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Essay Assignment Causes of the 1917 Revolution

Essay Assignment Causes of the 1917 Revolution

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Published by Mrs. Nordstrom

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Published by: Mrs. Nordstrom on Sep 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Essay - Causes of the Revolution of March 1917Due Friday, Sept. 28
 Write an essay answering the question,
 Were the failures of the Tsar before andduring the war the main cause of the March 1917 revolution?
Include information on events that took place before WWI, during the WWI, and theconditions that finally led to revolution and the abdication of the Tsar. Use pages 24-36 in your textbook to help you.Essay Rubric:
Grade 2
Grade 4
Grade 6
 Demonstrate an abilityto understand, interpret,evaluate and use arange of sources asevidence, in theirhistorical context.The student has usedinformation from thetextbook or otherreliable sources tosupport his/herideas.The student hasshown someargumentssupporting ordisputing thequestion.The work has beenchecked forspelling/grammaticalerorrs.The student has usedinformation from thetextbook or otherreliable sources tosupport his/her ideas.The student has writtena minimum fourparagraphs.The essay explains thestudent
’s position as to
whether the Tsar
sfailures wereresponsible for therevolution.The essay includespoints that explain theother side of theargument.The essay includesevidence to supportideas/argument.The essay demonstratesan understanding of thereading material.The work has beenchecked for spelling/ grammatical errors.The student has usedinformation from thetextbook or other reliablesources to support his/herideas.The student has written a
four paragraphs.The essay shows that thestudent has made aconclusive decision oneway or the other as towhether the Tsar
s failureswere responsible for therevolution.The essay includes pointsthat explain the other sideof the argument.The essay includes factualevidence to support eachidea/argument.The essay demonstrates athorough understanding of the reading material.The work has fewspelling/ grammaticalerrors.

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