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Canopus - Portable Planetarium System

Canopus - Portable Planetarium System

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Published by Boris Petrovic

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Published by: Boris Petrovic on Sep 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Portable Planetarium System
MMI Corporation2950 Wyman ParkwayPO Box 19907Baltimore, MD 21211USAPhone 410-366-1222Fax 410-366-6311mail@mmicorporation.comwww.mmicorporation.com
Delivering astronomy and space science tostudents of all ages.
byMMI Corporation presents the grandeur of the night sky at a very affordable price. Unlike large municipal planetariums, manyof which focus on vacuous entertainment, the Canopus portableplanetarium is a valuable educational tool, geared to the teachingof the basics of astronomy for students of all ages.Further, a portable planetarium can serve the needs of an entireschool district and, being transportable, can be carried to nearbyschools or community centers for use by teachers, students, andastronomy enthusiasts. Your school district could even make theequipment available on a loan or rental basis to Scout Troops,Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, etc.The CANOPUS’ sturdy design ensures years of memorable edu-cation benefits to literally thousands of students in your schooldistrict and your community with an extremely favorable cost perstudent ratio!If you do not have an astronomy specialist on your staff, not toworry! Your MMI portable planetarium comes complete withoperating manuals for both the dome and the projector, as wellas our exclusive POR-TABLE PLANETARIUMTEACHER’S GUIDE ANDACTIVITY SAMPLER,a 100 page book forportable planetariumusers. The Teacher’sGuide makes it easy tounderstand and operate the equipment and is fullof educational activitiesfor both planetarium andsubsequent classroom
 Two hemisphere platforms with synchronous movement.Operates with 110/220 volts and a totally integrated elec-tronic circuit.12 volt diurnal movement motor to simulate terrestrial rotation- 1 turn every 5 minutesBrightness controls for stars, environmental lights, and theMilky Way.Stars are projected through pin holes with halogenmicro bulbs.Graduated circle for terrestrial latitude and rightascension.Projects 2,750 stars (down to magnitude 5.45)Four special lenses project the brightest stars: Sirius,Canopus, Alpha Centauri and Arcturus.Star cylinders also project 6 special bright stars in colorsas follows:Rigel (blue) Antares (red)Aldebaran (red) Betelgeuse (red)Spica (blue) Achernar (blue)
The CANOPUS projector is the product of an extensive design,development, and construction. The result is an advanced, effective,and complete portable planetarium offering excellent benefitsDisplays 13 naked eye objects: galaxies, nebulae, star clusters,and both Magellanic clouds.The Milky Way is independent from the stars.Hand - held constellation projector with 12 mythological figures.The 5 naked eye planets.The Sun and the Moon with its phases.A comet can be placed anywhere on the dome.A wooden cabinet covered outside with Cuerina (a leathersimulated cloth) and inside with cloth similar to suede. Itsborders and edges are protected.Measures 25 x 27 x 21 inches and weighs 43 pounds.
Canopus star cylinders are manually created and digitized intoour special design program. Two important considerations wereplaced into our system: (1) correct magnitudes and (2) compensa- tion for image deviation near the edges of the cylinders.It is important to note that these factors are not always includedin competitive systems. Because Canopus believes their inclusionis a necessity, our stars is projected with the correct magnitude.The result is that Canopus provides the finest and most authenticrepresentation of the night sky.Because Earth’s northern and southern hemispheres are sepa-rated by our planet’s equator, we have placed the stars in eachhemisphere on two projector platforms. The advantage of this sys- tem is that the viewer sees all of the stars, in both hemispheres,and at the same time.This is accomplished without the need to change cylinders in order to view both hemispheres. There are no visible elements or sup-ports to interfere with the sky image - allowing one to project theMilky Way with or without stars.To produce a realistic projection, Canopus projectors utilize fourspecial lenses displaying the brightest stars: Sirius, Canopus,Alpha Centauri, and Arcturus, all accomplished without the need ofincreasing the artificial diameter of the stars.The Canopus Star Projector projects 2,750 stars down to magni- tude 5.45.It also projects 13 naked eye objects: galaxies, nebulae, star clus- ters and Large and Small Magellanic clouds.
The cylinders, which act as projection frames, are constructed ofmaterials quite similar to Celluloid. The stars and other sky objectsare part of the cylinder. Illumination is accomplished by the use oflight bulbs inside the cylinders - the standard type system for thisclass of planetarium.
The CANOPUS projector comes with a hand-held constellationprojector. It is similar to a flashlight that uses special slides with12 figures: Orion, Lepus, Taurus, Canis Major, Gemini, Scorpius,Cygnus, Crux, Leo, Hercules, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor.The images are projected on the star field by the hand projectorwith its power source on the control panel. Eight additional constel-lations may be purchased: Sagittarius, Libra, Cassiopeia, Cancer,Draco, Corona Australis, Cepheus, and Canis Minor.

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