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Production-Brief Hannah (1)[1]

Production-Brief Hannah (1)[1]

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Published by lil-miss-meghani

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lil-miss-meghani on Sep 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Production Brief Project Name On the edgeMedium/Format Short Film
drama/ tragedyLength 5
6 minutesBrief overview of content Sam tries to commit suicide by overdosing on pills in the schooltoilets, it then cuts to her in her bedroom while we see her onfacebook becoming a victim of cyber bullying with people
sending her messages such as ‘lesbo’ and ‘freak’. The next day
she is hiding in the toilet from the bullies, the bullies look for her in the toilet but cant see her, when she comes out of the toiletone of the bullies are there and pushes her against the wallready to punch her but then Sam opens her eyes and realisesno one is there; its her imagination. She then has aconversation with her reflection as to what she should do nextwhile her reflection tells her not to let the bullies win. The pillsthen take effect and she drops to the floor, the reflection thenchucks the empty pill bottle onto her lap. She is then found by aman who calls an ambulance.Target Audience - Age Group,Gender, Biases (if any),Socio-Economic Status AndLifestyle
ProfilingOur target audience will be manly female as all the actors arefemales and the plot is based around struggles girls may havein school with their sexuality, which girls are more likely to
elate to than boys. However boy’s can also be a victim of 
bullying because of their sexuality so they may be able to relatein some way. Our age bracket will be people aged 13-20.Possiblescheduling/publishingsuggestion:It will be published on popular web
sites such as ‘YouTube’.
 What comparable productshave you researched?
We have researched ‘Odd girl out’ which is a film that focuses
on teen peer pressure and the emotional problems that mayarise when teens are ostracized by their peers at school, thisstoryline is similar to our product whereby a student gets bulliedand singled out because of her sexuality and for never beingable to fit in with other students at school.What is the rationale behindthis text?It shows to bullies how bullying affects people as they may notbe aware of the consequences of their actions, to hopefully helpstop bullying.How will you test whether theproduct is successful? Howwill you check that itaccomplishes the intendedeffect?The product will be watched by a focus group of our targetaudience to test whether the product is successful. We will alsobe conducting a pre and post questionnaire asking a variation
of questions on the audience’s opinions and the strengths and
weaknesses of our production. This will give us a clear indication on whether our production has been successful and if there are any improvements we could make.

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