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Table Of Contents

What is Bacula?
Who Needs Bacula?
Bacula Components or Services
Bacula Configuration
Conventions Used in this Document
Quick Start
What Bacula is Not
Interactions Between the Bacula Services
The Current State of Bacula
What is Implemented
Advantages of Bacula Over Other Backup Programs
Current Implementation Restrictions
Design Limitations or Restrictions
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
Supported Tape Drives
Unsupported Tape Drives
FreeBSD Users Be Aware!!!
Tape Specifications
Getting Started with Bacula
Understanding Jobs and Schedules
Understanding Pools, Volumes and Labels
Setting Up Bacula Configuration Files
Testing your Configuration Files
Testing Bacula Compatibility with Your Tape Drive
Get Rid of the /lib/tls Directory
Running Bacula
Log Rotation
Log Watch
Disaster Recovery
Installing Bacula
Source Release Files
Upgrading Bacula
Dependency Packages
Building Bacula from Source
What Database to Use?
Configure Options
Recommended Options for most Systems
Windows Systems with CYGWIN Installed
Kern’s Configure Script
Building a File Daemon or Client
Auto Starting the Daemons
Other Make Notes
Installing Tray Monitor
Modifying the Bacula Configuration Files
Critical Items to Implement Before Going Produc-
Critical Items
Recommended Items
A Brief Tutorial
Before Running Bacula
Starting the Database
Starting the Daemons
Interacting with the Director to Query or Start Jobs
Running a Job
Restoring Your Files
Quitting the Console Program
Adding a Second Client
When The Tape Fills
Other Useful Console Commands
Debug Daemon Output
Have Patience When Starting the Daemons or Mounting Blank Tapes
Difficulties Connecting from the FD to the SD
Daemon Command Line Options
Creating a Pool
Labeling Your Volumes
Labeling Volumes with the Console Program
Customizing the Configuration Files
Resource Directive Format
Resource Types
Names, Passwords and Authorization
Detailed Information for each Daemon
Configuring the Director
Director Resource Types
The Director Resource
The JobDefs Resource
The Schedule Resource
Technical Notes on Schedules
The FileSet Resource
FileSet Examples
Backing up Raw Partitions
Windows FileSets
Testing Your FileSet
The Client Resource
The Storage Resource
The Pool Resource
The Catalog Resource
The Console Resource
The Counter Resource
Example Director Configuration File
Client/File daemon Configuration
The Message Resource
Example Client Configuration File
Storage Daemon Configuration
Storage Resource
Director Resource
Director {
Device Resource
Devices that require a mount (DVD)
Autochanger Resource
Sample Storage Daemon Configuration File
Messages Resource
The Messages Resource
Console Configuration
The ConsoleFont Resource
Console Commands
Sample Console Configuration File
Monitor Configuration
The Monitor Resource
Tray Monitor Security
Sample Tray Monitor configuration
Bacula Console
Running the Console Program
Stopping the Console Program
Alphabetic List of Console Keywords
Alphabetic List of Console Commands
Special dot Commands
Special At (@) Commands
Running the Console Program from a Shell Script
Adding Volumes to a Pool
The Bacula Console Restore Command
The Restore Command
Selecting Files by Filename
Command Line Arguments
Restoring Directory Attributes
Restoring on Windows
Restoring Files Can Be Slow
Problems Restoring Files
Restore Errors
Example Restore Job Resource
File Selection Commands
Restoring When Things Go Wrong
GUI Programs
List of GUI Programs
Catalog Maintenance
Setting Retention Periods
Key Concepts and Resource Records
Concurrent Disk Jobs
An Example
Backing up to Multiple Disks
Considerations for Multiple Clients
DVD Volumes
DVD Specific SD Directives
Manually Changing Tapes
Daily Tape Rotation
Autochanger Support
Autochangers – General
Knowing What SCSI Devices You Have
Example Scripts
Multiple Devices
Device Configuration Records
Autochanger resource
An Example Configuration File
A Multi-drive Example Configuration File
Specifying Slots When Labeling
Dealing with Multiple Magazines
Simulating Barcodes in your Autochanger
The Full Form of the Update Slots Command
FreeBSD Issues
Testing the Autochanger and Adapting Your mtx-changer Script
Using the Autochanger
Barcode Support
Bacula Autochanger Interface
Supported Autochangers
Supported Autochanger Models
Data Spooling
Data Spooling Directives
Python Scripting
Python Configuration
Bacula Events
Python Objects
Python Console Command
Debugging Python Scripts
Python Example
ANSI and IBM Tape Labels
Director Pool Directive
Storage Daemon Device Directives
Bacula Frequently Asked Questions
Tips and Suggestions
Upgrading Bacula Versions
Getting Notified of Job Completion
Getting Email Notification to Work
Getting Notified that Bacula is Running
Maintaining a Valid Bootstrap File
Rejected Volumes After a Crash
Security Considerations
Creating Holiday Schedules
Automatic Labeling Using Your Autochanger
Backing Up Portables Using DHCP
Going on Vacation
How to Exclude File on Windows Regardless of Case
Executing Scripts on a Remote Machine
Recycling All Your Volumes
Backing up ACLs on ext3 or XFS filesystems
Total Automation of Bacula Tape Handling
Running Concurrent Jobs
Volume Utility Tools
Specifying the Configuration File
Specifying a Device Name For a Tape
Specifying a Device Name For a File
Specifying Volumes
Other Programs
Testing Your Tape Drive With Bacula
Summary of Steps to Take to Get Your Tape Drive Working
Tips for Resolving Problems
Recovering Files Written to Tape With Fixed Block Sizes
Tape Blocking Modes
Details of Tape Modes
Autochanger Errors
Syslog Errors
What To Do When Bacula Crashes (Kaboom)
Testing The Traceback
Getting A Traceback On Other Systems
Manually Running Bacula Under The Debugger
Getting Debug Output from Bacula
The Windows Version of Bacula
Win32 Installation
Post Win32 Installation
Uninstalling Bacula on Win32
Dealing with Win32 Problems
Windows Compatibility Considerations
Volume Shadow Copy Service
VSS Problems
Windows Firewalls
Windows Port Usage
Windows Disaster Recovery
Windows Restore Problems
Windows Ownership and Permissions Problems
Manually resetting the Permissions
Backing Up the WinNT/XP/2K System State
Windows Considerations for Filename Specifications
Command Line Options Specific to the Bacula Windows File Daemon (Client)
Shutting down Windows Systems
Disaster Recovery Using Bacula
Important Considerations
Steps to Take Before Disaster Strikes
Bare Metal Recovery on Linux with a Bacula Rescue CDROM
Preparation for a Bare Metal Recovery
Creating a Bacula Rescue CDROM
Putting Two or More Systems on Your Rescue Disk
Restoring a Client System
Boot with your Bacula Rescue CDROM
Restoring a Server
Linux Problems or Bugs
FreeBSD Bare Metal Recovery
Solaris Bare Metal Recovery
Preparing Solaris Before a Disaster
Bugs and Other Considerations
Disaster Recovery of Win32 Systems
Resetting Directory and File Ownership and Permissions on Win32 Systems
Alternate Disaster Recovery Suggestion for Win32 Systems
Restoring to a Running System
Additional Resources
Bacula TLS
TLS Configuration Directives
Creating a Self-signed Certificate
Getting a CA Signed Certificate
Example TLS Configuration Files
Communications Ports Used
A Picture
Securing the Data Channel
Modification of bacula-dir.conf for the Data Channel
config Files for stunnel to Encrypt the Data Channel
Starting and Testing the Data Encryption
Encrypting the Control Channel
Modification of bacula-dir.conf for the Control Channel
config Files for stunnel to Encrypt the Control Channel
Starting and Testing the Control Channel
Using stunnel to Encrypt to a Second Client
Using ssh to Secure the Communications
Bacula Security Issues
Backward Compatibility
Configuring and Testing TCP Wrappers
Running as non-root
Dealing with Firewalls
Technical Details
A Concrete Example
Using Bacula to Improve Computer Security
Running the Verify
What To Do When Differences Are Found
A Verify Configuration Example
1. How do I build Bacula for platform xxx?
2. How do I control which database support gets built? Another
Build Options
The Bootstrap File
File Format
Automatic Generation of Bootstrap Files
A Final Example
Installing and Configuring MySQL
Installing and Configuring MySQL – Phase I
Installing and Configuring MySQL – Phase II
Re-initializing the Catalog Database
Linking Bacula with MySQL
Installing MySQL from RPMs
Upgrading MySQL
Installing and Configuring PostgreSQL
Installing and Configuring PostgreSQL – Phase I
Installing and Configuring PostgreSQL – Phase II
Installing PostgreSQL from RPMs
Converting from MySQL to PostgreSQL
Upgrading PostgreSQL
Installing and Configuring SQLite
Installing and Configuring SQLite – Phase I
Installing and Configuring SQLite – Phase II
Linking Bacula with SQLite
Testing SQLite
Internal Bacula Database
Bacula Copyright, Trademark, and Licenses
Public Domain
GNU Free Documentation License
GNU General Public License
Table of Contents
– How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs
How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs
How to Apply These Terms to Your New Libraries
Bacula Projects
Copyrights and Trademarks
Bacula Bugs
Variable Expansion
General Functionality
Bacula Variables
Full Syntax
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Bacula Reference Manaual

Bacula Reference Manaual



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Bacula Reference Manaual
Bacula Reference Manaual

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Published by: Saravanan on Jan 17, 2009
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