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Published by lil-miss-meghani

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lil-miss-meghani on Sep 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fade inINT: BATHROOM EVENINGSAM (15) empties a bottle of pills in her hands andforces them into her mouth.FlashbackINT: CORRIDORSAM gets thrown against the wallINT: School staircaseSAM hides away from the bullies under the staircaseCut toINT: DARK ROOM NIGHT SPOT LIGHTSAM sits at her computer and types in capital letters onher face book account.SAM looks directly at the camera she squeezes her righthand with her left, she is sitting on the toilet cisternso her feet can’t be seen under the cubicle door. SAM hasa nervous look on her face; she tenses up as the bathroomdoor opens. SAM goes extremely quiet to the point ofpale. MICHELLE enters the bathroom while keeping her handon the door to keep it open she looks around even peersunder the cubicle door and shouts back through the opendoor.MICHELLESHE’S NOT IN HERETOLD YOU SHE WOULDNT COME IN THE BOYS TOILETS.MICHELLE (16) exits and shuts the door, colour comes backto SAM face and she steps down off the cistern and opensthe door, she peeps through the crack and then opens thedoor wider. Just as she steps out of the cubicle MICHELLEappears from nowhere and grabs SAM slamming her againstthe wall. SAM shuts her eyes as MICHELLE raises her fist.SAM squeezes her eyes harder to blank out the impact ofthe blow. Then nothing, when SAM opens her eyes no one isin the bathroom with her it’s her imagination. She walksover to the sink and washes her face.FLASHBACKINT: CORRIDOR EVENINGSAM (voice over)I had a dream once, where I was invisible and I trippedright there in the hallway, I cried out but no one could

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