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Film Trailer Analysis

Film Trailer Analysis

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Published by lottie1995

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Published by: lottie1995 on Sep 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Analysis of film trailers
I am going to analyse three film trailers which all
consist of different genres. I will be analysing
Women in Black (horror), seven (hybrid) and 50first dates (romance/comedy).
Women in Black
Horror genre
he beginning of the trailer starts with an establishing
shot of a room in what seems to be a very old ‘haunted’
house which immediately reveals to the audience that thegenre of the film is a horror as we can see from thelighting as it looks dark. Also the props used also suggestthat is it the genre horror from the rocking chair and thecandle. It immediately draws in the audience as they wantto find out the obvious questions like what is this house?What happened? This also links to Barthes theory (enigmacode) as it looks mysterious and creates the sense of theunknown. It also subverts to
Todorov’s theory as the
trailer begins with the disequilibrium and makes theaudience wonder what the equilibrium used to be like andhow it happened.This shot which lasts from about 1 second reveals anisolated eerie location which fits with the genre of horrorand there is a feeling of being lost and no where to escapeto. Also the use of the grey sky creates a gloomyatmosphere which also fits with the genre theory which ishorror as they use the conventions to create it.
This is another example of an establishing shotas it answers the questions from the short clipof the empty room which tells us that themysterious room links to the creepy lookinghouse. This creates tension and drawing theaudience into wanting to carry on watching thetrailer. Also the non diegtic sound used createsenigma as its sets the mood using theinstrument of a xylophone. The whole look of the house creates enigma as the over growngrass and rusty gates create an eerieatmosphere as if it is in a grave yard.The use of old fashioned puppets is aconventional horror prop which are used in filmsof the genre horror. As we can see that this sortof puppet would have been around during the
1890’s therefore it creates enigma as it makes
the audience wonder why they are there andhow the equilibrium was destroyed which
subverts to todorov’s theory.

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