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Shannon course evaluations

Shannon course evaluations

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Published by Jerry Shannon

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Published by: Jerry Shannon on Sep 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All scores from 1 (best) to 5 (worst)Responses/ class sizeSemesterPreparationInstruction qualityGrasp of MaterialStimulation of InterestConcern for StudentsAssignment qualityCritical ThinkingFair evaluationOverall RatingGeog1101: Intro Human Geog145/300Fall 20131.411.751.331.541.571.992.041.661.61Geog4300/6300: Spatial Analysis11/11Fall 20131.551.551.821.641.181.911.451.271.55Geog1101: Intro Human Geog99/300Spring 20141.181.351.241.421.251.581.721.251.21
CommentsGeog1101 (Fall 13)
Dr. Shannon provided interesting examples for topics, used a variety of teaching techniques, and always encouraged class participation.That was one of the most interesting and useful classes. Thank you!Dr. Shannon is awesome. He cares about the subject and loves it. Great teacher and person.Professor Shannon was a great teacher and very approachable if you were to have a question or needed extra help with a topic. Great professor! Cares about students and makes class interesting
Geog1101 (Spring 14)
He was a very good instructor! Would love to have him again.Prof. Shannon makes sure we understand geography is so much more than just maps and locations.I like that the lectures aren't terribly boring and interactive considering there are so many people. I enjoy how open the class is, with its polls and Professor Shannon asking questions it keeps me engaged and interested.I have also never been afraid to ask a question in class and feel comfortable with Professor Shannon.
Evaluation summary for courses taught as faculty at Univ. of Georgia
CourseResponses/ class sizeTermWell-preparedPresented clearlyGood feedbackTreated w/respectDeepened understandinInterest stimulatedInstructor approachaEffective readingsWorthwhile assignmentsReasonable gradingCFAN3480: How we talk about fixing food (1 cr)11/11Sp 20115.675.675.675.835.335.833.673.833.833.83GEOG3371W: Cities, Citizens, Communities (4 cr)~14/16Sum 20125.
Comments from CFAN3480:
He was careful to give us a wide range of views on what we should do with the food system and was good at facilitating discussion.I really liked all of the readings and the discussions in small groups in class. He was very good at helping stimulate conversation among us. Jerry was helpful and engaged as an instructor and available to meet for office hours with questions. Extensive discussion via email beyond course materials Really interesting course, I’m really glad I took it. I hope there are more opportunities like this for interdisciplinary study of the food system, this was a great class. Class activities were the most helpful in helping me to understand concepts, like the difficulty of interdisciplinary work.I LOVED the readings for this course.
Comments from Geog3371:
He donated his time out of class to help me understand what was not clear to meThe instructor makes students feel at easeVery organized, passionate about subject material. Knew his information.Extremely flexible and a great teacher overall. Tried to keep the class engaged and interested and picked really good subject matter for the course. He provided really good feedback for us as well in regards to our papers and other assignments. I really enjoyed the class and can say he was one of my favorite teachers thus far.Very organized, made expectations clear, and always made himself available for questions and comments. He took an interest in his students, and was concerned that the course was engaging.The lectures were amusing and explained the material well. The discussions really helped to understand the material further for those who did not have a full grasp of it. The activities were fun.The readings were all really worthwhile and presented an adequately wide range of ideas and perspectives, many of which I had been unfamiliar with in the past. I thought the lectures went well, and could have actually been more frequent.Videos and mapping exercises were really fun and helpful
Out of 6 (1=low, 6=high)
Evaluation summary for courses taught as a graduate student and principal instructor at Univ. of Minnesota
Out of 4 (1=low, 4=high)
Jerry Shannon: Writing course evaluations
Course GC1421 GC1422 GC1421 GC1422 GC1423 PsTL1421 PsTL1422 PsTL1423 Writ1301 Mean
SemesterFall '04Spring '05Fall '05Spring '06Spring '06Fall '06Spring '07Spring '07Fall '0# of sections443314313
Overall teaching ability5.
Teacher's knowledge of subject matter6.
Teacher's respect and concern for students6.
Physical environment of the class5.
Rate how much you learned5.
Teacher's clarity in presenting material5.
Teacher's rapport with students5.
Teacher's effective use of technology6.16.6665.
Teacher's success in getting you to think5.
Teacher's attention to what helps you learn5.
Teacher's respect for differences6.16.465.
Quality of course texts5.
Helpfulness of teacher's feedback6.
Accurate evaluation of work5.
Encouraged to express views6.
 6.03Mean 5.89 6.31 5.93 5.67 5.47 5.94 5.79 5.62 5.63
All scores out of 7Mean score for Fall '04 to Fall '07: 5.87
New course evaluation system for Writ1301 in Spring '08
QuestionOut ofMean
Insturctor well prepared for class65.68Instructor presented clearly65.28Instructor provided good feedback65.6Instructor treated me with respect65.61Course gave deeper understanding of subject65.19Second semester writing course withMy interest in subject stimulated by the course64.52service learning emphasizing researchRecommend course? % Yes72.3%Recommend instructor?% Yes94.0%Instructor is approachable43.88Effective use of readings43.72Assignments are worthwhile43.51Reasonable grading system43.61
Evaluation summary for courses as a first year writing instructor 
First semester writing course Second semester writing courseOne semester writing courseemphasizing writing skillsemphasizing researchemphasizing research and argument

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