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Chris Townson & Carli Richards

Chris Townson & Carli Richards

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Published by Chaebai

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Published by: Chaebai on Sep 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chris Townson & Carli Richards
 So it’s Thursday and I’m totally stoked. “Why?” you might ask. Because it’s new Batman movietime, that’s why!!! I’m not saying I’m the superfan or anything, but let’s just say I own a shirtat least. Or, I did own it; I’m not sure where it is right now. The last time I saw it was coveredin blood and teargas, and it was being shoved into an evidence bag along with my pants andboxers and shoes. But I’m getting ahead of myself now. Let’s go back a couple hours, shall we? I started my day with a stretch and a trip to the computer to see if it was even possible to stillbuy tickets to the midnight premiere of the new Batman. Sure that my ticket-purchasing planswould be foiled by a “sold-out” message, I logged into Fandango and was pleasantly surprisedto see that I would have no problem acquiring two tickets. One for myself, and one for mygirlfriend Carli who is the absolute light of my life. Carli also happens to be amazing in that sheis a Batman fan as well. She also has a shirt, as well as earrings and boxers (so one wonderswho the real fan is…). Like every time I go to see a movie, I try and insist that my roommate and best friend Jeremycomes along. Almost any other time he would have jumped at the opportunity (we just went tothe midnight premiere of “Ted” a couple weeks back), but one of his buddies from New York had just arrived and he was a bit tired from the trip. So, Jeremy decided to stay back with his friendand not go to the movie. I feel like there’s a lot of foreshadowing going on beneath my fingertipsright now. That whole rest of the day seems pretty insignificant, so I’m just going to skip ahead to the endpart. I know it’s what you really want to read, so I may as well get on with it. It’s not going to beeasy for me, but luckily my puppy (Nibbler) is sitting right next to me and giving me the okay.Themovie started at 12:05 so around 11:15 we decided to gear up. I donned my Batman shirt andhat, while Carli strapped on the coolest Joker shirt I’ve ever seen. It was from the 80’s and wasgiven to her by her father and held an irreplaceable sentimental value to her. The last time shesaw the shirt it was being cut off her body in the back of an ambulance so the paramedics couldhave easier access to her many gunshot wounds. But I’m getting ahead of myself again. We decided to make a pitstop at the nearest Shell station to stock up on candy and sodasfor the show. I grabbed a one liter of mountain dew, and a bag of sour-patch kids, while Carligrabbed one of those new Arizona hippie teas along with a bag of sour gummy worms. Our totalcame out to seven dollars or so, which compared to the guaranteed twenty dollars I would’vespent on popcorn and a soda seemed like the logical choice. Everything except the sour patchkids went into her purse, while I stuffed those delicious treats into the right cargo pocket of mywhite Quicksilver shorts. Those were a nice pair of shorts. I really wish I still had those shorts.We then began the four mile or so drive to the Century 16 Theater, located just outside theTown Center of Aurora Mall. This had been our theater of choice lately, once we discoveredthat the theater we were going to before was a total yuppie magnet and was charging us literallydouble the price to see the same movies. I turned left onto Sable Street, which is the road I use to get to the mall. Much to my dismay (atthe time) there was some ridiculous night construction going on, and our progress was weary.The road I meant to turn into was blocked off, so I took the lords name in vain and continuedfollowing the orange cones. I really hoped that the next turn wouldn’t be blocked off because
then I would have to do some recalculating, which is sometimes not my strong suit. I’m slightlydirectionally challenged at times, and this was most definitely one of those times. Luckily therewas an opening for that street, with a police officer standing in the middle of the road. Stuck ontraffic duty, tough luck for him. I would see that guy again in about a half hour and I would beextremely grateful to him for getting stuck with that bum assignment.  As I pulled up to the theater the first thing I noticed was all of the cars in the parking lot. Therewere so many, and I was reminded of when we came here months ago to see the premiereof “The Avengers”(yeah, we go to a lot of midnight premieres on Thursday nights. What’s your definition of “grown-up?”) I didn’t even bother trying to get a close parking spot, so I wheeled myCamry on over to the boondocks section of the lot, way over on the left side where parking wasstill ample. After getting out and stretching, we joined hands and began walking towards our fate, all the way jovially exclaiming “Batman! Batman! ”The place was packed! There weren’t all the costumed people like we saw at Avengers,but everyone had definitely turned out to see the movie. I noticed the theater had added twoshowtimes of the movie, so they were now playing Batman in four theaters! The times werestaggered about four minutes apart. There was a 12:01, 12:05, 12:10, and a 12:15 I think. Wehad Fandangoed tickets for the 12:05. The theater was so packed that they actually had anindividual line for tickets purchased online. I’d always known about the Fandango machines but,call me afraid of technology, I’d always steered clear of them and just purchased my tickets atthe counter from a human being. But we stepped into the online line all the same. When my turn came for the machine, I wasn’t sure exactly how to proceed. A lot of times Itotally feel like John McLane in that fourth Die Hard Movie: “an analog man in a digital age.” But,there was a nice manager-looking guy standing there for people just like me. He had on a tansuit, and looked very much like some sort of secret service agent with his little radio receiver inhis ear. He explained that I simply take the card that I used to purchase the ticket online andswipe it into the machine. I swiped my card, and out popped two tickets easy as can be. I wasactually a bit startled by how simple the process was. I had heard of this phenomena before,but I’m just really stubborn and stuck in my ways some times. For instance, I will never ever purchase a kindle or an ebook, or any other form of book that isn’t made of paper. Now I’mgetting distracted, but I don’t apologize to you. We didn’t need to stop at the concession stand, thank god, but we did need to stop at thebathrooms first. Ever since I was very young and my father took me to see “Wayne’s World,”and got frustrated when we had to go to the bathroom halfway through the film, I have alwaysgone to the bathroom before I see a movie. Whether I have to go or not, I make somethinghappen. That was the case this time, and I finally strained out a bit of lemonade. I looked in themirror on the way out, but I didn’t wash my hands. I don’t know why that’s important, and it’skind of gross, but this is my recollection not yours. While waiting for Carli to finish her bathroomquest, I stared at the poster for that new movie about the neighborhood watch who discoversaliens or whatever. I was genuinely curious if the fourth guy with the curly hair even had aname, and it turns out he does. I just can’t remember it, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Carli cameout, and I remarked to her that the curly haired guy actually had a name, and she was genuinelyintrigued, and then we turned towards the theater. Theater number nine. 12:05 showing.Batman. For future reference, let me tell you how I’m going to lay out my directional point of view, so Idon’t have to try to explain every time which side I’m talking about. When I say the right or leftside, I’m speaking from the point of view of a moviegoer facing the screen. The right side is
the side that would be on your right if you were sitting down and facing a movie screen. Okay,that part’s done. This has been pretty easy to type so far, but it’s about to get a lot harder because now I have to think about the bad parts. I just need to lay it all out there, so don’t feeldiscouraged if I get overly descriptive. I think I really just needed to record these events onsome sort of medium so I could have it all layed out at my fingertips whenever I needed it. Mymedium is words on a piece of paper, even if it is a digital piece of paper on Word. I haven’ttried to watch much TV, because I’m all too aware of what is on the news right now, so I hopethis is a fresh point of view from a pair of survivors. You see what’s happening here? I can evenprocrastinate while I am in the act of writing! I’m going to take a break and stretch for a momentbefore I continue.So I just made a leftover cheeseburger at 9:40 in the morning. It was delicious.Nibbler really wanted it. Okay, so back to it then. Carli and I walked into the theater holding hands. We decidedrandomly to enter the theater on the left side. Once we got past the downward slanted wall, wefaced the crowd and attempted to locate two seats that were next to each other. The place wasabsolutely bursting with people! I’m not sure that when the movie started there was an emptyseat in there. I estimate the capacity at a bit over 200 people, but that’s just a guess. I spot twovacant looking seats in a row almost exactly halfway up the theater. We climb about ten stairsuntil we reach the row, and then excuse ourselves as we awkwardly nudged past the first sixor so people. Upon reaching the seats, we are informed that one of them is taken. So we, evenmore awkwardly now, back out of the row and look around again. There is a pair of seats on theouter left side of a row three or four rows down. I only passed them initially because I prefer tobe more centered to the screen, but at this point I would take what I could get. Carli took the seat on the inside and I the outside. There was still about five minutes before thepreviews started. The whole place was abuzz with conversation and excitement. After a four year wait, we were finally going to get to see the end of the latest and greatest Batman trilogy! A younger lady in front of us threw a piece of popcorn, missed her mouth and hit Carli in the leg.She apologized quickly, and I remember thinking that was fine then. As long as this thing didn’tturn into a foodfight, I wouldn’t be too upset. I really wish it would have turned into a food fight. Ican think of absolutely nothing else right now that I would wish for. I remember seeing the manager in the tan suit walk in from the left side, so I hesitated in pullingout my giant mountain dew. He was looking around and he spoke something into the radio in hisear. I remember thinking that I wish I had that dude’s job. Walking around a movie theater witha sweet walkie-talkie, asking people for stubs. Sweet. As soon as the first green preview screenpopped up, Mr. Tan Manager turned around and disappeared behind the slanted wall. There were a couple previews that intrigued me. I thought they could’ve made a better trailer for the Hobbit, but I knew I would see it anyways. Something about Tom Cruise trying kickingpeople’s asses. Sweet. I secretly like Tom Cruise as an actor, even though Tom Cruise as aperson I would probably punch in the stomach. Anyways, Tom, just keep making cool movies,okay? Just no more Mission Impossibles, because I don’t have the attention span any more.Finally, the movie started. I screamed out, “WHOOOOOOOOO!!!” along with most other peoplein the theater. The movie was starting out a bit slow, but I expected that with a three hour movie.I was certainly intrigued. About ten or fifteen minutes into the movie is when it happened. 
All of this happened within about ten seconds, but it replays over and over in my mindand it seems so much longer.

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