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ISN 00557, Abu Sufyan Ben Qumu's Guantanamo Detainee Assessment

ISN 00557, Abu Sufyan Ben Qumu's Guantanamo Detainee Assessment

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Published by Andrew Kaczynski

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Published by: Andrew Kaczynski on Sep 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JTFGTMO-CG22 Aprrl2005MEMORANDUMFORCommander,nitedStates outhem ommand,511NW 9lstAvenue,Miami. L33172.SUBJECT:UpdateRecommendationo Transferothe ControlofAnotherCountry orContinuedetentionTRCD)or Guantanamoetainee,SN:US9LY-000557DPS)
JTF GTMODetainee ssessment
oJDIMSAIDRCReferenceName: Abu Sufian IbrahimAhmedHamoudaoAliases andCurrent/TrueName: Abu Sufian IbrahimAhmedHamudaBinOumu.Abu Mariam. Abdul Faris AlLibi. Abu Faris AlLibi. Marwan.AlHassari.Abdul RazzaqHamad. bn MabrukahHamadoPlaceof Birth:Darna.Libya(LY)oDate of Birth: 26 }une1959oCitizenship: LibyaoInternmentSerialNumber(ISN):US9LY-000557DP2.(FOUO)Health: Detainee asa non-specificpersonalitydisorder.He hasnoknown drugallergiesand s not on any chronicmedications.Detainee as atentTuberculosis nd refusestreatment.He has no travel restrictions.
3.(S//NF)TF GTMOAssessment:a.(S)Recommendation:JTFGTMO ecommendsetaineee Transferredo theControlof AnotherCountryorContinuedDetentionTRCD).b.(S//NF)Summary: JTFGTMOpreviouslyssessedetaineeetain n DoD(DoD)on23 August2003.Based ponnformationbtainedince etainee'sreviousssessment,t is
SECR E T // NOFORN I 20300422
S E C RE T//NOFORNI I 20300422JTF GTMO-CGSUBJECT:UpdateRecommendationo Transfer o the ControlofAnother CountryforContinuedDetentionTRCD)for Guantanamoetainee, SN: US9LY-000557DPS)now recommendedhe be Transferred o the Controlof Another Countryfor ContinuedDetention(TRCD)tohis country of origin(Libya)if a satisfactoryagreementcan bereachedthat allowsaccess o detaineeand/or access o exploitedintelligence.If a satisfactoryagreementannotbe reached orhiscontinued detentionnLibya, he should beretainedunderDoD control.For this updateecommendation,detainees assessed s aformer member ofthe LibyanIslamicFighting Group(LIFG),aprobablememberofAlQaida,and amemberof theNorthAfrican ExtremistNetworkOIAEN).Detaineeusedhis employmentat the WafaHumanitarianOrganization(AL-Wafa)as a front for extremistactivities.It is assessedhisdetainees a MEDIUM toHIGH risk,ashe is likely toposea threato the US,its interestsand allies.4.(S//NF)DetaineeBackground Summary:Unlessotherwiseoted, heollowingparagraphsare basedsolely on the detainee'sstatements.a. PriorHistory: Detainee ervedas a tankdriver in theLibyan armed orcesasaprivate.The Libyan Govemmentstateshe was addicted oillegal drugs/narcoticsand had beenaccusedof a number ofcrimes including: murder,physicalassault,armedassault,anddistributingnarcotics.He was sentencedo l0yearsnprison.In 1993,heescapedromprisonand fled toEgypt. He traveled to Afghanistan(AF)and trained at UsamaBinLaden's(UBL)Torkham Camp.Afterparticipatingn the Sovietihad,he moved o SudanSU).Detaineeworked as a truck driver for WadiAl-'Aqiq, one of UBL's companiesnSuba,SU.The LibyanGovemment funher stateddetaineeoinedLIFG andwas assigned o themilitarycommittee.Underpressurerom the Libyan and Sudaneseovemments,he left Sudansometimen 1997,usinga false Mauritanianpassport.He traveledo PakistanPK),whereheresided n the areanear he Al-Atariyah University/mosquevariantsAl Yassir AlKhayria,Athariya and Atharia)in Peshawar.b. Trainingand Activities:In 1998,he withdrew from theLIFG andoinedthe Talibanmovement(thisis likely areferenceoAl-Qaida support o theTaliban). Hemoved toPeshawarherehe livedwith Abu Zayd Al-Tunisi(assessedobe US9LY-000721).In2000,he ivedinthe tribalregion of Peshawar, K(Thiss anareaunderribal control,notgovernmentcontrol. UBL wasknowntohavespentime in thisarea). He communicatedwith likely extremist elementsn Afghanistan via radio duringthisperiod,indicating apositionofleadership. Around August to November2001, detaineeworked for Al-WafainKabul,AF. Detaineeought with the Taliban against heNorthem Alliance andwaswoundedn the eg.He left Kabul aroundmid-November2001. KhalidMahmoundAbdulAl Wahad,US9JO-000589,stateddetainee led to Peshawar,where helikelyassistedheQadhafiFoundationn relocating extremists and theirfamilies. Detaineearrivedin Peshawar
s E c R E T // NOFORN| | 20300422
SECRE T //NOFORN I I 20300422JTF GTMO-CGSUBJECT: Update Recommendation o Transfero the Control ofAnotherCountryforContinuedDetentionTRCD)forGuantanamo etainee, SN: US9LY-000557DPS)no laterthan4 December2001,after transiting first through Logar, AF, and then Khowst,AF.c.(S)Gapture lnformation: The Pakistanipolicewere ipped off as o detainee'slocationbyLibyan nationals romthe Libyan Humanitarian Organization akaQadhafiOrganization.nPeshawar,PK, Pakistani Policeapprehended etaineeat thePlazaHotel,where he wasstaying.Detaineewas then turned over to US forces.(Analystnote: TheQadhafiOrganization operatedoutof theLibyanEmbassyandworkedto securetransportation oLibya forany Arab fleeing the region, including Al-Qaida members. Thereappeared o have been an agreementbetween hegovernmentsof Libya and Pakistan hatallowed thePakistanisointerviewthe Arabsbeforethey left. Detaineewas likely detainedby the Pakistani'sand urned over o US forcesagainst heLibyangovemment'swishesduetodiscrepanciesn his story.)
d.(S)Transferred o JTFGTMO: 5 May2002e.(S//NF)Reasons or Transfero JTF GTMO: Toprovidenformationn he
following:oThe Al-Wafa OrganizationoAl-WafaofficialsoAl-Qaida/Al Wafa relationshipand financialoperations5.(S//NF)Detainee Threat:a.(S)Assessment:Itisassessedhe detaineeosesaMEDIUM to HIGH risk, as he slikelytoposea threato the US, its interests ndallies.
b.(S//NF)Reasonsor ContinuedDetention:
.(S)Detainee asa long-termassociationwith Islamic extremistihadand membersofAl-Qaida and other extremistgroups.Detainee efuseso disclosecompletenformationregardinghispast,associates, nd activities..(S//I{F)The LibyanGovemment considersdetaineea"dangerousman with noqualmsabout committing terroristacts.Hewasknownas one of the extremistcommandersof theAfghanArabs."(Analystnote:"TheAfghan Arabs" refers to ArabMujahideen that elected o stay n AfghanistanandPakistan ollowingthe Soviet Jihad.In thispositiondetaineewould be linked,atleast ndirectly,tothe Taliban, Al-Qaida,NAEN, and other extremistelementsnthe region during he mid to late1990's. He is
SECR E T// NOFORN I 20300422

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