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The Secret of a Religious Life

The Secret of a Religious Life

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Published by glennpease

"I beseech you, therefore, brethren, by the mercies of
God, that ye present your bodies a hving sacrifice, holy, ac-
ceptable, unto God, which is your reasonable service." — Romans xii, 1.

"I beseech you, therefore, brethren, by the mercies of
God, that ye present your bodies a hving sacrifice, holy, ac-
ceptable, unto God, which is your reasonable service." — Romans xii, 1.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BY SAM JOES"I beseech you, therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a hving sacrifice, holy, ac-ceptable, unto God, which is your reasonable service." — Romans xii, 1.WE have down South what we call the intensivesystem of farming. That means, enrich yoursoil, cultivate it more thoroughly, and you can makemore cotton and corn on ten acres with less work tlian you now make on forty acres; and, after all,the question is not how many acres you cultivate,but how many wagon loads of corn you gather, andhow many bales of cotton you have for the market.That's the test at last of farming.The intensive system of farming is to get themost possible out of the parcel in hand. I wouldlike to see the same system universally tried in re-ligion — to get the most possible out of the facilitiesafforded. I have always heard it said, there ismore in the man than there is in the land, and Ihave found out in this country, as I have openedmy eyes and looked around me, there is more inthe character of the man who joins the Churchthan there is in the Church which he joins.You will excuse me, I hope, if I say there aresome pieces of hickory the Lord himself can't makean ax-handle out of. That's not exactly orthodox,but it's a fact. He can polish it up, and make it of 215
216 Sam Jones' Own Book.the same shape and same size and the same polishas any other ax-handle, but it will break off thefirst time you throw the ax into a log. YouVeseen this sort? Hickory that has been subjected tocertain influences and despoiled by certain atmos-pheres, brother, is n't the sort that is good for thepurpose you want to use it. I want to tell you thatthere are men and women all over this country thathave subjected themselves to so many injurious in-fluences and despoiled their character and under-mined their foundation with so much that is wrong,that there must be, in the very nature of the case,a new creation to make them of any account. That'strue of a great many men. ow, I want you allto-day to get down to the bed-rock facts, and let ustalk about them. I like the rock idea. A rock isthe foundation stone; a rock supplies the greatshadow in a weary land. ow we strike this bed-rock on this text : '^ I beseech you, therefore,brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye presentyour bodies," first, a living ; second, a holy ; andthird, an acceptable sacrifice. ow these threewords are not put there to round up the rhetoric inthis sentence. They are put before that term " sacri-fice," but each word is a pillar holding up the greattruth expressed in it.^^A living sacrifice." The Lord wants fiftymillion Christians. I believe there are that manyprofessed Christians — fifty million people — in thisworld, who love God with all their heart, andlove their neighbors as themselves. He wants fiftymillion soldiers of the cross that ain't afraid of anyThe Secret of a Religious Life. 217
thing but sill, that love the right, and that dare todo the right.We are willing to give our proportion of hos-pital rats and ambulance drivers, and so on, but Itell you when we get three-fourths of that kind intothe front we ain't in much fix to fight. We know,tho-ugh, there are plenty in the rear to take care of our wounded if any fellow happens to get wounded.We can do that. The finest hospital facilities inthe universe are found in the Church of God. Isn'tthat true? Brother, Christianity in earnest, the in-tensive system of living right, means simply this:"Lord God, here I am, just as I am, with everypassion of my soul, every faculty of my mind, andevery power of my body. Here I am ; if you wantto use my hand, use it ; if you want to use my foot,use it; if you want to use my tongue, use it; if youwant to use my brain, use it ; if you want touse my eyes> use them. Lord God, here I am,all over, through and through, from head to foot,I give myself to thee." A living sacrifice in fact — that's what we want in this country. I will tellyou how we can have heart religion, brother, unin-tentionally. We have heard some old friend get upand talk, " I have religion in here. I know I haveit in here." Well, if you have got it at all it is inthere. " O, I believe in heart religion" you hearfolks say. ''That's my sort of religion." Well, Ibelieve in heart religion, too, but I believe in fingerreligion as strongly as I believe in heart religion.I'll tell you another thing. If I couldn't have itin but one place I want it in this hand here, and19 -B218 Sam Jones' Own Book.make it go out and do something for somebody.

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