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Liberty Newspost Sept-22-2012

Liberty Newspost Sept-22-2012

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A compelling mix of curated news.
A compelling mix of curated news.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Sep 22, 2012
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Curated News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com- 22/09/12
Submitted at 9/22/2012 5:53:20 AM
A passerby photographs an Applestore logo with his SamsungGalaxy phone on the morningiPhone 5 goes on sale to thepublic in central SydneySeptember 21, 2012.Credit: Reuters/Tim WimborneSEOUL| Sat Sep 22, 20126:53am EDT(Reuters) - Apple Inc has askedfor a court order for a permanentU.S. sales ban on SamsungElectronics products alleged tohave violated its patents alongwith additional damages of $707million on top of the billion-dollarverdict won by the iPhone makerlast month.Samsung has responded byasking for a new trial.The world's top two smartphonemakers are locked in patentbattles in 10 countries as they viefor top spot in the lucrative, fast-growing market.Apple scored a legal victory overSamsung in late August when aU.S. jury found that the Koreanfirm had copied critical featuresof the iPhone and awarded theU.S. firm $1.05 billion indamages.In a motion filed late Friday U.S.time, Apple sought a further $400million damage award for designinfringement by Samsung; $135million for willful infringement of its utility patents; $121 million insupplemental damages based onSamsung's product sales notcovered in the jury's deliberation;and $50 million of prejudgmentinterest on damages throughDecember 31. The requeststogether come to $707 million.Apple wants the injunction tocover "any of the infringingproducts or any other productwith a feature or features not morethan colorably different from anyof the infringing feature orfeatures in any of the InfringingProducts."Such a wide-ranging sales bancould result in the extension of theinjunction to cover Samsung'sbrand-new Galaxy S IIIsmartphone.'RECTANGLES WITHROUNDED CORNERS'Samsung, in a filing to the U.S.court, asked for a new trial to beheld."The Court's constraints on trialtime, witnesses and exhibits wereunprecedented for a patent case of this complexity and magnitude,and prevented Samsung frompresenting a full and fair case inresponse to Apple's many claims,"Samsung said."Samsung therefore respectfullyrequests that the Court grant anew trial enabling adequate timeand even-handed treatment of theparties."In a separate statement, Samsunglamented the fact that patentrulings should cover issues suchas the shape of the product inaddition to technological points."It is unfortunate that patent lawcan be manipulated to give onecompany a monopoly overrectangles with rounded corners,or technology that is beingimproved every day by Samsungand other companies," it said.The Korean firm earlier this week said it plans to add Apple's newiPhone 5 to the existing U.S.patent lawsuits, stepping up itslegal challenge as the twocompanies seek to assert rights tokey technologies.Apple said it wanted the court toaward it damages that reflect "arational and fair effort to addressSamsung's willful misconduct thathas and will impose lasting harmon Apple."The Korean firm was the world'stop smartphone maker in thesecond quarter of this year,shipping more than 50 millionphones, nearly double Apple's 26million iPhone shipments.Both companies are raising theirmarketing spending to promotetheir latest products ahead of theyear-end shopping season.(Reporting by Miyoung Kim andSung-won Shim; Editing by HughLawson)This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .[unable to retrieve full-textcontent][unable to retrieve full-textcontent][unable to retrieve full-textcontent][unable to retrieve full-textcontent][unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
2Curated News Edition
Submitted at 9/22/2012 4:27:27 PM
Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:05pm EDT* Headquarters of Islamist Ansaral-Sharia group targeted* Group was linked to last week'sattack on U.S. consulate* Crowd also attacked pro-govtmilitia and arsenal in error* Eleven killed, more than 60wounded* Libyans had marched inBenghazi to support democracyBy Peter Graff and Suleiman Al-KhalidiBENGHAZI, Libya, Sept 22(Reuters) - An Islamist militiawas driven out of the city of Benghazi early on Saturday in asurge of anger against the armedgroups that control large parts of Libya more than a year after theoverthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.A spokesman for Ansar al-Sharia,which some U.S. and Libyanofficials blame for the attack onthe U.S. consulate in Benghazilast week in which the U.S.ambassador and three otherAmericans were killed, said it hadevacuated its bases "to preservesecurity in the city".In a dramatic sign of Libya'sfragility, after sweeping throughAnsar's bases the crowd went onto attack a pro-governmentmilitia, believing them to beIslamists, triggering an armedresponse in which at least 11people were killed and more than60 wounded.The invasion of Ansar al-Sharia'scompounds, which met littleresistance, appeared to be part of a sweep of militia bases by police,troops and activists following alarge demonstration againstmilitia units in Benghazi onFriday.The two main Islamist militias inDerna, a city in eastern Libyaknown as an Islamist stronghold,withdrew from their five militarybases and announced they weredisbanding, residents said onSaturday."Abu Slim had three camps andAnsar al-Sharia had two. So it'sfive. Empty. All empty," SirajShennib, a 29-year-old linguisticsprofessor who has been part of protests against the militia, saidby telephone.Demonstrators in Benghazipulled down militia flags and set avehicle on fire inside what wasonce the base of Gaddafi'ssecurity forces.Hundreds of men waving swordsand even a meat cleaver chanted"Libya, Libya", "No more alQaeda!" and "The blood we shedfor freedom shall not go in vain!""After what happened at theAmerican consulate, the people of Benghazi had enough of theextremists," demonstrator HassanAhmed said. "They did not giveallegiance to the army. So thepeople broke in and they fled."This place is like the Bastille.This is where Gaddafi controlledLibya from, and then Ansar al-Sharia took it over. This is aturning point for the people of Benghazi."Adusalam al-Tarhouni, agovernment worker who arrivedwith the first wave of protesters,said several pickup trucks withAnsar fighters had initiallyconfronted the protesters andopened fire. Two protesters wereshot in the leg, he said."After that they got into theirtrucks and drove away," he said.Protesters had freed four prisonersfound inside.PRESSURE ON OBAMALibya's government had promisedWashington it would find theperpetrators of what appeared tobe a well-planned attack on theU.S. consulate, which coincidedwith protests against an anti-Islamvideo and the anniversary of the 9 /11 attacks.The attack and the outragedirected at the United States overthe video across the Muslimworld raised questions aboutPresident Barack Obama'shandling of the so-called ArabSpring.Although Ansar al-Sharia deniesany role in the consulate attack,the latest events in the cradle of Libya's revolution appeared atleast in part to vindicate Obama'sfaith in Libya's nascentdemocracy."It's a pretty clear sign from theLibyan people that they're notgoing to trade the tyranny of adictator for the tyranny of themob," said White Housespokesman Josh Earnest.Libyan political scientist Ahmadal-Atrash told Reuters: "People inBenghazi and all over Libya wantto get these militias under control... The overwhelming feeling isagainst any element that keeps thesituation unstable."The second half of Friday night'sprotest proved his point.Continuing to chant anti-Ansarslogans, the crowd, swelling intothe thousands, moved on to attack a separate compound where thepowerful pro-governmentRafallah al-Sahati militia,safeguarding a big weapons store,opened fire on the assailants.As looters later tried to leave thescene, vigilantes wielding clubsand machetes tried to preventthem driving off with heavyweapons.Officials at three hospitals told aReuters correspondent they had atotal of five dead and more than60 wounded from the night'sviolence.Police found six more deadbodies near the compound onSaturday morning, police officerAhmed Ali Agouri said.The six dead men werebodyguards of a colonel in theregular Libyan army who wentmissing on Friday, and theprospect that the killings andkidnapping may have been thework of a militia group suggestedthere could be more tensionbetween the army and militia incoming days."We came as peaceful protesters.When we got there they startedshooting at us," student Sanad al-Barani said. "Five people werewounded beside me. They used14.5 mm machineguns."Nasser Abdelhaaq, a Rafallah al-Sahati commander, said thebrigade had returned to theircompound on Saturday morning.He suggested that the crowd hadbeen deliberately manipulated toturn on Rafallah al-Sahati, anofficially approved militia thatalso has Islamist leanings.RELIANT ON MILITIAS"Twenty-five percent of thosewho came were there assaboteurs," he said. "Some of them, we know who they are, theywere working with Gaddafi'ssecurity brigades."While the compound was beinglooted, the government texted
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3Curated News Edition
Submitted at 9/22/2012 4:13:21 PM
The headquarters of the FreeSyrian Army had previously beenin Turkey, and its move into Syriasignifies just how far rebels havecome.Soldiers from the rebel FreeSyrian Army stand guard near theTurkish-Syrian border crossing of Tal Abad on Saturday. Rebelforces captured the crossing lastweek.(Hussein Malla/AP)By Bassem Mroue, TheAssociated Pressposted September 22, 2012 at5:11 pm EDTThe leaders of the rebelFreeSyrian Armysaid Saturday theymoved their command centerfromTurkeytoSyriawith the aim of uniting rebels and speeding upthe fall of President BasharAssad's regime.Brig. Gen. Mustafa al-Sheikh,who heads the FSA's MilitaryCouncil, toldThe AssociatedPressthat the group made themove last week. He would not saywhere the new headquarters islocated or give other details.The FSA is the most prominentof the rebel groups trying totopple Assad, though its authorityover networks of fightersinSyriais limited. Itscommanders have been criticizedfor being based in Turkey whilethousands are killed insideSyria.RELATED -Why no safe zonein Syria, yet? 5 complicationsDespite the announcement of thecommand move, rebels still haveto rely on Turkey as a rear basefor supplies and reinforcements.In the past few months, rebelshave captured wide swaths of Syrian territory bordering Turkey,along with three border crossings,allowing them to ferry suppliesand people intoSyria.FSA commanderCol. Riad al-Asaadannounced the move of thecommand center in a video withthe title "Free Syrian ArmyCommunique Number 1 fromInside." Wearing a militaryuniform and surrounded by adozen gunmen, the commandersaid the aim is to "start the plan toliberateDamascussoon, Godwilling."Al-Sheikh, the other top FSAcommander, said moving thecommand "will speed up the fallof the regime because it will givea big boost to the morale of rebelsand there will be a command tofollow-up on operations.""There are liberated areas nowand it's better for the command tobe with the rebels instead of beingabroad," al-Sheikh said in a phoneinterview from Turkey. Thegeneral said he has been goingback and forth toSyria.In recent months, rebels havesucceeded in taking the fight toDamascus, but the regime hasreasserted control in many areas.In the summer, rebels alsolaunched an offensiveonSyria'slargest city,Aleppo,and are holding severalneighborhoods there, despite dailybattles with regime forces.Activists say nearly 30,000people have been killedsinceSyria'scrisis began inMarch 2011. The uprising beganwith largely peaceful protestsagainst Assad's regime, but hassince morphed into a civil war inthe face of a brutal governmentcrackdown.The Syrian conflict hasincreasingly spilled intoneighboring Turkey,JordanandLebanon, with several hundredthousand Syrians seeking refugethere and battles occasionallybeing foughtalongSyria'sborders.On Saturday, the Turkish militarydeployed three howitzers and ananti-aircraft gun near Tal Abyad,a Turkish-Syrian border crossingcaptured by the rebels earlier inthe week, the Turkish newsagency Dogan reported. Doganvideo showed at least three largemilitary trucks towing the gunsalong a highway.On Saturday, an Associated Pressreporter heard at least six mortarshells fall in the area. Thecrossing was in the hands of rebels who held eight detaineesthere, including three Syrianborder inspectors, but releasedthem later.Turkey also reinforced its borderwith anti-aircraft missiles afterSyrian forces brought down aTurkish jet on June 22, and itthreatened to target anyapproaching Syrian militaryelements. Turkey said its planewas in international airspace,countering Syrian claims that itwas in Syrian airspace.Also Saturday, Lebanon's armysaid Syrian rebels attacked one of its positions in the mountain townof Arsal and that its forces drovethe rebels away without causingcasualties.The military did not give a reasonfor why the rebels might attack aLebanese position. In the past,Syrian government forces havefired shells or missiles across theborder. Lebanese pro- and anti-regime groups have also clashed.Rebels, many of them SunniMuslims, are known to cross toand from areas in Lebanon thatare predominantly Sunni, likeArsal. In recent months, theLebanese army has tried to stopthem by setting up new positionsand sending troops.Syria'sactivist networks, whichmonitor the country's violence,were not aware of the fighting.OnSyria'sborder with Jordan,rebels assaulted a Syrian air
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