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Published by Nurse Anesthesia

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Published by: Nurse Anesthesia on Sep 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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chronic pain
FindingPowerover Pain
Singer Paula Abdulopens up about life with
Reflex SympatheticDystrophy Syndrome
 An Independent supplement by medIAplAnet to usA todA
sia idacig wih h sar jg Carri A Iaahar hr rIriia ciiewrig aiwih h   akcrClICK  to ReAd About 
September 2012
“A a ah, ai i ivia.”
NFL Wide Receiver Laurent Robinson
 ack a ici  cci.
h o o o
2 · septembeR 2012
 An independent supplement by mediAplAnet to usA todA
 Te vsble medl dsde 
he condition ischronic pain,deined as painthat persists beyond theexpected heal-ing period or anillness or injury or pain rom anysource that goes on or three ormore months. One o the mostmisunderstood health care issuestoday in spite o its prevalenceand cost,pain is invisible,unde-tectable on x-rays,blood tests,oranyother measure.pain.Unlike most medical condi-tions with specic causes,chronicpain does not lend itsel to a“cure.”Rather,chronic pain must bemanaged using an interdisciplin-ary approach that includes medi-cation,physical therapy,counsel-ing,stress management,coping
Bill Walton
alkao aaichroic ack ai
We recommend
pAge 10
chronic Pain, 1st edition,sePtember 2012
G Llug.lu@pl.
Business Developer:
Jl Gllu jl.gllu@pl.
 a K
Managing Director:
Lu clplu.lp@pl.
Editorial Manager:
s Qugly.qugly@pl.
Pul aul,
P a,y bk, mgg bukly,Py cw, c a i, byigl, nlly n, Zv m. Pl, cyrly, Lu r, Jll s, bllWl, Ly W, s. t Y,b Zkw
Distributed within:
Usa ty, sp 2012t  w  y mpl   vlv Usa ty  el dp.
miala’ i i o cra wcor or or avrir y roviirar wih hih-qaliy iorial coha oiva h o ac.
facebook.com/MediaplanetUSA twitter.com/MediaplanetUSA 
Penney Cowan
Penney Cowan
For, exciv dircor, Arica Chroic pai
“ulik oical coiiowih cifc ca,chroic ai oo l il o a‘cr.’”
In 2011, the Institute o Medicine released a report on a medical condition that afects
100 million Americans and costs more than $600 billion dollars annually,
 more than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. Yet ew Americans are aware o thiscondition and medical proessionals receive little training in its treatment.
Living with pain
Pain may be invisible,but itsimpact on the person is over- whelming. It aects one’s abil-ity to think clearly,complete the basic tasks o dailylie,hold downa job,or have any quality o lie.People with pain are stigmatizedand isolated. Let untreated,pain will not only destroy the person with pain,but too oten the am-ily,as well.During the month o Septem- ber,we work to raise awarenessand understanding o chronicskills,and much more. The goalo pain management is to restorequality o lie and level o unc-tioning while reducing the senseo suering.
Raising awareness
Unortunately,most healthcare proessionals have littleknowledge in pain management because it is rarely part o theirtraining. People too oten are letto their own devices to managetheir pain.The good news is that it is pos-sible to live with chronic pain. Itrequires a coordinated approachdrawing on the skills o a multi-disciplinary team on which theperson with pain plays a vital role. With more awareness and educa-tion about chronic pain amongproessionals,people with pain,and the public,we can reduce theeconomic impact o this invisibleepidemic and help to restore thelives o the millions who suerdaily.
4 · septembeR 2012
 An independent supplement by mediAplAnet to usA todA
septembeR 2012 · 5
 An independent supplement by mediAplAnet to usA todA
I live with Ehlers-DanlosSyndrome (EDS), a geneticconnective tissue disorderthat causes painful jointdislocations.
 As a child,I relied on adults tospeak or me to access medicalcare.Health care providers didnot believe me when I said I hurt because I didn’t have the words orknowledge to adequatelydescribethe pain.As I grewolder,it becameclear that I needed to learn anat-omy,medical jargon and muchmore to advocate or mysel.
Sadness,anger,calm…emotionsalone don’t make the point thatEDS causes pain.Just saying,“I’min pain,” is not enough.To ullyunderstand,health care provid-ers need to knowwhere it hurts,howlong it lasts,what causes painto are,and how the pain eels(burning,aching,heavy).Advocat-ing or me means saying,“Mov-ing mybodyeels like I’m walk-ing through a tropical storm on alisting ship with bags o pebblesstrapped to myeet while wearinga jacket hooked with a thousand
ptet edut: Fllg yu tlbx 
JackovillJaar’wi rcivr,wih i ococio
dangling hammers.I am batteredand aching all over.” That is thelanguage it takes or others tounderstand. Working with health care pro- viders respectully and commu-nicating clearly has helped mell mypain management toolbox with treatment options and cop-ing techniques,including exercise,
c 
daily activity checklist
 lp yu  w yu  vg ful- w vyy v.
Pp   lv y
tracking any newsymptoms
 pv yu l v.
Create a pain log.
myg   yu p.t  lu ,lp, y w, v  w. a plg  lp yu k vyy g  v p  yu p.
Follow-up from your visit.
i  p  yu pp w yu yu llw ug ww w u ugyu v.
As an athlete,how do you manage pain?
 As an athlete,pain is inevitable. The game o ootball is a contact sport and youare going to get hit and pushedaround. You have to continue toget up and line up or the nextplay.
What is your experience with concussions?
I have had a ewconcussions throughout myootball playing career. My rstone in the NFL was my rookie year versus the Colts on a slantpattern where the corner hit meso hard, the ball ew up, and thepass was intercepted. I had togo to the sidelines and perormall the necessary tests. Ater aquarter, I was able to go back in.
What pain did youexperience due to yourconcussion?
It elt like I was dreamingat rst—I didn’t know whereI was. A ew days ater thatconcussion, I had someheadaches and mild neck pain.
Why is it important to you that people learn to takeconcussions seriously?
It is important or playersto take concussions seriously because o the long-term eectsater our playing careers areover. The more you know aboutconcussions and saety now, the better your lie will be in the longrun.
MaggIe BUCkley 
nelly nItRaM 
sleep hygiene,nutrition,massage,meditation,distraction,acupunc-ture and prescription pain medica-tions.Combining these tools pro- vides the most powerul pain relie  because each one chips awayat thepain a little bit.Your rst tool in advocating or yoursel is communication.Youare the expert on your unique body. Always be respectul and clear in your descriptions,expectationsand requests or treatment.Keepa pain journal to help you gatherinormation to share; where ithurts,when it hurts and whatmakes it eel better.Chronic (per-sistent) pain is a multi-acetedcondition that requires a multi-modal approach.Use a pain scaleand dene what each level meansto you.Be patient as you trydier-ent treatments on your journeyto identiywhich combination o options work or you.Eventually, your toolbox will be lled with var-ious pain management tools too.
“K a ai joralo hl yo ahrioraio o har;whr i hr, whi hr a whaak i l r.”
Maggie Buckley 
 Vlu P av

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