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Paper 12

Paper 12

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Published by Jake Oltmann
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Published by: Jake Oltmann on Sep 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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They believe also that the widespread ownership/ right to own firearms is a direct
cause of the United States’ high rate of violent crime. They believe that the ease of access
to unlicensed and unregistered firearms allows many people to not only commit crimesthat they plan on or premeditate, but to commit crimes that they may not have during amoment of stress or anger because they have a gun. They point to the fact that we havethe highest violent crime rate among any of the developed western nations. They alsopoint to other nations such as the United Kingdom who has a total ban on handguns andmost types of hunting rifles. They say that if the United States were to adopt a similarsystem of gun bans and controls that we would see a similar drop in violent crime. Theyalso believe that guns should not be a right of the everyday American because of the non-violence deaths that are related to guns. By this they mean the deaths that are cause byguns not being used in crimes but rather in the accidental discharge of firearms or other
gun related accidents. They believe that guns aren’t kept properly locked or secured and
that often children will often get into their parents or another adult gun or guns and causeeither harm to themselves or harm to others even if they did not intend to. Though theyalso point to the need for stronger gun controls with the recent and devastating rash of school shootings such as the Columbine high school shooting of 1999, in which twostudents of Columbine killed 12 fellow students, one teacher, before taking there ownlives. The anti-guns rights people believe that the fact that we have a right for every lawabiding citizen to own a gun allows children like this to have access fairly easily to thetype of equipment to cause such random and senseless act of violence.On the other side of this debate is the people who believe that there is a right toown guns and that that is the way it should be. They believe in what is called an
“Individual” right interpretation of the second
amendment. This “Individual” right
interpretation states that the preamble of the second amendment does not discount anindividual right to own firearms it guarantees it. They point out that in all other places inthe constitution when anything is referred to as a right is an individual right where as
when they are giving the state/federal governments power they don’t use the word right but rather the word “power”. They believe that in this line of thinking an individual right
to own guns by ever law abiding citizen is guaranteed by the second amendment. Theyalso believe that the high violent crime wave, which is believed by the other side of thisdebate to be caused by the right of Americans to own guns, is only higher in this countrybecause of the vast difference in size between the Untied States and the other westernEuropean nations to which it is being compared. They do not however believe that thereshould be no gun control laws at all. They agree with the other side of the debate thatfirearms should not be allowed to be purchased by persons who are mentally ill, have hada prior felony conviction, or people who have some sort of order of protection filedagainst them. They also believe that they have the right to carry a handgun or otherconcealed weapon on their person for personal protection. They believe that not onlydoes them having a gun in a time of crisis such as a robbery or assault protect them fromattackers but that they can protect other people from such attacks and crimes againstthem. Just as well they believe that a widespread and well-known precedent of peoplebeing able to carry a gun to protect not only themselves but other citizens will deter a lotof the criminals from committing these crimes. A belief that is held as well by this side of the debate is the belief that if you outlaw guns the only people who are going to haveguns are the criminals because when most people who are premeditating a crime they do

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