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Erie Canal

Erie Canal

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Published by CheapestPapers

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Published by: CheapestPapers on Sep 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SurnameName:Instructor:Course:Date:Erie CanalSocial set-up and diversification of culture is greatly influenced by the interaction of people of different cultural backgrounds. As a result, such interactions bring about borrowing
and sharing of one’s culture orientation. This aspect has
become relevant many years ago sincepeople started to be associate with different communities and diverse cultures. This paper willthus look at social and cultural effects of Erie Canal by looking at the general trend and the wayshow it influenced the culture of people who live along the canal.Erie Canal was opened in 1825 due to the work of marvel engineering of 19
century.The planning was later referred to Clinton
s folly. It is notable that the United States lacked asingle engineering school. Before the opening of the canal, movement and transport of commodities was greatly hampered by poor road network leading to massive loses and highertransportation costs. It was terrible during the winter season which made the road impassablewith witnessed delays to transport the precious commodities making it even hard to get some of commodities.The beginning of the operation of Erie Canal saw the transformation of social, economicand cultural aspects of life. It spurred the first greatest westward movement of the Americansettlers. The social impact of the canal building saw a transformed society which enhancedpeo
income through a number of economic activities that mushroomed. Hotels, shops,currency exchange was prospering among other necessity services. These activities started
Surnameimmediately after the beginning of the canal construction. The laborers, who compromised themajority of the Irish, could integrate their own culture with the residents
’s culture
leading toculture diversity in the region. The Erie Canal enhanced immigration, thereby providing thepossibility for people with different cultural orientation to interact and exchange notes. Themushrooming of many diversified businesses meant an increased income. With money and goodsource of income, lifestyle and the way of living changed. People could afford to comfortableafford basic and tertiary necessities without much struggle. Along the canal, many businesseswere opened so that people there were able to interact and associate with people from differentcountries, thereby learning the cultures of the people who frequently used the canal. Churchesand even prostitution were among other trades that sprouted up. Transportation via the canalgained major boost as it was cheaper compared to other forms of conveyance (Hawthorne, n.d).The completion and use of the canal resulted in huge export of wheat to Britain andEurope. US also enhanced its trade with Canada, leading to the increased revenue of bothcountries. Such interaction made the immigration across the countries possible. Suchimmigration assisted in integration of cultures and social change within the communitiesaffected. To date, Erie Canal remains a tourist attraction site for tourists from all over the world.In this regard, it is true to say that cultural and social interaction continues to take place despitethe fact that the canal was built many years ago (Hawthorne, n.d).The Erie Canal was mainly focused on transportation of agricultural products andmanufactured goods to the market. The routes could also have been used to transport such itemslike fuel, people and non-perishable goods. In other words, the routes could have been utilizedmore for the transporting of other items in addition to agricultural products. An efficient mode of transport contributes to economic gains by delivering goods and services on time. With such
Surnamesystems in place, skills and knowledge are be effectively shared across many countries leading to job opportunities and a spurt of growth.In a nutshell, Erie Canal brought transformation to cities like Buffalo and other cities thatbenefited enormously from the economic and social change it brought. The culture diffusion wasreal and this made people affected to be more knowledgeable and informed on ways of living forother communities. Apart from business, it led to the innovation of a bigger canal that is in placeto date. Tourist attraction has gained the country economic growth since Erie Canal has remaineda major tourist attraction site.

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