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What is Culture

What is Culture

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Published by Carlos Hernandez

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Published by: Carlos Hernandez on Sep 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Carlos HernandezCHT 3500Response Paper #1Culture is a tough thing to define as it is constantly evolving as time proceeds forth. Culturecurrently represents the behaviors, customs, values, and traditions of a society. Culture can beboth tangible and intangible. Some physical things that represent culture include art, books, andfood. For example, Americans tend to be known for consuming pizza, soda, french fries, andburgers, all of which are said to make up their culture, while in contrast, Chinese people may beknown for consuming dumplings, rice, and tea. There is no definite pinpoint for a society asseveral subcultural and regional cultures exist within a society and even within these there aredifferences among people.An example of beliefs as a part of culture, include political, religious, and philosophical beliefs asociety holds. In the United States, society tends to value democracy, individuality, freedom, andpre-dominantly Christian values, while the freedom of religion also exists within the nation. Incomparison, Asian societies, such as the Chinese, tend to lean towards group-think, collectivism,Buddhism, and freedom remains a much lower priority to the people. Much of these values arecontrolled by the government in these nations and government tends to have a large impact onthe culture of a society.Tradition is also an important part of culture. History helps create an identity for the people of asociety. Independence Day in the United States helps remind Americans of their ancestors who

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