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The Teaching Ministry - We Are All in This Together

The Teaching Ministry - We Are All in This Together

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Published by Zarah Jane Lim
The church and the home must work together in building a child's spiritual life.
The church and the home must work together in building a child's spiritual life.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Zarah Jane Lim on Sep 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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s Sunday_zarahlim1
The Teaching Ministry:
We Are All In This Together 
Today is Teacher’s Sunday.
Allow me to take a moment to reminisce my Sunday School days.
I remember
Teacher Arlene
and the Sundays we spent on a “spaceship.”
I remember
Teacher Lily
, who instilled in me the importance of discipline and proper classroombehavior.
I remember
Teacher Holly
and her commitment to teach every Sunday. I also remember thesongs we used to sing (show the song lyrics written by Ate Holly herself).
I remember
Teacher Aurora
and the song she taught us so that we could memorize the books of the New Testament. I also remember her for the popcorn she used to bring every time she wasour teacher - good times!
I remember
Teacher Lorna
Teacher Marjorie
and the
way they made Children’s church
interesting every time they taught us.
I remember
Kuya Jeffrey
Ate Leonor
who took the time to actually bond with us, theirstudents.20 years ago, I was just like [
Ghozua / Val.Jr / Gian / Kim / Althea / Tiffany 
I never would’ve thought I
would be speaking here today and remembering my teachers. I find it interesting that I am scheduledto speak on this particular day. Truly, the Lord has a way with surprises. He has been preparing me allthese years and I am privileged to stand in front of you today to share with you more about the teachingministry and
the family’s very important part in it, according to the Bible
.-3 John 1:4
says, “
have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
 John wrote to Gaius, commending him for his faithfulness and hospitality to the traveling ministers.
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth - That they adhere steadfastly to the truth,and that they live in accordance with it.
This is such language as would be used by an aged apostle when speaking of those who had been converted by his instrumentality, and who looked up to him as a father; and we may, therefore, infer that Gaius had been converted under the ministry of John,and that he was probably a much younger man than he was. John, the aged apostle, says that he had no higher happiness than to learn, respecting those who regarded him as their spiritual father,that they were steadfast in their adherence to the doctrines of religion.
The same thing may be:
s Sunday_zarahlim2
(a) of all the ministers of the gospel, that their highest comfort is found in the fact that those to whom theyminister, whether still under their care or removed from them, persevere in a steadfast attachment to the truedoctrines of religion, and live accordingly; and,(b) of all Christian parents respecting their own children. the highest joy that a Christian parent can have isto know that his children, whether at home or abroad, adhere to the truths of religion, and live in accordancewith the requirements of the gospel of Christ.If a child wished to confer the highest possible happiness upon his parents when with them, it would be bybecoming a decided Christian; if, when abroad, in foreign lands or his own, he wished to convey intelligenceto them that would most thrill their hearts with joy, it would be to announce to them that he had given hisheart to God. There is no joy in a family like that when children are converted; there is no news that comesfrom abroad that diffuses so much happiness through the domestic circle as the intelligence that a child istruly converted to the Saviour. There is nothing that would give more peace to the dying pillow of theChristian parent, than to be able to leave the world with the assurance that his children would always walk intruth.
teachers/ministers/cell group leaders/spiritual parents
, it is a great joy to hear thatthose we have taught and nurtured are growing in the Lord and are walking in the the truth.It is an encouragement for us to know that our labor in the Lord is not in vain, but is actuallybearing fruit.There are times when we get to the point and think,
 Am I making a difference? Are any of these worthit? Am I getting anywhere with them [kids, bible study members, congregation, disciples]? 
The stress of preparing a lesson, setting an example, setting aside your own cares and concerns while we counselthem on their problems
all these are causes of burn out among leaders and teachers. But then comesthe news that little Carl-Carl
the one who gave you all those problems years ago in Sunday School
 that same Carl-Carl, now a young man, is actively serving the Lord and is passionate in doing his task thatthe Lord has called him to do. Then all of a sudden, you get all fired up once again. The questions thathave been trying to knock you down on your ministry now have answers:
YES, IT’S WORTH IT! YES,YOU’RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! One child at a time, one membe
r at a time, one soul at a time - little bylittle we sow the seed that is the Word of God into the hearts of our students. And in time, with propernurture coupled with much prayer, God will make it grow.A few months ago, Ate Holly (my former Sunday School teacher) sent me a message on Facebook:
s Sunday_zarahlim3
“…I guessed your mom and dad are very proud parents to have a daughter that's
serving our Lord. Such an inspiration I looked back those years of teaching Children"s church. It brought tears to my eyes to know that one of those little ones is now serving the King of Kings!!! Your such an inspiration Pastor Fred keep on mentioning to our church that out of those little ones is serving God!!! 
I bring this up not to put myself on a pedestal but to give glory to God for the lives of my Sunday Schoolteachers who have been
faithful in their calling
. Their
obedience to God
and their c
ommitment totheir ministry
has made an impact to my life, and for that, I am grateful. And now that I am
a Children’sMinistry worker myself, I am looking forward to see my “children” walking in the truth.
In fact, I amalready seeing some of it now
Abby, who used to be in my Sunday School class, is now a Sunday School
teacher as well. Jenalyn, who was Abby’s classmate in Sunday School and was also in my class, is now a
Sunday School teacher in VFGFC.So, dear teachers/ministers/leaders/spiritual parents
do not be weary in doing good, for in due seasonyou shall reap if you do not lose heart 
(Galatians 6:9).II.
What are your dreams for your children? What will it take for you to say to yourself, “
have done well  for my children
When they are well-dressed? Well-fed? Going to good schools? Married and with enough money in thebank to live comfortably? Food, clothing, shelter, education, financial security
these are all good; butnot as essential as their need for God. So what if they are well-fed, well-clothed, highly educated,financially secure, if they are doomed for eternity? Parents, your greatest responsibility for yourchildren is to make sure that their spiritual needs are also being met.

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