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Credit Card and Payment Processor Descriptors

Credit Card and Payment Processor Descriptors

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Published by CursedDiamonds

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Published by: CursedDiamonds on Sep 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tiltproof Incorporated
Credit Card and Payment Processor Descriptors
Document No.Effective Date11/01/2007Revision Date5/01/2008ApprovalGN
This document establishes how to disclose credit card and payment processor descriptors to players.
1)Fraud Analysts
1) Never provide credit card descriptor information over the phone. Thedescriptor can only be confirmed with a player through email.2)Never tell a player what descriptor their transaction should or will have.We will only direct them to their deposit confirmation email, or confirmit is the right descriptor if the player sends us a descriptor.3)The credit card processor and descriptor list is located here:
[S:\FTP_Fraud_Department\CC + PP DESCRIPTORS]
.4)Any threats or suggestions of chargebacks, reversing a credit card charge,or disputes about credit card charges, should be routed to the “CreditCard Disputes and Reversals” queue.5)Contact a member of fraud management immediately if in any doubtabout how much information to give to a player.6)Always reference
[S:\FTP_Fraud_Department\CC + PP  DESCRIPTORS]
for the most up to date information.7)Descriptors will change from time to time. A record of previousdescriptors can be referenced in the spreadsheet.
Each Instant eChecks deposit needs to be searched on themerchant site to find the appropriate descriptor for that deposit.
1)Printable version: \\tpfs1nw\workflow$\HANDBOOK-FRAUD\PrintVersions\Fraud Handbook\Credit Card and Payment Processor Descriptors.doc
Tiltproof Incorporated8)Instant eChecks descriptor inquiries are treated differently since their deposit confirmation email does not contain the descriptor.
We ask the customer to send us the descriptor they are inquiringabout and confirm if it’s correct.
 Never tell a player what descriptor their transaction should or willhave.
1)If a player is asking for the descriptor that will appear on their statement,send them
.a)If a player is asking for an Instant eChecks descriptor that willappear on their statement, send them
. b)When they reply:i)If the descriptor matches, use
.ii)If the descriptor does not match, use
.iii)If the descriptor matches another transaction the player made,use
.2)If player is asking for confirmation of a descriptor, in WAT, confirmwhich transaction they are referring to.3)Open
located here:
[S:\FTP_Fraud_Department\CC + PP DESCRIPTORS]
4)Find the descriptor the player is inquiring about.
Tiltproof Incorporated5)Look at the transaction in WAT.a)If the processor matches, send the player 
toinform them the listed descriptor corresponds to their deposit onFull Tilt Poker.
"I don't see a charge from FTP on my credit cardstatement I see ‘Zuan Payments’. Is this right?" b)If the processor does not match, send the player 
frd.pp.desno[pending template]
to explain that the charge did not originatefrom Full Tilt Poker.c)If the processor matches another transaction the player made,send them
frd.pp.desdiff [pending template]

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