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Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation Annual Report 2011-12

Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation Annual Report 2011-12

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Published by Vivekananda Kendra
Annual Activity Report of Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation for 2011-12.
Annual Activity Report of Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation for 2011-12.

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Published by: Vivekananda Kendra on Sep 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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    S   a   m   a   r   p   a   n     2     0     1     2
ViVekananda kendra
Sri Mata, Sri Maharajni, SrimatSimhasanesivari
Chidagnikundasambhuta Devakaryasamudhyata (Lalithasahasranamam)
is really amazing, how our great rishis have succeeded inconveying the vision of wholeness and our unbreakable relationship with IT,even through the stotras and keerthanas they have composed, be it aboutGods or Goddesses or about the Impersonal Self within. An ordinary mindcan just read through absorbing the beauty and glory of the expressions,but a contemplative mind can delve deep into it and be absorbed in thetranscendental meaning it conveys.Two epithets, though all are of equal importance, are specially relevant as theyconvey the vision of our Vedic seers. The very first word, which upholds the SupremePower as the Mother of the Universe points out that the Universe is the Divine Mother'splayground and our approach to the Universe should be as laid down in the mantra
another mahamantra of all time importance. Mother is the embodimentof SRI, all goodness and prosperity. Not only that, implied is another meaning of
ofpoison (bad and evil) also. In one sweep we are asked to look at the Universe and acceptthe good and the bad, understanding that everything has its origin from Mother and Herpower of creation. Infinite are the possibilities and potentialities embodied in that mostwonderful expression Sri Mata, which are revealed to pure minds contemplating on theinfinity of motherhood.The second important expression is
- ever engaged in
seeing that good succeeds over evil and thus keeps the Universal balance
    S   a   m   a   r   p   a   n     2     0     1     2
sheet of dharma intact. All of us, Her, children have to fall in line with Her in this cosmicwork, and has our own role to play, seeing that evil forces are kept at bay and good
'Satyam vada bharmam chara' 
aloft.For good to succeed and establish itself it has to be rooted in Satya and Dharma.propagation of satwic qualities. Only in such an atmosphere can individuals develop andmanifest their innate Divine qualities. It is only through this process can homes andsocieties prosper and peace and happiness brought to the world at large.Though Mother is not ordained by anybody to do any work, she engages Herself inwork all the time keeping the welfare of the Universe ever in Her mind. Sri Krishna says inBhagavat Gita He is also working all the time though He has no duties to perform. All theseare pointers to the prime duty of every being to keep working - for
The scope of Vedic Vision is geared to achieve in guiding human beings how theyshould live, work and execute their various duties and how they can automatically fall inline with this grand design playing the role of 'devakaryasamudhyata'.This Vedic Vision is now being appreciated by more and more enlightened souls allover the world. Robert Muller in his famous book ’The Birth of a Global Civilization' (p. 71)provides the following description and prayer. "I pray that all human beings of this earthbecome instruments of peace thus fulfilling the cosmic function deeply engraved in eachof us and for which we are born and allowed to live temporarily on this particular planet inthe vast universe and eternal stream of time. The peace of the world is the sum total ofthe peace of all individuals."This enlightening statement has come not from an Indian, nor a Vedic Scholar, butan American, whose mind has succeeded in capturing the Vedic Vision of our rishis. Only ahighly contemplative mind can delve deep into the depths of the cosmic organization andbecome aware of the intricate inter relationships that characterise the cosmic whole.
"Parancikhani vyatrnat svayambhu - tasmat paranpasyati nantaratman; Kasciddhirah pratyagatmanamaiksa - davrtta caksur amrtatvamicchan" 
dominates. This can be done only in one way - lighting the lamp of Truth in oneself andallowing that light to illumine everything else. In essence it means keeping the banner ofSo it follows that devakarya means preservation of Satya and Dharma leading to the
(Katha Up II, 1)
    S   a   m   a   r   p   a   n     2     0     1     2
"The Self created Lord has created the sense organs with 
the inherent defect that they are by nature outgoing.This is why beings see things outside and cannot see the 
Self within. Rarely is there found a wise person, seeking 
immortality, who can withdraw his sense organs from 
external objects and see this Self within.
"One difficult scientific truth to comprehend by even themost brilliant human mind is how the One has become themany. Once this Truth is imprinted in the human mind, allconfusions and problems disappear and the path for theevolution of man to MAN becomes as clear as a straight line.The genius of the Indian rishis solved this problem in theearly dawn of human civilization and their discovery that one Truth has become many hasremained an unparalleled discovery or in Indian terms, the ultimate in Self realisation. Allinvestigations of modern science are getting oriented towards the realization of thisultimate Truth. Unless and until they understand the full implications of the above quotedUpanishadic mantra, their
would lead them nowhere.Therein also lies the difficulty in universalising the Vedic Vision and integrating it with aroutine life style. It is here that our Seers have scored success by creating forms, images,similies and stories embodying Truth and its multifold manifestations, of which the prideof place goes to the ideal of the Mother of the Universe, Her attributes and storiesdepicting her creative, sustaining and destroying power. She is the mine of wisdom, also ofJnanasakthi, Ichasakthi,'and Kriyasakthi. Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation isblessed to have our Centre in the vicinity of the ancient and most famous Devi Temple inKerala. One of our major Prabhashana series is focused on the exploration of theinfinitude of Mother as revealed through Lalita sabasranamam.
I k T . *
Satya, Dharma, Yajna and Tapas are the four ideals or pillars on which Vedic VisionFoundation rests and making use of Jnana, Karma, Bhakti, Raja Yogas the super structureis built in the mincfe^f our well wishers through the lives they live, work they do and thenetwork of relationships they create. I-h>X

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