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12-09-20 Obama, Romney, and the US Constitution

12-09-20 Obama, Romney, and the US Constitution

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The appearance of two fraudsters as the presidential candidates in 2012 serves as a reminder of the death of the United States Constitution.
The appearance of two fraudsters as the presidential candidates in 2012 serves as a reminder of the death of the United States Constitution.

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Published by: Human Rights Alert, NGO on Sep 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Obama, Romney, and the US Constitution
The appearance of the two fraudsters as presidential candidates only serves toreaffirm the death of the US Constitution.
1) JZ wrote:
G:There is nothing more to expose about Obama’s Birth Certificate. Any reasonable person, who examined the records, knew from the start that Obama was a fraudster. Those, who don´t want to examine the facts and don´t want toknow the truth will not change their minds by any further exposure (e.g. Mr W), But as you and I agree, the central systemic breakdown of the US government isin the courts. Obama should have been in prison by now, if the Rule of Law werein effect.  And where you and I differ is:
a) The legal profession
- the courts could never have got this way absent widespread corruption of the legal profession. It appears to me that the some inlegal profession woke up only when cannibalism started – with harsh retaliation by the courts against dissenting attorneys.
 b) Banking/corporations -
they are the true sovereigns of the UnitedStates today. I consider
Citizens United 
a landmark that will go down in history together with Nero appointing his horse a Roman Senator.
c) The People
- nothing will change until the People get out to the streets, topeacefully re-assert their sovereignty.
d) The Constitution -
No massaging of the law or the constitution can makeany difference any more. If you needed a reminder of that - you got it with the2nd Circuit re-instating NDAA and indefinite military detentions the other day.The US Constitution cannot not be revived even by ICU and electric shocks. It was a nice document, and it had its day. Now, it needs to be buried before itstarts stinking.JZ ________________
2) G wrote:
JZ:My obsession with the BC?I d/n think I have an obsession. I believe in holding government officialsaccountable.I simply am asking simple questions that deserve and demand simple answersre the bona fides of Barack Obama - the present President of the United States(who is running for reelection) - said to be the most powerful position in the world, but are not getting them. Why? You want to call that an obsession, I cannot stop you.The media never vetted Barack Obama in the 2008 election. They have notdone so to date. You then wrote: It should be clear by now to any reasonable person that bothObama and Romney are fraudsters... Forget about the Hawaii officials... Whereare the US courts in all of this? Where are the media? Where are the People inthe streets?If Obama is a fraudster, I want him exposed, I want the proof, and want himsubject to the law and the Constitution.If such is true for Romney, I want a similar fate for himWhat is your position onthe BC? Then what is the proof for your position? Then why are the courts, polsand media propping up Obama? Romney? G ________________
3) JZ wrote:
G:Not sure what your obsession with the BC is. It should be clear by now to any reasonable person that both Obama and Romney are fraudsters...Forget about the Hawaii officials... Where are the US courts in all of this? Whereare the media? Where are the People in the streets?JZ ____________________
1) G wrote:
To All:Lingering questions?????????????????? A media that is not curious, that does not/will not do its job, that will notinvestigate, that in fact carries water for and cheer leads for.The lack of Barack Obama’s BONA FIDES - is an issue that will not die. A forged and out of sequence Hawaiian Certification/Certificate of Live Birth, aSocial Security account number issued out of the state of Connecticut (yet noknow connection to/with that state), a Selective Service registration card with atampered stamp, the loss of his Illinois bar card, mass legal efforts and millions
spent to torpedo any lawsuit brought to inquire about his bona fides, and volumes of his birth, school and other records sealed.See the below 
article about further important developments aboutObama’s Hawaiian birth documents. And of course recall, that is was Barack Obama himself - who in FACTwas/is theoriginal birhter, The Birther-In-Chief, claiming since 1991 through 2007 in his bio put out by his literary agent - that he was born in Kenya.Liberty & Truth require constant vigilance. GLZ.
Mike Zullo back from another trip to
with 'more evidence'
September 18, 2012
 JEROME R. CORSIMike Zullo, the lead investigator in Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Barack Obama’seligibility to be president, says he has returned from a second trip to Hawaii with additionalevidence the state’s Department of Health is maintaining a cover-up of Obama’s 1961 birthrecords. When Arpaio dispatched Zullo for the second trip, the assignment was kept confidential for Zullo’ssafety and to prevent media leaks. Only Arpaio and the chief deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office were aware of the assignment.In Honolulu, Zullo worked closely with local contacts, including Duncan Sunahara, the brother of  Virginia Sunahara, an infant child born in Hawaii Aug. 4, 1961, the same day Obama was born,and died the next day. As  WND reported,Virginia Sunahara entered as a figure in the Obama birth controversy because no birth certificate for her had been located, leading to speculation her birth certificate could have been the source of Obama’s.
Duncan Sunahara has tried to obtain a copy of his sister’s original birth certificate but has beendenied.“I was shocked by the lengths the Hawaii Department of Health has gone to deny the family of  Virginia Sunahara a copy of the original long-form birth certificate that the family is lawfully entitled to request and obtain,” Zullo told WND. “I had to ask the question why this little girl’s1961 long-form birth certificate was so disconcerting to the Hawaii Department of Health?”
DHOH stonewalls
Zullo obtained from Duncan Sunahara a copy of proceedings in the Hawaii Circuit Court of theFirst Circuit in which Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine appeared before JudgeRhonda Nishimura on March 8, 2012, to argue Duncan Sunahara was not entitledunder Hawaiistatutes to observe or obtain a copy of his sister’s original 1961 long-form birthcertificate.During the proceeding, Nagamine argued that Duncan Sunahara’s request did not derive from atrue interest to examine or obtain a copy of his sister’s original birth records, to which he wasentitled under Hawaii law. Nagamine insisted his underlying interest was to produce evidence inObama’s birth controversy, to which he was not entitled under Hawaii law.Nagamine argued that the original 1961 birth certificate records were delicate and neededprotection, and accessing them was burdensome.

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