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Taurus 2012 AstroArtisans Yearly Forecast

Taurus 2012 AstroArtisans Yearly Forecast

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Published by Astroartisan

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Published by: Astroartisan on Sep 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yealy Atology Foecat
Atology, Ceativity & Livingwww.atoatian.com
 C o nt  e nt   s
© AstroArsan 2011 All Rights ReservedReproducon of any part of this document is prohibitedThis report is wrien for entertainment purposes only
Astrology Report wrien by SilverResearch by SilverDesign concepts and creaves - by Silver - AstroArsanCo-design and layout - prinng.com
Dean and Stacey for their professionalism and paence with my never-ending list of amendmentsto the layout of the e-book and their understanding and paence with my xaon on the minuae(we got there in the end)The friends who kept me going when doubt and exhauson crept inThe various authors and masters who wrote the books that set me o on this never ending journey
To Joshy my ‘chosen one’ : )
Introduction - A letter from Silver -AstroArtisan •
Part 1 2012 –The Year Ahead For Taurus
How to use your 2012 guide •Taurus in 2012 •
Part 2 - Summary
Love and Relaonships
Career, Work and Status
Part 3 Outer Planet SignChanges and Eclipses 2012
Part 4
Moon Phase Calendar (in quarters)
Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde Phase Calendar
Life and Living Inspiraonal Quote for Taurus
As we move into 2012, I wonder if the last year may have le you a lilestunned? The last 2 years have certainly been interesng for most people.Think back to where you were 2 years ago - I wouldn’t be surprised to hear if there have been quite a few twists and turns in your life.Astrology helps us keep track of cycles on a collecve and individual level andwe are all going to experience some groundbreaking changes in dierent areasof our lives over the next few years. When I write your forecasts, I’m lookingat an energy paern that can be felt collecvely and honing in on a parculararea for each sun sign. I am conscious that some people who read this willhave lile or no experience or understanding of astrology and some of youmay be more advanced.My aim is to make the yearly forecast an enjoyable read for everyone whocomes across it. I’ve thrown in a few astrology phrases and words here and therethat you may not be familiar with, but if you are interested in understandinga lile more about astrology I suggest you visit
for adetailed, free informaon portal about astrology cycles. The resource centre – a connually updated secon of the blog – can give you a beer insight and,where I feel you may benet from reading a lile bit more about a parcularinuence; there are links throughout your report to various arcles which maybe of interest to you.
2012 – Th Coss Ov
2012 brings some fundamental changes. Something new is on the horizon.We caught glimpses of what those changes might mean last year, but this yeartakes us right to the heart of the maer. 2012 marks the peak of a transion;a cross over into a new, excing, and at mes challenging era.Many of us have already been directly aected by the global recession, andit impacts on us all in dierent ways. Of course some people are doing well,maybe even beer than before - our own individual cycles play a part in howwe are currently faring. Regardless of our own circumstances, we may know
   A    l   e      e   r    f   r   o   m    S   i    l   v   e   r  -   A   s   t   r   o   A   r      s   a   n
people who have been negavely aected by these current mes and who arestruggling in one way or another. Perhaps we have family members or friendswho are coming to terms with losing a job, or even their home. Perhaps wehave experienced this ourselves. If we are fortunate enough to have missedthe current nancial tension in our own arena, it’s impossible to escape thedaily bombardment of nancial forecasng.This aects us all in some way and whilst we may have started to see the greenshoots of recovery in some areas of the world, there will be peaks and troughsover the coming years. This is not a comfortable process. However, it doesmean that we will nd creave ways to make things work for us. It also givesus the benet of taking a closer look at our lives and the lives of people aroundus, and make readjustments to our current perspecves.
2012 – Bringing
Compassio back itoFashio!
I’m a great believer in compassion -specically grounded compassion, which isreally an acknowledgment of other peoplearound us. It’s sad this has been so severelylacking that, when we do experience it, wedon’t actually recognise it any more. Whenpeople do things for us, most people subconsciously reach for a move. If we can’t see or fathom a move, we are immediately suspicious and perhapseven mildly condemning. Our immediate response is distrust because this isnot something we experience very oen.We have lived in a WIIFM (What’s in it for me) society for way too long and Ibelieve this has eroded our sense of community. I propose a WIIFU (What’sin it for us) society, starng in 2012 - a more integrave and balanced pointof view that ensures we meet not only our own needs, but the needs of the

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