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Faster EFT

Faster EFT

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Published by simona837

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Published by: simona837 on Sep 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Faster EFT1
Faster EFT 
Trying to visualize good, but Bad feelings override
Visualize the negative memory, of course you have a picture of it, can feel it… how do you rememberit? Look and see a tree. If I pull the roots out, what happens to that tree? Think about thenegative, feel what’s there, make it as strong as you can,EB I release and let it goSE It’s all in the pastUE I choose to release the sadnessCB I choose to release the hurtsWR I choose to release the rejectionsEB I choose to release those soundsSE SensationsCB And everything else. I lovingly release and let it go.WR (Take a deep breath)PeaceGo back to the not-so-good issue. Still a little feeling from it…EB I release and let it goSE Just let it goUE Just let it goCB Just let it goWR Just let it goDeep breath, PeaceTake a deep breath and see the memory that bothers you. If you don’t have a picture, just senseand know, and then notice the feelings in your body and your reaction to it. And since your mind’slike a giant movie screen, take this picture in your mind and feeling and move it over to the side andpoint to where you moved the picture.Now go to your good memory/visualization, step into that good place, feel how good that memory is,stay in the good memory. Feel the good feelings. Got it? Notice in your body where you feel it. Verygood, now take this picture and slide it to the side. Point to it.Now in your mind you have two pictures. A good one and not-so-good, right? Now look at me.Wherever your bad picture is, we’re gonna move it, and we’re gonna set it right in front of the goodone. And when we set it in front of the good one, naturally what happens is the good one goes rightthrough it, and you’re right there in your good feeling. Good memory. You got it? Now, go ahead anddo that. Take the bad one, slide it in front of the good one, naturally the good one goes right
Faster EFT2through it, Ooooo, feel that good feeling, and notice in the body that good feeling. Spin it faster.Take a deep breath. Peace.Alright, now. Go to the bad memory and notice what’s changed. What happened?What happened is, we took a bad picture and a good picture, and actually what happens when youcollapse them at the same time is the good picture erases all the bad feelings.It changes the structure of the bad picture, which, by the way, is created.Alright, now what we’re gonna do is change the structure of the bad feeling memory completely.How do you do that? Every memory has meaning by the emotions that are in the picture, in thememory. Is that right? That makes sense? Alright. What I want you to do now is go back to anymemory in your past that has the strongest love feeling you’ve ever had. That time you held thatbaby, the day you got a puppy dog, the day you were on Grandma or Grandpa’s lap or parents… Takea deep breath, go to a good memory that has those good feelings. Take a deep breath and go there.Feel that good feeling. You’re right there. In your body, feel that good feeling. While feeling it,send it to you in the memory that used to bother you. Send it to you. And them. Send more, andnotice that the picture changes. Adds more color. Take a deep breath. Peace.Alright, what we did is we did is we took a bad picture and tapped out the bad so it’s not so strong.Then we took the bad picture and set it in front of the good. Neurologically, the mind erases thebad feelings, and when you get the really good feelings and feel them in the body and send them tothe bad memories, it changes themExplanation of tapping – The mind and the body are one. And it’s the fear that controls us. It’s thepain that becomes our master, and if we keep it inside, it tells us what to do. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be told what to do. I want to be free. Freedom is an awesome gift, and Iwant you to have it. And the cool thing is that when you leave from here, even if you don’t believe it,do it. It’ll work, because it works on a system that works. Tap on the emotions that are showing upas pain or limitations in the body, and knock it out as much as we can, and then reaffirm thepositive. We tap it in, visualize it, feel it, and make it true for us. As you think, you become. Yourconstant emotions create your reality. What you focus on, you get, so if you don’t like what you’regetting now, change your focus. You are very powerful and dynamic. As you learn to make peacewithin you, the saboteur within you is only the memories you hold. It’s only the memories and theemotions and the feelings you create within you. As you release this, your whole world changes. Thisis a great way to create a great life by merely making friends with your insides. That’s it. It’s allabout you. And that’s a wonderful thing, because wherever you go, you have you, and whatever youhold within you.Tap until you pass out, and when you wake up, it’s a whole new world for you. When you’re tapping, you’ll feel a little bit of resistance, and when you feel that resistance, that’s when you tap faster,harder, and quicker. Double barrel. Hit ‘em both at the same time. Persistence is the most powerfulskill you have.
Faster EFT3
The Mind is in control of the pain
(Neck, shoulder, and back)Think about what was going on, the emotions you were feeling last time the pain flared up. Thinkabout what the location of the pain could mean. Joints are flexibility and ability to go where youwant, back is burden, stomach is ability to digest and breaking down what we’re experiencing rightnow. And by the way, it’s all emotions. Now think about those emotions, feel them, and…EB I release and let go, all sadnessesSE I release and let go of all the fearsUE I release and let go of all emotional traumasCB The angers, helpless feelings, trapped feelings, regrets, unforgiveness,stubbornness, the weightof the world, it’s all my fault. Let it go.WR Let it go.Take a deep breath. PeaceOkay, we have the fear that we do the tapping and get rid of the pain, and then when I walk out ofhere, it faces me again. Of course there’s always helplessness addressed to it, right? No control.You got it? Think about it…EB I release and let it go, the helplessnessSE The hopelessnessUE It’s gonna meet me at the doorCB It’s gonna follow me around. This tapping is just a temporary fix. Plus, I won’t use it after Ileave here, because it works. And it’ll ruin all my bad feelings. What will I worry about then? Justtap it away.WR Just tap it away.Deep breath. Peace.There’s a catch to this. It only works if you use it.EB This is a skillSE A life skillUE Something I’ll use foreverCB And if I don’t use it, I’ll go back to what I used to do. Suffer. Let it go.WR Let it go.Deep breath. Peace.One more time, to get it all the way down. Feel the feeling right there.EB That feeling right there.SE That feeling right there.CB That feeling right there.

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