterCooney)This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .[unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
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3Curated News Edition
Submitted at 9/15/2012 11:25:43 PM
Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesStepfan Taylor (33) celebrateswith Cardinal teammates afterscoring a touchdown againstU.S.C.Even without Andrew Luck,Stanford still had every answerfor Matt Barkley and SouthernCalifornia.California’s Keenan Allen duringa 35-28 loss to Ohio State.Josh Nunes threw a go-ahead 37-yard touchdown to Zach Ertz,Stepfan Taylor ran for 153 yardsand scored two touchdowns, andNo. 21 Stanford upset second-ranked U.S.C., 21-14, on Saturdaynight for its fourth straight win inthis series.Barkley, a Heisman Trophyhopeful, threw for 254 yards and2 interceptions while completingonly 20 of 41 passes. He wassacked twice on the final drive forthe Trojans (2-1, 0-1 Pac-12) andthrew out of bounds on a final,desperate heave on fourth-and-39from U.S.C.’s 25-yard line.Coming out of a two-year bowlban, U.S.C. had national titlehopes. Now the Trojans will haveto climb out of a hole to get there.A sold-out crowd at StanfordStadium rushed the field, tossingstreamers and jumping in a wildcelebration at midfield withStanford Coach David Shaw andplayers caught in the middle of the mess. The Cardinal (3-0, 1-0)are 3-0 for the third straightseason for the first time since1970-72 and have their longestwinning streak ever againstU.S.C.Barkley has beaten everyconference team but is 0-4 againstStanford. The only chance he hasfor revenge against the Cardinalnow is a rematch in the Pac-12title game.Stanford’s Jordan Williamsonmissed field goals of 47 and 23yards and had a 51-yarder blockedby T. J. McDonald. With adefense that flustered Barkley anda new quarterback who found hisfooting late, the kicker whomissed three field goals in theFiesta Bowl loss to OklahomaState last season could smile inthe pile with everybody else.L.S.U. 63, IDAHO 14 RonaldMartin and Lavar Edwards eachintercepted deflected passes andreturned them for scores, and No.
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