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Table Of Contents

Assignments, lists
Lists of lists
1-1 and onto
Cardinality and the pigeonhole principle
Some examples
Map composition; left and right inverse
The inversion of maps
Vector spaces, especially spaces of functions
Linear maps
Elimination and Backsubstitution
The really reduced row echelon form and other reduced forms
A complete description for nullA obtained from a b-form
The factorization A = A(:,bound)rrref(A)
A complete description for ranA obtained from a b-form
Uniqueness of the rrref(A)
The rrref(A) and the solving of A? = y
The pigeonhole principle for square matrices
Constructing the inverse by elimination
Triangular matrices
Construction of a basis
Some uses of the dimension concept
Direct sums
Elimination in vector spaces
Change of basis
Interpolation and linear projectors
Definition and examples
Orthonormal column maps
How to judge the error by the residual
The map norm
The need for factoring linear maps
The trace of a linear map
The rank of a matrix and of its (conjugate) transpose
Elimination as factorization
The Pseudo-inverse
2-norm and 2-condition of a matrix
The polar decomposition
Equivalence and similarity
Complementary mathematical concepts
The dual of a vector space
The dual of an inner product space
The dual of a linear map
Are all square matrices diagonalizable?
Does every square matrix have an eigenvalue?
It is enough to understand the eigenstructure of matrices
Convergence of sequences in a normed vector space
Splitting off the nondefective eigenvalues
The power method
The Schur form
The primary decomposition
The Jordan form
The Weyr form
Gershgorin’s circles
Annihilating polynomials
The multiplicities of an eigenvalue
Quadratic forms
Reduction of a quadratic form to a sum of squares
Rayleigh quotient
Definition and basic properties
The cross product in 3-space
Rotation in 3-space
Markov Chains
Total positivity
Least-squares approximation by broken lines
The B-spline basis for a spline space
A minimal monomial space for interpolation at given sites
A nonempty finite subset of R contains a maximal element
A nonempty bounded subset of R has a least upper bound
Complex numbers
Convergence of a scalar sequence
The ring of univariate polynomials
Horner, or: How to divide a polynomial by a linear factor
The Euclidean Algorithm
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[DRAFT] Linear Algebra - De Boor

[DRAFT] Linear Algebra - De Boor

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Published by: webreader07 on Sep 17, 2012
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