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totse travel

totse travel

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Published by negz

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Published by: negz on Jan 17, 2009
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1/16/09 6:41 PMUseful Travel Sites Directory - CommunityPage 1 of 11http://www.totse.com/community/showthread.php?t=2138736
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Useful Travel Sites Directory
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Travel tips, places to go, things to do. 
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2008-03-21, 14:06
New Flavor! 
Travel Websites
The Totse Traveller's Travail's GuideContents
1. General travel guides, advice and experiences2. Places To Stay(Hotels, hostels .etc)3. How To Get Around(planes, trains & automobiles)This thread aims to be a resource for anyone who's considering to travel. You'll find informationregarding accomodation, travel and much more. To ensure that the information here is the best possible, please feel free to suggest some sites,and give a little description about what each site is about.It'd be nice to get a range of resources from a varietyof nations, so if you have knowledge of  nations other than in the US or Europe, it'd be greatlyappreciated!
Last edited by r3vVy; 2008-03-26 at 11:31.
2008-03-21, 14:12
New Flavor! 
Re: Travel Websites
General Travel Guides, Comparison Sites & Advice
http://wiki.stealthiswiki.org/wiki/Table_of_ContentsSteal this Wiki: Info on free transportation, free food, free housing, and plenty of other thingsyou would never have thought of. [
]Bootsnallvery large travel community, great forum. deals mostly with moderate budget travel.
[Captain Asshat]
Virtual Touristfirsthand advice from travelers in pretty much any town/city/country on the planet. everyonefrom rich yacht types to dumpster divers posts their info here.
[Captain Asshat]
http://www.nationalgeographic.com/traveler/National Geographic Traveler: Plenty of stuff on whatever destination you desire, mostly out of the way and quite expensive things, but interesting stuff as well (like a whole page on freethings to do in Paris).[
]Digihitchexcellent site for ultra budget campers, homeless, survivalists, hitchhikers, train hoppers, ect.
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1/16/09 6:41 PMUseful Travel Sites Directory - CommunityPage 2 of 11http://www.totse.com/community/showthread.php?t=2138736
this site is for anyone who admires Jack Kerouac.
[Captain Asshat]
Student UniverseAifare, rail and hostel deals for students. (US only I believe)IgoUgoOffers rate comparisons, reviews, and photos. [
]Lonelyplanet(no review yet)Letsgo(no review yet)Travel Lite(no review yet)Traveller's Point(no review yet)Hobo Traveller(no review yet)
Gap Year Placements
Gap AdventuresAdventure tours throughout the world. National Geographic considers them to be one of the toporganizations in the world for this sort of thing.
Travel Experiences & Pictures
Why Goa basic website where travelers submit their travel photos, quotes, or anything that inspiresthem. nice photo archive.
[Captain Asshat]
Last edited by r3vVy; 2008-05-31 at 21:00.
2008-03-21, 14:14
Re: Travel Websites
Stickied. Good stuff.I find the trans-Siberian page very interesting specifically
Last edited by sybil; 2008-03-21 at 14:23.
2008-03-21, 14:16
New Flavor! 
Re: Travel Websites
Places To Stay / Accomodation
Hospitality Cluban excellent resource for free accommodation all over the planet with everyone from students tograndmothers. takes several weeks to register, but this place is invaluable.
[Captain Asshat]
Couch Surfinga very similar website to the one above, though it's had some issues with website administrationand is having to rebuild it's user list.
[Captain Asshat]
Helpxprobably the best resource i know of, and one that is highly important to my style of travel.here, you pay a small fee for access to farms all over the world that will give you room/board in
1/16/09 6:41 PMUseful Travel Sites Directory - CommunityPage 3 of 11http://www.totse.com/community/showthread.php?t=2138736
return for some manual labor.
[Captain Asshat]
Wwoof the original inspiration for the above website. more people use this, but it's more expensive andyou have to pay for a listing of farms for each country.
[Captain Asshat]
Hostels:Hostel BookersHostel WorldHi Hostels
Last edited by r3vVy; 2008-05-31 at 21:00.
2008-03-21, 14:18
New Flavor! 
Re: Travel Websites
How To Get Around
Car RentalAvisHertzRailNational Rail- For UK train maps, times and fares.AmtrakFor US train maps, times and fares. [nshanin]Oyster Cards- To travel around the London Underground more easily and cheaper.Eurostar- For inter-european rail travelTrans-Siberian Railway InfoBuses/CoachesGreyhound(US)National Express(UK)Cheap North American AirlinesTravelocityOrbitzPricelineAirtreksSta TravelCheap domestic/international deals for US studentsHotwireGreat if you can be real flexible about your flight times, and have no real hotel preferences. If you can fly on a red-eye, you'll save beaucoup $$$
http://www.flysunwing.com/This is a Canadian travel agency that offers flights across Canada and to sun destinations. Theyhave the option of payment plans, so it can be a useful agency.
Cheap Inter-European AirlinesRyanair- The cheapest European airline company.EasyjetAer LingusWizz Air- Good for UK - Poland flights.International AirlinesFarecastA 'smart' flight comparer which tries to predict future flight prices.Travel Supermarket(For UK)Fly Zoom(For USA, Canada)Flight Centre(For Canada)Airtreks(For USA)Other MethodsSquat The Planeta fairly interesting website dealing with people who travel by any means necessary, legal or

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