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EFF JPBarlow Rape Victim Bullying

EFF JPBarlow Rape Victim Bullying

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Published by maryroseeng

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Published by: maryroseeng on Sep 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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13 september 2012 Extreme Trigger Warning for Rape Survivors. dear EFF, it hurts my feelings very much to be called a "troll" by JP Barlow. he is calling my tweet stream about rape "trollsjournal" which links to my writing about hisdismissal of rape complaints on twitter.he is ridiculing me for noting sexist attitudes about rape in the EFF. http://www.scribd.com/doc/100039955/Rape-Called-Ungentlemanly-by-JPBarlow-of-the-EFF-Electronic-Frontier-Foundation-re-Julian-Assange-of-Wikileaks his promoting it online has skyrocketed my records and i dont think he should proudly belittle meas a troll or proudly call rape mereley ungentlemanly to a larger audience. its the opposite of helpful image wise for him to turn up the volume on his bullying of me for studying rape law andhis free pass for rape---in writing it off as merely ungentlemanly. i caughthis saying rape was ungentlemenly. as a rape survivor and rape law scholar i found this to be adangerous way of euphemizing rape and a danger to the reputation of EFF.to my knowledge EFF is not an org that fights for the right to rape, the right to bully rape victims,the right to call rape merely "ungentlemanly" to diminish claims of rape victims. while ai appreciate the publicity he has given our tweeets last summer which i recorded in thescribd document, i rally do not like him ganging up with his sock puppet friends on twitter to bullyme. my work on this particular case has been very exhausting and i am in touch with one of therape victims. that her claims should be diminished by barlow or that i should be insulted for supporting rape victim's rights organizations including swedish rape victim's legal groups,makes the EFF look cruel. I would like 
1. a copy of the EFF sexual harassment and gender based violence policy 2. i would like a copy of internal records and reports on the incidence of JPBarlow callingrape ungentlemanly and calling me a troll for questioning why he would be so cruel torape victims. 
xxxxplease send the sexual harassment policy of the EFF asap. i hope there is a digital copy. the previous female atty. (rebecca?) at EFF i spoke to felt that mocking rape victims was not agood policy for the EFF to take.i had called in the summer when i saw Barlow's tweets about rape. 

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