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The Origin of Corruption New

The Origin of Corruption New

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Published by John Paily

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Published by: John Paily on Sep 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Origin of Corruption
by John Paily
Corruption sets in because of our "self". When we humans becomeself centered, we loose our connection with consciousness andintelligence. We then live in illusions and step into darkness,disorder and destruction. When we become self centered, we in factare obstructing proper flow of life energy within but also in thesystem of which we are part. The evil and death forces now makeentry into various realms of the system. Eventually this leads tocollapse of the system or death.The world we see is reflection of failure of us the humans to knowthe Truth. Death cannot be the ultimate winner. Thus in near deathsituation, as the system peaks in disorder, the consciousness of human beings will be stirred and there will be mass awakening andrevolt. This is what we are witnessing around the world. The "Anna"and "Baba" movements are parts of this awakening. They will prevail, because human by Nature are made in the image of God or Truth.The President and Judiciary are key components of a democraticsystem. They take the place of soul and consciousness of the systemresponsible to give life and sustain life. They are supposed toawaken and act when the whole system is in danger. They can beequated to autonomic control system [autonomic nervous system] of living beings, which comes into effect when the system is in danger.The governing system or government is only secondary system thatis responsible to sustain proper flow and balance of the system. Itcould be compared to Central Nervous System. The "Traders and business people" comes as tertiary component of the system, whichneeds to be controlled.When the evils enter the governing system and people in governingsystem become self centered and when they become slave to traders,
the flow gets strangulated with increasing black mass. Wealth becomes accumulated with one or two percent of population, whoresort to any means to accumulate more wealth. The honest primary producer and large majority of honest consumers begin to feel thestrangulation or death forces. Approaching the critical point, thesoul and body begins to react. Initially this reaction would betowards the government or the central nervous system and then itwill turn its face to the higher level and begin to knock the door of Judiciary and the President [consciousness and intelligence of thesystem]. This is so because they are responsible, for sustaining thevital aspects of the system.I believe, the future revolutions, will be aimed at knocking the door of the Judiciary and President. The present judiciary largely dependson proofs, which the rich and powerful evils in the governing systemmanipulate to their advantage. Modern science has evolved todevelop lie detector and other means to facilitate the judgment thatare more real. The use of such technologies itself is suppressed bythe evils.We may not need to use lie detector test, for the system it self isheading towards a conscious awakening. All Judges and Presidents,however corrupt he is, when cornered by Consciousness, will standfor Truth. Darkness and evil cannot rule for ever, it will die a naturaldeath and the system will see Light.Democracy is good, but in the absence of Truth or True knowledge,it can take a negative orientation. This negative orientation however stresses the individual to develop information, awaken to Truth andChange at individual and collective level thus forcing a change inthe system from top to bottom. This is the beauty of democracy. Weare in that critical period of global change. Democracy and the governing system need to be understood fromthe living perspective. Governing system or central nervous system
is responsible for sustenance of the system in justified manner facilitating the flow. When it fails, the system is endangered. In thiscritical state the autonomous system over rules the central nervoussystem and takes the action save life. Modern world is slave tomaterial world and its force. It exists in the ignorance Truth and trueknowledge of the system in which it exist. Democracy in thissituation takes a negative path. When Truth is known democracycan take a positive path with structural correction that plugs theentry and flourish of the evil and facilitate proper flow.The flow is central to Life and all the organized systems. Below is aFlow chart of the system.The figure is self explanatory. When human mind gets disconnectedfrom his consciousness and intelligence within that sustains the flowand life, it becomes self centered and becomes slave to materialworld. The flow now gets constricted stressing the system. In asocial system, it reveals the picture of traders and business manamassing wealth at the cost of primary producer and consumer. Intime the systems gets constricted and begin to collapse. The role of 

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