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Target i It Prosp 11

Target i It Prosp 11

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Published by shaileshvc

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Published by: shaileshvc on Sep 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stimulate Your Child’s Maths & Science Talent With Our Target:IIT/Engineering Courses 
New Challenges 
Surely these are times that belong to those who are born with a computerin hand! The prodigy of yesteryears is a normal child of today. For ouryouth to stay in the race, their I.Q. has to go up, up, up!If you watch closely you may see in your school-going child, the signsof a budding Maths-Science Wizard. The best of schools may not findthe time to pay special attention to your ward’s exceptional flair forMaths and Science. You owe it to your child, to yourself and to thecountry, to do something about it, in this age of galloping technology  – to give your child that extra input for the exercise of his mind inMaths and Science.
Our Children’s Potential is Limitless 
Properly nourished, our children’s potential is limitless. The limit of theirgrowth is the standard
set for them. We have to develop theirability for independent thinking and analysis, without making mentalmonsters of them. Their awareness of Maths and Science has to beheightened very early in this age of the Information Super Highway.It is against this background that Brilliant’s Target:IIT/Engineering Courses seek to give your growing child that extra input so necessary for carving out such a successful professional career.
How Target:IIT/Engineering is Designed to Meet The Challenge
 Target:IIT is designed to groom children to be ready when the timecomes for technological courses. Our experienced Professors, extremely familiar with the IIT-JEE, as well the more recently introduced AllIndia Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE) and BITSAT, (for admissionto the Birla Institute of Science and Technology) have prepared the
lesson material to enable the young students, stepping into high school(Stds. IX and X) to get a firm grasp of basic concepts in Maths, Physicsand Chemistry; and upon entry into Std. XI, to be better placed inorder to boldly face the rigours of a 2-year preparation for IIT-JEEand other Engineering Entrance Exams. Target:IIT/Engineering is organised, structured and presented in sucha manner that the eager young minds will have a smooth and easy passage - complementing and supplementing, but not in any way hampering, regular school work.
 Additional Facilities 
 We allow separate enrolments for the Std. IX and X Courses, as wellas for a two-year Integrated Course at a concessional fee.Further, a Biology segment too is included as part of the course tomeet the immediate requirements of the school Science curriculum, andalso to help students select the desired combination of subjects for the+2 course. Thus, Target:IIT/Engineering has four segments – Mathematics,Physics, Chemistry and Biology.Finally, on completing Target:IIT/Engineering, our students will have adistinct advantage over other students, not only with regard to theirperformance in the Standard X Public Exam, but also in the preparatory courses for the Entrance Exams for admission to the IIT/OtherEngineering Colleges.
 AND REMEMBER, when your children move to Std.XI or itsequivalent, Brilliant can be with them all the way with our
Two-year ELITE Course towards IIT-JEE or
Two-year Course towards AIEEE and BITSAT or
Two-year CBSE-PLUS Course towards Medical EntranceExaminations.
Enrolment for the Target-IIT/Engineering courses opens in January of the yearof the Standard IX Examination. The Prospectuses will be available thepreceding December.
Managing Director
 A Valuable Add-on Support Service of Internet-based Online TestSeries for our Targert-MBBS, Target: IIT/Engg. StudentsThe Bane of Rote Leaning
 As a young student, when you learn Maths and Science subjects, youcan truly develop your analytical thinking. Such analytical capability willstand you in good stead right through Undergraduate and Postgraduatestudies. It will also provide a firm foundationfor a creditable performance in variousCompetitive Entrance Exams – helping youaccess the career of you choice. All this ispossible ONLY if you ‘learn to understand’rather than ‘learn by rote’ to regurgitate in theschool exams. Learning by rote limits you tojust securing good marks in school exams. It doesprecious little to develop your understanding of concepts andanalytical thinking capability. And it fails miserably,therefore, in grooming you to possess the capabilities to face the challenges of you future, in yourprofessional as well as personal life.

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