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TFP 07-12

TFP 07-12

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Published by Mando Conde

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Published by: Mando Conde on Sep 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 7, No. 7July 2012
Wild Sage Fades into Summer Pernitas Point, TexasStaff Photo
Vote in Run-Off Election on July 31st!
"The jaws of power are always open todevour, and her arm is always stretched out,if possible,to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing."
John Adams(1735-1826) Founding Father, 2nd US PresidentDate: 1765
From the Editor...
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 2
The Lake & Country Shopper 
, an independent publication,is published monthly. Distributed for free to consumers inLive Oak County, Jim Wells County, San Patricio County,Nueces County, Karnes County, McMullen County, Brazo-ria County, Liberty County and other Houston area loca-tions as well as in counties we don’t even know and evenout-of-state thanks to visitors and truck drivers who takemultiple copies back home.Mailing Address: 111 Pack Trail, Sandia, Texas, 78383PHONE HOURS: 9:00 - 5:00, M-F, 361-547-9062OFFICE HOURS: BY APPOINTMENT ONLYE-mail: Letters:penny@thetexasfreepress.comAdvertising: jenell@lakecountryshopper.com (f or coastalbend customers) jenell@thetexasfreepress.com (for allother customers)Deadline for payments and copy for ads, 20th of month pre-ceding publication for Coastal Bend area advertisers. Pay-ments and ad copy deadline for all other advertisers is the15th of the month preceding publication.Subscriptions by 1st class mail: $48 per year Copyright: Penny Peavy dba The Lake Country Shopper and dba The Texas Free Press
It is not without pride that Ican report that this publicationis nearly six years old and not,as are so many daily andweekly papers, about to go outof business. It is time, however,for the Lake & Country Shop-er to expand beyond the LakeCorpus Christi and CoastalBend area, and plans are al-ready underway for this to hap-en.Perhaps you noticed theslight change in our front pageanner for this month, to in-clude the name “The TexasFree Press.” I am not com-letely changing the name of the LCS to “The Texas FreePress” until the August issue,ut, even though the name willchange, the format and generallook of this publication will re-main nearly unchanged. Someof the current features will bedropped, yet more will beadded. Among the features toe dropped is the “LocalChurches.” All churches arefree to purchase classified adsin the back of the paper or dis-lay ads at any time. Also ex-ected to drop is the “LocalEvents” column. Anyone whohas a local event, no matter thelocality, that he or she wishesto publicize may, like thechurches, purchase either clas-sified ads or display ads.Plans underway as I writethis are to expand into Brazo-ria County, southeast of Hous-ton and parts of the area justwest of Houston, and areasnorth of Houston. These areaswere chosen because of rather insistent requests by readerswho had picked up a copy of the LCS while visiting our areaand desired that we distributein their area. Distribution of theLCS in those areas has alreadyegun, and I am very excitedabout that.For our usual readers, thisexpansion is going to meanmore writers and contributorsto this publication as well asthe possibility of adding a car-toon or two. It will mean ad-vertising from places youerhaps may visit regularly or may visit soon. For our localadvertisers wishing to reachout to people outside our localarea, it will mean an expandedtarget audience for their ads.For me, it will mean a risk butwith the potential of reaching amuch larger audience.Dr. Tom Bailey of LakeJackson, Texas, is our new ad-vertising representative for theBrazoria County area andnearby areas, and I am confi-dent he will do an excellent jobfor both our advertising depart-ment and for expanded distri-ution. Frank Williams of Houston is our new representa-tive for Liberty County andareas in the north Houstonarea. Both of these men aredoing a good job, and we hopethey will be with us for a longtime.Many thanks to all our newsupporters from other areas, in-cluding Tommy Grant, Mark Atkins, Bruce Bolock and the“Texas Liberty Campaign of Brazoria County”, as well asTom Bailey and Frank Williams. Also, thanks go toDebra Medina (former candi-date for Republican nomineefor Governor of Texas) and her husband Noe, as well as the“We Texans” group, for allow-ing this publication to be dis-tributed at “We Texans”meetings in their home inWharton and for Debra’s ex-traordinary campaign against property taxes in Texas.On another note, our phonesat the LCS were completelyout of service on June 8 and 9,so if you tried to reach us andonly got a busy signal, do notdespair. A good ol’ local boyfrom ATT came and fixed the problem. Please call again.Coincidentally, or not, our internet service went com- pletely out of service on June9, and our TV antenna seemedto be unable to pick up anylocal channels, especiallyaround “news time.” In other words, for at least two days wewere completely dependentonly on cell phones for com-munication. We had no inter-net, no tv, no land phone line.All this seems like a bit of rather odd coincidences, espe-cially considering that the guyfrom ATT discovered somesort of glued together sub-stances inside the outdoor  phone connection box. Heripped off the old box com- pletely and installed a brandnew box on which I immedi-ately placed a padlock.When I was in Wharton onJune 1, Debra Medina sug-gested to us that there was no point in trying to salvageWashington D. C. politics andthat we who seek libertyshould focus more on localand state politics. Having not paid a great deal of attentionlately to state politics, I was al-most at a loss on where tostart. Then some of the men atthe meeting told me that myeditorial in the June issueabout the Live Oak CountySheriff election was absolutelythe starting place.Moving along, a few dayslater Rand Paul came out sup- porting the RINO, NeoConObama-lite Mitt Romney, andI began to really understandwhat Debra Medina was say-ing, that all of us who are gen-uinely opposed to the socialist,fascist, communist govern-ment in place in D. C. need to begin with electing the right person to the office of countysheriff, one who will definitelysupport the Constitution of our state. Then we must elect thesame sort of people as CountyCommissioners, CountyJudges, District Judges andstate representatives and sena-tors. We must demand thatthese candidates provide all potential constituents withhonest positions on the issues,and there is really only oneissue: Will the candidate sup- port the constitution of our state, defend the U.S. 10thAmendment, defend us fromthe overpowering, totalitarianU.S. Government attemptingto take over our lives, our free-dom and liberty? The onlyright answer from any candi-date is “Yes, I will honor myoath.”Yours truly,Penny PeavyEditor/Publisher 361-547-9062 penny@thetexasfreepress.com
Satan Is a Shape-Shifter
by J. D. Wallace
Each of us human beings areendowed by our creator withfree will and the right to exer-cise that free will. God gavehumanity the Ten Command-ments to govern how we are tointeract with Him and witheach other in order to live well,get along with each other andreceive His blessings. Theseare the Laws of God uponwhich He appears to have in-tended for human governanceto stand. Then, much later,Jesus said that the law could besummarized in two statements:(King James Version, Matthew22:37-39)
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.38 This is the first and great commandment.39 And the second is like untoit, Thou shalt love thy neigh-bour as thyself.
Because of the nature of human beings, having beengiven free will, there are thoseamong us who seek power andfame and care not for God’slaw nor for anyone but them-selves. They defy God’s lawand wish to make themselves“gods of the earth.” There arethose who pronounce them-selves to be Christians, run for high-level government posi-tions, but have not a clue aboutany need for God’s law, such people intending only to en-slave us to the whims of thosein power, using their allegedly“proven” connections withChristianity to convince us thatthey are the right person for the job. These are often people wethink of as “good Christians” but who have been tempted bySatan dressed up as a Chris-tian, and have been fooled bySatan.Satan takes many forms, in-cluding masquerading as aChristian. He is very smart andknows how to take down thevulnerable and put them intohis fold. After Jesus had beenfasting in the desert for 40days, the devil showed up withthree very serious temptations.Focus on the third temptation:From the New Testament(New International Version), inMatthew 4: 8-10, we are told:
8Again, the devil took Him toa very high mountain and  showed him all the kingdomsof the world and their splen-dor.9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow downand worship me.”10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is writ-ten, ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’ Thenthe devil left him, and angelscame and attended him
.It seems apparent that wenow have many so-calledChristians in the state-houseswho have succumbed to thetemptations of Satan. They aremostly interested in the power and the glory, large salariesand benefits, rubbing elbowswith the rich and powerful andgetting re-elected, with no re-gard for the U. S. Constitutionor state constuitions whichthey swore by oath to support,and little or no regard for thelaws of God and little or no re-gard for us human beings whoare citizens of this countryother than to influence us tovote for them so that they cancontinue in Satan’s ways.I am reminded, too, of thisverse from Deuteronomy 6:13:
13 Fear the Lord your God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name.
Admittedly not all electedofficials fall into Satan’s trap, but enough of them do that our country is in great peril Somany of our elected officialscompletely ignore any oath of office.The Constitution was put in place to keep men desiring power over the rest of us fromexercising their desire for  power, their desire for the restof us to slave under terms of their own personal whimsrather than under liberty asstated in our Declaration of In-dependence. More impor-tantly, the Declaration of Independence declared all of us as free people not subject tothe whims of kings or dicta-tors.All of the above may provokethe question, “How can we tellwho is a Christian?”By his/her actions. What isthe person’s record? Withwhom has a candidate associ-ated and for what reason? If anincumbent, what has he or shevoted for or refused to votefor? Does the candidate have arecord of supporting the Con-sitution and the laws of theland? Or, on the other hand, isit apparent that the candidate’s past indicates collusion withinterests of lobbyists, corpo-ratists, statists and the like?From Matthew 7:16:
15 Beware of false prophets,who come to you in sheep'sclothing, but inwardly they areravenous wolves.16 You will know them by their  fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs fromthistles?17 Even so, every good treebears good fruit, but a bad treebears bad fruit.18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad treebear good fruit.19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.20 "Therefore by their fruits you will know them.
We Get Mail!
Tea Party SpectatorTurned PoliticalParticipant
There is much more to turnour nation around than whatthe typical Tea Party enthusiast presently pursues. Upon Bar-rack Hussein Obama’s rise tohis presidential nomination, Iincreasingly grew to thirst for truth that so blatantly hadslipped away from the publicforum. I studied the many in-consistencies and distortionsthrough the Internet as littlewas being offered through themain stream media includingFox News and radio icons.Believing that attending meet-ings and writing Letters to theEditor would fix things, I wasshocked that Obama waselected at which time I wrotein my Letter that we had justsuffered a communisttakeover.After Obama’s election, Ithought that Glenn Beck wasgoing to lead the way toObama’s departure and Beck and the Tea Party did indeedhave a great deal of influencein the 2010 elections. I learneda lot from Beck but realized itwas just a stepping stone. Itseemed to me that Beck’s work was petering out and there wasa growing number of inconsis-tencies and disappointmentswith Beck.I finally started getting in-volved with a local and alsoHouston 912 group and foundthey were pursuing importanttyrannical issues like Agenda21 including the Smart Gridand SmartMeters. Then I grewfurther through the gatheringlocal Lake Jackson Tea Partywhere candidates were given platforms to speak with RobertGonzales making the greatestimpression as he related hisfamily’s experience with a truedictatorial communist regimeas we presently pursue in our country today. The nearbyClear Lake Tea Party was alsovaluable in my further devel-opment particularly in helpingwith understanding and stand-ing against the Delphi Com-munity Organizer practices of groups paid by our taxes for ensnaring our people into adeeper tyrannical hold.What really opened my eyes,however, was accepting an in-vitation to a local TuesdaysRon Paul meeting at the Chi-natown buffet. From my pres-ent perception fed by Fox News especially, I thoughtthey were crazy, but I re-spected their commitment. Iattended their meeting only afew times as it interfered withmy Community Bible StudyTuesdays during the schoolyear at the First PresbyterianChurch through which my realability to stand against the evilof Obama was steadied.Finally, during the Christ-mas holidays 2011, as we hada break in the Bible study andmy son was off from college, Iasked him if he would like toattend a “Ron Paul” meetingwith me. He responded askingif he could invite a friend. Sothe three of us attended and Istarted to see the light, espe-cially considering the enthusi-asm of my son and his friendwho were not brainwashed bythe media but were well in-formed through their profi-ciency with the Internet.Upon watching Ron PaulYoutubes over the years of hisinvolvement in politics, Istarted learning the truth aboutRon Paul as an honest man of integrity and courage wherehis views were not just passingwith each shift of the wind. Ilooked upon the few remainingcandidates for the Republicannomination and their standardsdid not match up. I came to re-alize that the so-called “War onDrugs” was an evil that was bankrupting our nation and itssovereignty with the violenceof drug lords penetrating our land without our governmentresponding as they are consti-tutionally required to do. Ilearned that drug laws were nodifferent from prohibition re-garding alcohol that likewiseserved as a breeding ground for crime. I also grew to under-stand that our bellicose waysunder-minded our standing inthe world by giving fodder for dictators to rally their peopleagainst us. I also wonderedwho was really in control of these wars when we are in-debted to Communist RedChina thereby making usslaves unto them! And, of course, most people agree withRon Paul regarding the need toend the unconstitutional Fed-eral Reserve and to recover our nation’s financial stability bycutting spending in a big, bigway.So, I chose the man over myformer media-indoctrinatedconcerns with his policies! I began trying to understandwhy Ron Paul stood for whathe espoused and started to seethe flaw in my understandingwhich I grew to learn was duea deliberate brain washing bythe media including Fox Newsand Rush, Limbaugh, Hannity,Levin and Beck where RonPaul was rarely mentioned,even skipping over him whenreporting positions in polls of the other candidates, as if hewere nothing! And, whenever he was mentioned directly, itappeared that the Alinsky ridi-culing and discrediting of which I learned from GlennBeck had crossed party lines!I had long embraced Romans5:3-5 and James 1:2-4 that en-courages believers to rejoice intrials and adversity just asChrist had during his persecu-tions (John 5:20). So, I grew toappreciate the quality, integrityand perseverance of the RonPaul Tuesday meeting group,Texas Liberty Campaign of Brazoria County. Without their encouragement and their devo-tion, I might not have had thecommitment to participate in aSaturday Senatorial Conven-tion where I was selected as analternate delegate to the stateconvention in Fort Worth.And, in spite of pressing fam-ily needs associated with myson getting married the verynext weekend, I did attend thestate convention because of theexample the group set for me.Just look at me, one whothought the extent of politicalresponsibility was to vote andencourage others to vote for thesame candidates. Even thatwas a challenge in that therewere no candidates generallyfor whom I truly wanted tovote, only those who keptworse candidates at bay. Now,I am attending the Texas StateRepublican Convention anddoing it because I was actuallyemphatically for a candidate,Ron Paul!I was captivated by the im-mensity of decision making processes undertaken at theconvention where RobertsRules of Order maintainedorder and allowed decisions to be quickly made. I first metwith a senatorial district caucuswhere things seemed to be pretty much preordained andrailroaded through by the partyregulars. Later I witnessedmuch more meeting of theminds during the first congres-sional district caucus.Before the second meeting of the congressional district cau-cus where delegates would beselected for the national con-vention, I attended some prac-tice dry runs of speeches planned for the Ron Paul fa-voring delegate choices.Uninspired by others’ dry runs,I asked just before the session broke up whether an alternatedelegate would be allowed tovie for a delegate position.Upon an affirmative response,I volunteered an impromptu 3-minute pitch for a national del-egate spot. The next night late,we tried to decide the beststrategy for winning a delegatespot where I was generally ig-nored. At the last minute, Iwas chosen to represent Bra-zoria County.After just four hours sleep, I began writing down a brief outline of what I was going tosay. Following a quick break-fast, we left our hotel to theconvention center just makingit in time to participate. I wasinformed that the person I wassupposed to oppose and for whom I had prepared wasgoing to be opposed by an-other Ron Paul follower and Iwas scheduled to run against a physician from Galveston.But, before I knew it, right othe bat, I was nominated firstagainst Galveston County’sstrongest candidate, a partystalwart.I feverishly looked through mynotes and noticed I had notmentioned my writing lettersto the editor at all. So, I rosealone to the podium against anold guard political operativefrom Galveston County es-corted by an entourage of partystalwarts including MichaelTruncale. I tossed my notesand simply stated that I hadlong been a Tea Party follower starting back with GlennBeck’s visit to San Antonio onApril 15, 2009 where my son,soon to go to Afghanistan withthe Army Reserves, and I stoodsome seven hours packedstanding against other sweat-ing human flesh in the hot sunwithout a complaint but only
See “We Get Mail”Continued on Page 6
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 3
5120 County Road 95, Robstown, Texas. Grand Texas Home on 30 acreshas it all! Gated & fenced w/rolling hills & trees, lrg stocked pond w/pier,40X50 workshop w/covered motorhome area. This home boasts tall ceil-ings, tile kitchen counters, stainless appliances w/double ovens, sec.system, lawn sprinklers, formal/casual eating areas & each bedroom hasit's own bathroom! Living area w/floor to ceiling windows that look outover the beautiful terrain. All rooms are expansive thoughout. Hugeback patio for entertaining. Must see virtual tour! MLS #: 200871382 West Lane, Sandia, Texas. Storybook home w/tin roof on 4 acres lo-cated near Calallen/Orange Grove Schools & Lake Mathis! Pride of own-ership shows w/ attention to details. 5/3.5 spacious home boasts customwoodwork & granite counters thru-out. Country-style front & backporches. Wall to wall bookshelves in living room w/cozy fireplace. Mstr dwnstrs w/his & her sinks/closets. Lrg gameroom/5th bdrm upstairsw/laundry shoot to huge laundry room. Gourmet kitchen w/dbl ovens.Motivated sellers!! Once in a lifetime home to buy!! MLS #: 202318157 Patton, Sandia, Texas. From the moment you drive up to this beautiful 3year old custom country home on 5 acres you will be impressed. Doublewooden doors lead into impressive home with lrg den and open kitchen w/allthe amenities including granite counters & eating bar. Lrg tile floors. Den & for-mal dining area overlook the patio & backyard. Master bdrm opens to its ownpatio w/lrg master bath, huge jet tub & his & her sinks. Lrg closets. Other 2master size bedrooms have their own baths. Huge workshop. Must see Vir-tual Tour! MLS #: 175533Call Cathy Geary at 361-877-3816“I Am Your Realtor, Welcome Home.”
 C o u n t r y  L i v i n g ! C o u n t r y  L i v i n g ! C o u n t r y  L i v i n g !
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