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Sid Otton Chat (Sept. 21)

Sid Otton Chat (Sept. 21)

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Published by SouthSoundSports

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Published by: SouthSoundSports on Sep 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10:57 Meg Wochnick:
Good morning, everyone. We're here at Tumwater High School talkingwith longtime T-Birds football coach Sid Otton.
10:58 Meg Wochnick:
If anyone has any questions, fire them away at coach Otton.
10:59 Meg Wochnick:
Otton has been Tumwater's football coach since 1974 and is the state'sall-time wins leader with 336.
10:59Comment From Westside4
 Hey Coach,
10:59Comment From Westside4
 oops, Hey coach, how do you find the motivation year in and year outto continue doing what you do?
11:00Comment From Sid Otton
11:01Comment From Sid Otton
 I don't know. I enjoy very much the young people. They keep meyoung. A few keep me old. The game itself and the competitive nature,and the young people and the challenges of another season ... and mywife makes me do it.
11:01 Meg Wochnick:
What's been the biggest change in your coaching style/philosophysince you started?
11:02Comment From Sid Otton
 If you are talking long time ago, it is hard to remember. When I firstcame out, I probably had more enthusiasm. And when I first came out,it is all about the scoreboard and winning. As you coach longer, youfind out there are more important things to do ... teaching lifelongprinciples. Otherwise, I do not think I have changed much. Not much
of a screamer. Be who you are.
11:02Comment From TumH20fan
 Good morning... wondering what you and the boys are doing toprepare for tomorrow's big game?
11:04Comment From Sid Otton
 A week ago, we did not have a good practice week. We came off a bigTimberline win, and it showed in how we began the game. This week,we made a special point, we have to be super prepared. Football is notfun to practice, and it is a real challenge to get kids to buy into everypractice and how important it is.
11:04 Meg Wochnick:
Sid, takes us back to your first year at Tumwater in 1974 ...
11:07Comment From Sid Otton
 First day of school, Timmy, our oldest - first day of kindergarten orfirst grade and mom and dad were not there. We were at the hospitalbecause Tana was born. I did make it to school on time (on my firstday). I remember the first group. There were 15 seniors. Seven or eightof them really bought into what we wanted to do. One of them isRandy Leeper, who is the middle school coach. Ones who reallybought in were the freshmen - Bill Beattie and all of those guys whenthey became seniors, it was our first time at state. I remember thosegiuys, they were the pioneers and setting the stage. We constantlybring back the tradition of those people ... so they appreciate thepioneers of our program.
11:07Comment From Sid Otton
 Our record was 4-5, 2-7 the next year and 1-8 the next year, so wewere going the wrong direction.
11:08Comment From Sid Otton
 Second year of the program, I tried for another job. We had a doublelevy failure, so I applied at Sunnyside. I did not get the job.
11:08Comment From TumH20fan
 I've come and watched your last two home games and your QB seemsto have an amazing arm, do you think we will see more from him inthe future? More shotgun passes? He's good on his feet too, great pick Sid!
11:09Comment From Sid Otton
 If I ran him more, i would get in trouble from his mother. :) ... He is anathletic kid, and he allows us to have a four-back attack as we developthat position.
11:09Comment From tbird fan
 Are there one or two teams that stand out in your mind as the best youever coached? Also, are there any players that stand out as the best(besides the obvious one....Brad)?
11:11Comment From Sid Otton
 That is tough. I cannot pick one or two, but I will start with the 1977team that I just mentioned. The best team we have ever had was our1989 team. They never felt like they had a chance to compete reallyduring the season ... but we were 13-0 and we wanted to wait for thewinner of the next classification state championship team. Gurnsey ...was probably the best all-around player we have ever had. Others wereclose.
11:11Comment From 40yd line fan
 One of your grandsons plays youth football in the 7/8 year old division,I hear it's quite an entertaining team that's been featured on Eric's LittleHero's. What's your take on that squad?
11:13Comment From Sid Otton
 Just super enjoyable squad to watch. The guy who coaches him isDerek Lowe. They were all fast guys, and their kids are as fast as theirfathers.

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