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South Asia Tribune weekly UK

South Asia Tribune weekly UK

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The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.
The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on Sep 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 2
Issue 10
Thursday, 20.09.12
Seepage 18
South Asia
S t ude n t o f   t heYea r:  A  l ia  B ha t t
Late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook whorevealed the Falsehood Of Al Qaeda A Month Beforehis mysterious death . Robin Cook died suddenly,of a convenient heart attack while on a country stroll with his wife. He was whisked away to hospital by helicopter without his wife, who was not permittedto accompany him, although he was still alive. RobinCook wrote in the Guardian, published on July 8:Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumentalmiscalculation by western security agencies.Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA andfunded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russianoccupation of Afghanistan. Al-Qaida, literally “the
database”, was originally the computer le of the
thousands of mujahideen who were recruited andtrained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians.Inexplicably, and with disastrous consequences,
First Robin Cook revealed the Falsehood Of Al Qaeda & Now
 Al-Qaeda a ‘creation of the US and
Britain’: MP George Galloway 
French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’spublisher, known only as Charb, presents to journalists, on September 19, 2012 in Paris.
Free speech or incitement?
 After a week of deadly, international protests
against an anti-Islam lm, a French satirical
magazine is fueling the debate betweenfreedom of expression and offensiveprovocation.The magazine Charlie Hebdo published
cartoons featuring a gure resembling the
Prophet Mohammed in an issue that hitnewsstands Wednesday.The cartoons are already drawing strongcondemnation by the French Muslimcommunity.Mohammed Moussaoui, president of theFrench Council of Muslim Faith, describeda feeling of “indignation against this new Islamophobic act” to BFM-TV.He said the cartoons are “insulting for theprophet of Islam,” and described theirpublication as a “new provocation.”French authorities have already takenprecautionary measures, with police vehicles
parked outside the ofces of Charlie Hebdo
late Tuesday.France announced it would close embassiesand schools in around 20 countries, fearing violence.French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdopublished the caricatures on Wednesday,saying the illustrations would “shock those who will want to be shocked.” Nudeillustrations of Mohammed were includedamong the various caricatures in the release.Meanwhile, Russian news agency Interfaxreported that Parisian kiosks sold out allcopies of the magazine almost as soon as ithit the shelves. Charlie Hebdo’s website wentdown soon after the issue was published.Security was beefed up and riot police
deployed at the Magazine’s ofces in
anticipation of retaliatory protests. Parisalso announced that it would be closing its
Now French mag publishes more caricatures of Prophet Mohammed(pbuh)
Ofces of magazine guarded by riot police
Islamophobiareached its peak?
Continued on page 31 >>
Continued on page 31 >>
Danish celebrity weekly maga-zine Se og Hoer (See and Hear)reveals it plans to publish pho-tographs of the Duchess of Cam- bridge sunbathing topless in itsedition on Thursday.Editor-in-chief Kim Henningsensaid the pictures of Prince Wil-liam’s wife Kate will appear ina special supplement, to show Denmark “what these photos areall about.”The pictures have so far beenpublished in France, Italy, Ire-land and on the internet.St James’s Palace said “propor-tionate responses were underreview”.On Tuesday, a Paris court bannedfuture publication of the picturesin France, ordering French mag-azine Closer to hand over theoriginals.News of the Danish magazine’sdecision emerged as Prince Wil-liam and his wife returned to theUK from a nine-day DiamondJubilee tour of south-east Asia
and the South Pacic.
No British newspaper has print-ed the pictures. A statement on the Danish pub-lication’s website on Wednesday said: “Se og Hoer has exclusively (in Denmark) obtained the pic-tures of the topless Duchess of Cambridge, Kate.“Tomorrow we will publish a 16-page spread full of piquant pho-tos of England’s future queen.”The same decision tabloid editorsalso implemented in Sweden,Finland, Netherlands, Belgium,Germany, Italy and a number of other countries.The images will not be displayeddigitally on seoghør.dk, so youhave to buy the magazine to getthe pleasure of the royal bosom. A St James’s Palace spokesper-son said: “As we’ve said, we willnot be commenting on potentiallegal action concerning the al-leged intended publication of thephotos save to say that all pro-portionate responses will be keptunder review.”Kate topless photos: French po-
lice raid Closer magazine ofcesPolice search Paris ofces in
 bid to trace photographer whosnapped Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Police have raided the ofces of 
Closer magazine searching forthe identity of the photographer who took pictures of the Duchessof Cambridge topless while onholiday in the south of France.
Ofcers arrived at 10am on
 Wednesday morning at the mag-azine’s headquarters in the Parissuburb of Montrouge. They werereported to have searched the
publication’s ofces and exam-
ined journalists’ computers.
Respected in closer to Hijab!!!
Danish magazine to publish topless Kate pictures
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 20 September 2012
Salah Bu Khamas (UAE)Sabha Khan (UK)
UK Ofce
10 Courtenay Road, Wembley,Middlesex, HA9 7ND UK Phone: +44 20 8904 0619Fax: +44 20 8181 7575info@satribune.co.uk 
India Ofce
Satya Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.C/O Satya Group.1st Floor, Avenue Appt.,Near Sheth. R. J. J. High School,Tithal Road, Valsad - 396001Gujarat, India
United Arab Emirates Ofce
S.K. Group of CompaniesP.O. Box 9021, Karama Dubai,United Arab EmiratesTel: +971 4 2659970, 3359929;Fax: +971 4 2659971, 3341609 www.sk-groupofcompanies.com
Managing Editor & CEO
Mohammad Shahid Khan
Group Editorial Managers
Gulzar Khan (India) Abdul Khalique (Pakistan)
Editorial Board UK 
Frances Brunner
FYI Tribune team
 Adrian FellarMisbah KhanReema ShahRohma KhanKeziah-Ann Abakah
Marketing & Sales
 Andrew Klugman (Manager)
 Art Department UK 
 Ali Ansar (Art Director)Mohammad Reazul Islam
 Riot Police guard French magazine Charlie Hebdo
ofce after it published cartoons of the Prophet 
 Mohammad (Pbuh).
France said it would temporarily close itsembassies and schools in 20 countries onFriday after a French magazine publishedcartoons of the Prophet Mohammad
(SM), a move it fears will further inametensions over a lm mocking the prophet.
“We have indeed decided as a precautionary measure to close our premises, embassies,consulates, cultural centres and schools,”a Foreign Ministry spokesman said of theshut-down on Friday, prayer day acrossthe Muslim world.Before publishing the cartoons on Wednesday, French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, renowned for its irreverenttreatment of the political establishment
and public gures, argued that it had the
right to uphold that tradition.“We do caricatures of everyone, and aboveall every week, and when we do it withthe Prophet, it’s called provocation,” thepaper’s editor, Stephane Charbonnier,told the news channel i>TELE.Issues of the magazine hit newsstands with the front cover and inside pagesdepicting the cartoons, a move criticised by the French authorities, which sent riot
police to protect the magazine’s ofces.
The publication came amid widespread
outrage over a short lm, made with
private funds in the United States, thatmocks the Prophet and has ignited daysof sometimes deadly protests in the Arab world, Africa, Asia and some Westerncountries.Muslim leaders in France, which hasEurope’s largest Muslim population, haveappealed for calm.
Charlie Hebdo’s Paris ofces were re
 bombed last November after it publisheda mocking caricature of Muhammad[pbuh]. In 2005, Danish cartoons of theProphet sparked a wave of violent protestsacross the Muslim world that killed atleast 50 people.Most Muslims consider any representationof Allah or the Prophet Muhammad[pbuh] offensive.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabiuscriticised the move as a provocation andsaid he had ordered security beefed up at
French diplomatic ofces in the Muslim
 world.“Is it relevant and intelligent in this
environment to add fuel to the re? The
answer is no,” Fabius told France Inforadio. “I’m very worried... and when I saw this I immediately issued instructions forspecial security precautions to be takenin all the countries where it could be aproblem.”The government has called for restraintover the cartoons, restating the principlesof free speech in France and urging thoseshocked by the images to take actionthrough the courts.
 As outrage over the anti-Muslim lm
continues to fuel violence and protestsacross the Islamic world, French PrimeMinister Jean-Marc Ayrault said theauthorities had rejected a request to hold
a march against the lm in Paris.“There is no reason for us to allow conicts
that do not concern France to enter ourcountry,” Ayrault told RTL radio.Social media had circulated calls for a
protest on Saturday against the lm,
after police arrested about 150 people who tried to take part in an unauthorisedprotest near the US Embassy in Paris last week.The main body representing Muslimsin France, the French Muslim Council
(CFCM), accused Charlie Hebdo of ring
up anti-Muslim sentiment at a sensitivetime.“The CFCM is deeply attached to freedomof speech but considers that nothing can justify insult and inciting hatred,” it saidin a statement.“The CFCM calls on the Muslims of Francenot to give in to such provocation andurges them to express their indignationcalmly and in lawful manner.”Former Charlie Hebdo editor Philippe Val was pursued in French courts on chargesof racial injury, and ultimately acquitted,after the paper reprinted the Danishcartoons of Mohammad.
France to close embassies in 20 countries
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 20 September 2012
The British government will forceup to 60 Sri Lankan Tamils on toan aeroplane on Wednesday andsend them back to a a country stillrecovering from a brutal civil war.Inigo Gilmore reports.The United Kingdom shouldimmediately suspend deportations toSri Lanka of ethnic Tamils with realor imputed links to the LiberationTigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or who have engaged in activities the SriLankan authorities might view as anti-government, Human Rights Watchsaid today. At least two and possibly 
three chartered ights are scheduled
to leave the UK Wednesday carryingan unknown number of Sri LankanTamils whose pleas to remain in theUK have been refused. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) refuses to discuss
such ights until they have landed.The Home Ofce says it only removes
people who face no risk of torture, but Freedom from Torture andHuman Rights Watch both arguethat the government has severely underestimated this possibility whenit comes to returned Tamils, many of whom are routinely arrested andquestioned about links with theLiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) and activities in the UK, withtorture often playing a part.The next scheduled deportation of Tamils from the United Kingdom toSri Lanka was due to take place onSeptember 19, 2012. Investigations by Human Rights Watch have found thatsome rejected Tamil asylum seekersfrom the United Kingdom and othercountries have been subjected toarbitrary arrest and torture or otherill-treatment upon their arrival in SriLanka. Human Rights Watch today issued a document it sent on August1 to the UK immigration ministerdetailing 13 cases of alleged torture of failed Tamil asylum seekers on returnto Sri Lanka. All of these cases aresupported by medical documentation.“In its haste to be tough on failedasylum seekers, the British governmentis turning a blind eye to compellingevidence that Tamils deported to SriLanka risk torture on arrival,” saidDavid Mepham, London director.“Given the serious risk of torture thatTamils returned from the UK may face, the British government should
immediately impose a moratoriumon returns pending a thoroughreview of relevant UK policy and theintroduction of new risk assessmentguidelines.”The Sri Lankan security forces havelong used torture against peopledeemed to be linked to the LTTE,and growing evidence indicates thatTamils who have been politically active abroad in peaceful oppositionto the government may be subject totorture and other ill-treatment.In one case, a 32-year-old Tamilman from Jaffna was among 24Tamils deported to Sri Lanka by theUK Border Agency on June 16, 2011,after his asylum claim was rejected.On return, he was questioned atthe airport outside Colombo andsubsequently picked up at theOmanthai checkpoint in northernSri Lanka. The security forces thentook him to police headquarters inColombo, where he was interrogatedabout his activities in London andseverely tortured. He told HumanRights Watch he was whipped withelectric wires and suspended upside
down and beaten with sand-lled
plastic pipes and forced to sign aconfession in Sinhala, a language hedid not understand.
Britain is deporting Tamil refugeesto be tortured in Sri Lanka
Human rights groups detail evidence of failed asylum-seekers facing beatings and rape
 Arab-Israeli mayors andreligious leaders demandGoogle ban access tothe anti-Islam video inIsrael.
MK Taleb a-Sanaa and various Arab-Israeli mayors and religious
leaders on Wednesday led a pe
-tition with the Jerusalem DistrictCourt demanding that Googletake down an anti-Islam videoridiculing the Muslim ProphetMohamed from YouTube, toprevent future publicizing of the
lm and to block all access to thelm in Israel.
The petitioners characterized
the lm as abusive and violating
the image of the Muslim ProphetMuhammad in a racist manner, while trampling his sanctity anddesecrating his name.
The lm was also considered
highly damaging as it violatedthe dignity and faith of morethan a billion Muslims and morethan a million Muslim citizens inIsrael, according to the petition.The petitioners claim that thepublication violates the religiousfeelings of Muslims in contra- vention of Section 173 of the Pe-nal Code, constitutes incitementto racism against Muslims in vio-lation of Article 144 of the PenalCode, and is defamatory accord-ing to the 1965 Defamation Law.
The petition was led by attorney Kais Nasser, and was led against
Google, which owns YouTube.
News reports have indicatedthat Google has already blockedaccess to the video in Egypt,Libya, Indonesia and India, but has rejected a request by the White House to pull it fromthe video-sharing site YouTubealtogether. Authorities in Af-ghanistan ordered YouTube to
 be shutdown “indenitely” to
stop Afghans from watching the
lm, while Russia and Saudi
 Arabia also threatened to block the website unless it removes
the lm.
 Arab-Israeli mayors and religious leaders suesGoogle to block anti-Muslim video in Israel
 Israeli border policemen re tear gas toward Palestinian protesters on Tuesday.

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