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Finding Sanctuary

Finding Sanctuary



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Published by Leafblade
A sequel to McCloud's Daughters. Jason, A Diaboli on the run, discovers the planet Sanctuary and a woman like none he has ever known before.
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A sequel to McCloud's Daughters. Jason, A Diaboli on the run, discovers the planet Sanctuary and a woman like none he has ever known before.
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Published by: Leafblade on Jan 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Finding Sanctuary
By Andy
Chapter OneThey thought they knew who him.His guards thought they were exiling a mere political prisoner, one too wellconnected to be executed but knowing a bit too much to be allowed quietretirement.Councilor Inger, his boss, thought it impossible for him to escape. He shouldhave known better but he put his faith in the special device they had attached to hisarm to make him safe to transport.The High Council of Thirteen thought he was part of business as usual. Hehad been a good tool but was now beyond further use. He had been an agent for theAtlantean government for 30 years. Jason had worked for the Ministries of Justiceand Defense and for the last 10 years as head Provocateur for a High Councilor. Hehad great experience in defeating the indefatigable, harming the invulnerable, andtracking the untraceable.Councilor Inger used him for such tasks because he was good at the seemingimpossible. Commendation wasn’t an option for he was a nonperson, a ghost,deniable and expendable. Reprimands were equally so for the same reason. If he
failed he would be killed even if he survived. He was willing to go along with that before. The safety of his planet, its people, and its culture, was more important tohim than his life. Now he was here, at the Prisoner Transport Facility inside the Ministry of Justice. He had become aware of the callous and ruthless way the High Councilviewed the citizens of New Atlantis. He had questioned orders and the policy behind the orders and the integrity of the men who made the policy. He had donethis publicly, he who was supposedly to be unheard and invisible had made himself seen and heard by all. He hoped the people had heard him well and truly but it wasout of his hands now. From this point on he would need to concentrate on gettinghimself to safety and nothing else until he reached a haven where he could relax.The other Councilors had covered up for their colleague. Jason's boss haddone unspeakable things that turned even his hardened stomach and the other members of the Council had buried his crime and not even slapped him on thewrist. The Head Councilor had been personally involved in whitewashing the storyhe leaked to the press. So he had taken things a step further. He had tossed his bossinto the disintegration chamber and did his best to expose the corruption at thehighest levels to the planet at large. He hoped it was enough.They were worried about how an execution would look after all thewhitewash. If nothing was wrong and it was all a misunderstanding then why havea trial much less an execution? So he was officially retiring to a world that was pre-
industrial and so far from any known wormhole that no trading ships would find itfor millennia, if at all. The Diaboli knew of it because it had been seeded by theElders long ago; and the Elders had told the Atlanteans because unlike them the people of planet Velvet had gladly agreed to be cannon fodder for those so-calledgods.They were often used as an example of the benefits of following theleadership of the High Council rather than the Elders. Now the New Atlanteangovernment was using them as an exile planet because of their low population,tech level, and isolation. The High Council, justly worried about theresourcefulness of their few renegades, had even put satellites around the planet tofatally scramble any attempt to quantum tunnel, or gate, from its surface withoutequipment such as his escorts wore to provide the right electronic codes.Few could use that method of traveling to other planets withouttechnological aids like the one he was being walked towards. However it was possible, if only for the most powerful and mathematically inclined among themand thus the satellites in orbit to foreclose on this last chance of escape. The HighCouncil considered it impossible for him to escape once he was there. The devicerestricting his abilities would be inoperative in transit but the head guard didn'tthink there would be enough time during transit for the prisoner to free himself from two guards and escape.The trip through the quantum tunnel was very disorienting and both guards

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