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Studio Apartment Slasher (Revised 09-16-12)

Studio Apartment Slasher (Revised 09-16-12)

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Published by Timothy Noonan

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Published by: Timothy Noonan on Sep 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SLASHER FLICK IN A STUDIO APARTMENTTIM NOONANEXT. WINDING ROAD -- AFTERNOONA packed camper van winds along the beautiful mountain road.INSIDEA group of friends - BLONDE, BRUNETTE, JOCK, NERD, and BLACKGUY - listen to loud music as they laugh and horse around.ANNOUNCER (V.O.)It was supposed to be a SpringBreak they’d never forget...EXT. CITYAs the van slowly pulls up, the passengers stare out the window in awe at the facade of an apartment building.INT. STUDIO APARTMENT -- MOMENTS LATERThe friends excitedly run into the tiny apartment with theirovernight bags.They form a circle and look around amazed.NERDWow!Jock nods.BLONDEI can’t believe we have this studioapartment all to ourselves.He scoops up Blonde.JOCKCome on, let’s check it out.He carries her off to the kitchenette, the others follow, noteven able to go off screen...ANNOUNCERBut they weren’t alone.The camera pans over a foot to reveal
KILLER standing in the corner, poorly hidden by a lamp.INT. APARTMENT LOBBYA creepy OLD GUY is getting his mail as they pass.ANNOUNCER (V.O.)But they were warned.Old Guy calls after the group.OLD GUYY’all stay away from thatapartment!HALLWAYBLONDEI don’t know, something justdoesn’t feel right.He cups her face in his hands.JOCKLook, we needed to get away.This’ll be good for ourrelationship.A neighbor walks her Pomeranian past.INT. STUDIO APARTMENT -- NIGHTA CHAMPAGNE CORK POPSBrunette, in bikini top and cut-offs, drinks straight from the bottle.BRUNETTELet’s party.She teases Nerd with a seductive dance as Black Guy watches.BEDJock falls on top of Blonde.As he starts to remove her top a machete comes down anddecapitates him.Blonde sits up and screams.THE PARTY2.
BLACK GUYDid you hear something?BRUNETTEI think Susan and Brett justfinished.She gives a knowing smile.BEDBlonde clamors to get away.PULL BACKThe party is happening two feet from where the bed is placedin the studio apartment. No one notices as Susan is hacked topieces.ANNOUNCERAnd when they did realize, half ofthem were already dead.CORNERNerd is running away from the Killer.He stops to catch his breath at the corner.NERDI shouldn’t have split up from theothers.He turns and the Killer is on the other side of him.BATHROOMBrunette looks into the shower.BRUNETTEIt’s a dead end.Black Guy holds up his phone.BLACK GUYWe’re on the ground floor, I can’tget reception. Looks like we’re onour own.Brunette looks over at him, in the mirror she sees the Killerstanding in the shower where she just looked.Brunette SCREAMS.3.

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