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And Tigers Leap on Moon

And Tigers Leap on Moon

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some vignettes of shitlife
some vignettes of shitlife

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Published by: Atindriyo Chakraborty on Sep 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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And TigersAnd tigers leap on moon
On whatever’s left,
a nation,a cognition,Cocaine-kid, whores devoid of cordiality,Mozart devoid of enchantment moving down a little gray tunedown the ninth lane of forever, skies have spilled overa
ll that’s
unimbibable and beat. The clock shall get us allMiles away, burning badlands grin atWhat we have made of ourselves.....I hear my lady friends talking to their lady friendson men they scalpedand left out cold because they needed them like they needtheir mothers. The whole concept is sickening. And theni hear from my male friends fiddling with drugs and thenotion of suicide because my lady friends or their friendshave scalped them and left them out cold becausethey needed them like they needed their mothers.
I’ve been through this whole deal and it does feel
 like shit. Apparently, needing your women like you needyour mom is a bad thing. And most of these womenend up with rich round men who need them like they neededtheir toys and not like they needed their moms.....There are so many stupid people in the world
that i never feel bad when i’m lonely.And what’s worse, these are cowards who
shall never have the guts to go all the wayfor what they want; they choose to moanand wail and cry and believe in the magic cure instead
I’d rather be alone and drink alone
 That way i can laugh with the gods and the furniture,set nights on fire and walk through itand drink wars andfamines down and make life and deathtremble at me without having to give a shit....There are times when it seems like allthe damnation of the world has been heaped on youeven stars start resembling starfishesand everything that moves look like terrible monsterssticking their heads up from the cesspool of nightmares
stuck in doom, bells of doom tollingone big madhouse that the world is
going to the nasty dogs. It’s easy for
the believers of God who writes allprescriptions for the soul in stoneand for the worshippers of placid sanity to find a way out.And then there are the ones who findss
alvation in flesh. It’s not that tough for them either.
 That leaves us with you and me
And now that we’ve established our cluelessnessLet’s just drink to our doom and stop looking for clues
for light. They’ll come if they are to.
 Well, at least
the world’
s not running out of booze....
There’s something sinister following meThere’s something fucked
-up hollowing me out
It’s written i
n the doors in the roofs and floors
tattooed on the tits of thick meaty whoresBut whenever i try to read it goes poof!
My life’s going to the dogs and the dogs say woof!
There’s nothing i can do but resign to fate
 So I eat drink sleep and masturbate......The unlearning of the soulSenses and cognition winding up and coiling backLike a foul slippery mass gripped by raveStrange shapes and dimensions beyond
What you’ve been taught to identify
It’s a happy world
 Rain on arid lands after a thousand years of thirstHills and valleys crawling out of the brainStorms howl through decimated citiesYour defeat belongs to all nowYou are godless in heat nowAnd nothing mattersLost sailors make compass out of rainbow of dreamsClowns scare little girls to oblivionReptiles shake off slumberNew bride engulfed in smokeBridges shooting off guts of another demonAnother verse of dreamsHeroes sweating behind venetian blindsThis world has been shattered by earthquakes and madnessThis world is sinking in pits of reckless pink ennui.
Pack up, fast
It’s time
to run beyond thisAnd into the heart of Empires of gold
It’ll be a long smooth drive through moonlight.
 ...Watermelon of lawless life big round and red
Outside, there’s pure madness
 Days and nights on firePeople busy fighting and dyingPeople busy knifing and gunning and flowers busyblooming against the sun. In hills and forestsmen women and kids spread out, settleconquer, build, fuck, kill, and do loads of shitto stick around between borning and dying.Watermelon of life, i press its tender fleshwith my tongue and teeth and i squeeze and suckthe juice into my system to derive nourishmenti spit the seeds out....This horror-show of commercial compunctionsThat show us the dreams and not nightmaresThis great veneration of sugary lies and betrayalThat makes toothless tigers and paper-dragons out of usIs good because without it being here
I won’
t have much to fight against.Bullshit,
Do you think i’m enjoying this having
I’d rather do nothing and drink and fuck
 With my cock inside the juiciest of all pussiesOr else with a cockroach fluttering inside my mouth....Sad heart like sad cherry ripped in cruel coldSad like dead elephants on red mountainsThe unbearable pain of profanity dripping fromSnot-rugs and red puke in bathroom beating dawnRain beating windshields howling one true worldThat rings in Utopia and Dystopia of deadland dead mayhemOur movements recall earnest thoughtsandOur wants recall earliest needs the contact withThe self, the repairing of television, nosesBroken by angry fists angry gods lashing outAt the protagonist of this play as iCount stars and try to remember their names

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