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Cryptome Files

Cryptome Files

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Published by Al_Aurans

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Published by: Al_Aurans on Sep 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unauthorized disclosures of secrets are essential for democracy. "Responsible disclosure" is corrupt.
The reader may ask how to tell fact from fiction. A rough guide: anything that seems particularly unlikely is probably true. --Hilary Mantel, Author's Note,
 A Place of Greater Safety 
Cryptome Archive DVDs
composed of 
70,000 files on 4 disks
(~15GB) for the 15.5-year periodfrom June 1996 to January 2012. NewCryptome PGP public key, 22 April 2012
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0745.pdfSabu Chats with Sanguinarious 12-0330-0524 September 17, 20120744.htm FBI Has No Files on Cypherpunks September 16, 20120743.htm 600 Photos of Fukushima Daiichi NPS March 2011 September 15, 20120742.htm Sanguinarious on Sabu/FBI Entrapment Attempt September 15, 20120741.pdfDoD Internet Services and Capabilities September 15, 20120740.pdfProtocol for Packet Network Intercommunication September 14, 20120739.pdfTransport Protocol Specification September 14, 20120738.htm Fukushima Daiichi NPS September 13, 2012 September 14, 20120737.htm Machinic Bypasses of Personal Anonymity September 14, 20120736.pdfDesign Philosophy of DARPA Internet Protocols September 14, 20120735.htm Who Got Barrett Brown Vanned? September 14, 20120734.htm Non Glib
Ex Nihilo 
WikiLeaks Exploitation September 13, 20120733.htm US Consultate Benghazi Photos September 12, 20120732.htm Certificate Transparency IETF Working Group 2 September 12, 20120731.htm Declassifying the Space Race September 12, 20120730.htm Dogs of War Bark Ever More Loudly September 12, 20120729.htm Dogs of War Growl in Secret September 12, 20120728.pdfFukushima Daiichi NPS 10 September 2012 September 11, 20120727.htm GAO 9-11 Reminders of Security Lag September 11, 20120726.pdfPayPal Provides User Account Data September 11, 20120725.pdfGoogle Resists Subpoena for Does 1-5 Data September 11, 20120724.htm Coast Guard Sets UN Security Zone September 11, 20120723.htm US Top Propaganda Board-Tor Funder Meet September 11, 20120722.htm Top Word Hits September 10, 20120721.htm LA Prosecutor Frey Chats with Barrett Brown 3 September 10, 20120720.pdfNSA Recruits Academics for Spying Exercise September 9, 20120719.pdfCIA Recruitment of Agents/Sources Inside the US September 9, 20120718.pdfHow Google Spies and Targets Users September 9, 2012
0717.pdfHow Google Spies and Targets Tech Enthusiasts September 9, 20120716.pdfCisco Lawful Interception Architecture September 8, 20120715.pdfUS CALEA Market Insight September 8, 20120714.pdfVerizon Cisco SIP-Enabled Organization September 8, 2012
0713.htm Tip of the Spear Foundation Rejects No Easy Day September 8, 20120712.pdfCorps of Engineers Northerly Island Project FOUO September 8, 2012
0711.pdfArmy CIO/G6 Cybersecurity Directorate News 09/12 September 8, 20120710.pdfDoD Physical Access Control Hardware/Software September 8, 20120709.htm Certificate Transparency IETF Working Group September 7, 20120708.htm LA Prosecutor Frey Chats with Barrett Brown 2 September 7, 20120707.pdfCIA CYA Cover Story for HTLINGUAL Black Mail Op September 6, 20120706.htm Navy SEAL Foundation Statement about No Easy Day September 5, 20120705.htm LA Prosecutor Frey Chats with Barrett Brown September 5, 20120704.htm No Easy Day Seen as SEAL Betrayal September 5, 20120703.htm FAA Study of Cellphone Use on Board Aircraft September 5, 20120703.htm Service Dogs for Veterans September 5, 20120702.pdfSecurity of Independence Hall Liberty Bell FOUO September 5, 20120701.pdfSecurity of Statue of Liberty FOUO September 5, 20120700.pdfSecurity of Jefferson Expansion Memorial FOUO September 5, 20120699.htm pidgin-otr and libotr 4.0.0 released! September 5, 20120698.pdfNo Easy Day Chapters 15-16 September 4, 2012
0697.pdfNSA Blueprint for a Science of Cybersecurity September 3, 2012
0696.htm NSA Georgia Regional Sec Operations Center 2012 September 3, 20120695.htm NSA Medina Regional Sec Operations Center 2012 September 3, 20120694.htm NSA Sugar Grove Naval Station 2012 September 3, 20120693.htm NSA Yakima Research Station 2012 September 3, 20120692.htm NSA Utah Data Center 2012 September 2, 20120691.htm Who Is George Scott in George Romney FBI File? September 2, 20120690.pdfGeorge W. Romney FBI File September 2, 2012
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0689.htm Anonymous and New York Times E-mail Leak Part 2 September 2, 20120688.htm CIA-NSA Special Collection Service Whitewashed September 2, 20120687.pdfSpecial Ops Head McRaven STFU Letter to Troops September 1, 20120686.pdfBiker Crime Reduction Strategy FOUO (DE) September 1, 20120685.pdfSecure Compartmented Information Debrief Form September 1, 20120684.pdfSecure Compartmented Information Access Form September 1, 20120683.pdfNavy Information Security Program September 1, 2012
0682.pdfNavy Personnel Security Program September 1, 2012
0681.pdfNavy Classified Information Non-Disclosure Form September 1, 20120680.pdfNavy Security Termination Agreement September 1, 20120679.pdfDoD Counterspying Functional Services September 1, 20120678.pdfDoD Defense Crisis Managment September 1, 20120677.pdfDoD Network Management September 1, 2012[More]
O f f s i t e
2012-00644Sanguanarious-Sabu-Drop-12-0916 (onion.to) September 16, 20122012-00643ArtLeaks September 16, 20122012-00642Apache and Advertisers Conspire to Kill Privacy September 16, 20122012-00641Nuclear Risk Reduction Watch Center September 15, 20122012-00640Is iPhone Security Really this Good? September 15, 20122012-00639The Importance of Security Engineering September 15, 20122012-00638FBI Going Dark: Lawful Spying Problems September 14, 20122012-00637GAO: Spent Nuclear Fuel September 14, 20122012-00636GAO: Drone Privacy Concerns September 14, 20122012-00635Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet September 14, 20122012-00634Barrett Brown Allegedly Raided by FBI September 13, 20122012-00633Video: Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool September 13, 20122012-00632WikiLeaks Lamest Claim? No September 12, 20122012-00631GAO: Proliferation of Drone Exports Concerns September 12, 20122012-00630Anti-Muslim Movie Trailer by Sam Bacile September 12, 20122012-00629Dogs Bark Ever More Loudly for Iran War (IR) September 12, 20122012-00628NSA Career Fairs at ~100 Colleges September 11, 20122012-00627  We Fight Censorshipby Reporters W/O Borders September 11, 2012 2012-00626Yemen False Flag Operation - Free e-Book September 11, 20122012-00625Army Information Assurance Training Documents September 8, 20122012-00624This Machine Kills Secrets September 8, 20122012-00623DoD DISA Global Information Grid Convergence September 6, 20122012-00622Hacking the Future Seprember 5, 20122012-00621State Dept AnnouncesTechWomen2012@TechWomenSeptember 5, 2012 2012-00620Biometric Consortium Conference 18-20 Sept 2012 September 3, 20122012-00619 @a_greenberg: WikiLeaks Heirs SNAFU (DK) September 3, 2012 2012-00618Italian Codebreakers of World War 2 September 3, 20122012-00617SEALs Culture of Boasting and Arrogance Outed September 3, 20122012-00616WikiLeaks SM Output Undermines Its Credibility September 2, 20122012-00615Germany Against Russia in Greek Battlespace September 2, 20122012-00614Ronald Reagan’s Personal FBI Spying Machine September 2, 20122012-00613DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides September 1, 20122012-00612Germany Crackdown on Bikers (DE) September 1, 20122012-00611Germany Freedom of Information Act (DE) September 1, 20122012-00610USG Security Questionnaires for Background Check September 1, 20122012-00609DoD Political PR Stunt for ex-SEAL Bissonnette September 1, 20122012-00608Bradley Manning Protests at Obama Offices in US September 1, 20122012-00607Rarotonga Dialogue on Gender Equality September 1, 20122012-00606  Anarkos: Intro to Anti-Authoritarian Philosophy September 1, 2012 2012-00605 Birgitta JónsdóttirDocumentary September 1, 2012 [More]
Halliburton’s Misplaced Radioactive Cylinder
Somewhere in West Texas is a 7-inch radioactive cylinder that Halliburton would like to find. Anyone who comes across it isadvised to keep their distance.The oil field services company lost track of the device, which is used to assess potential sites for hydraulic fracturing, onTuesday (Sept. 11) while trying to transport it from Pecos to a well site near Odessa 130 miles away. A special unit of theTexas National Guard has now stepped in to aid Halliburton in a search for the cylinder, according to Bloomberg.
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 Apache and Advertisers Conspire to Kill Privacy
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/16/technology/in-microsofts-new-browser-the-privacy-light-is-already-on.htmlDevelopers at Apache, a popular Web server, have also objected, saying that Microsoft’s default setting may not convey auser’s specific intent. They have introduced an update that may cause some sites to ignore what they view as a “presumptive” do-not-track flag.Industry representatives say privacy advocates have skewed the conversation from the outset, by using Big Brother-y termslike “do not track,” when they view the choice for consumers as between seeing relevant ads or generic ads. They add that theprocess shouldn’t scare consumers. To create interest-based ads, they say, ad networks and analytics companies assign peopleanonymous code numbers and simply record things like the sites they visit and the search terms they enter. “Somebody knowing anonymously that a number that they can follow on the Web likes swimming, to me that is not a privacybreach,” says Chris Mejia, director of the ad technology group at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an industry association.But Jonathan Mayer, a graduate student in computer science at Stanford who has studied online tracking, says there is causefor deeper concern. For him, the issue is not behavior-based ads, but the data-mining necessary to produce them.For instance, Mr. Mayer says, consumers may not be aware that when they visit a site, dozens of entities, like analyticscompanies and data aggregators, may be operating on that page, collecting online information about them, and amassingthose details for advertising purposes. Moreover, he says, those entities could potentially have access to screen names ore-mail addresses that might be used to re-identify people.
600 Photos of Fukushima Daiichi NPS March 2011
, Released September 11, 2012Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS after Unit 1 exploded, before explosions in other units. March 11, 2011. Tokyo Electric PowerCompany.
Cryptomehttp://cryptome.org/3 sur 917/09/2012 15:30

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