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9 19 Suffolk

9 19 Suffolk

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Published by Suffolk Journal

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Published by: Suffolk Journal on Sep 24, 2012
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The Suffolk Journal
"Chicago PublicSchools Teachers'Strike: a Reportfrom the Front lines.pg. 5 ""Suffolk Undertakes'Scholar at Risk'"pg. 6"Illumina: Boston'sBiggest CollegeParty"pg. 10
It’s the beginning of theschool year and you needa new pair of shoes. At thedepartment store you havehundreds of choices but youselect a new pair of Converse, just like you’ve been doingevery few years since middleschool. What is it that makes you choose one brand overanother? Businesses areaware of the overabundanceof choice in today’s society,and brands are manufacturedto specifically target theiraudience. You choose a brandbecause of what it representsand what it does for you. Suffolk University’s Marketing andCommunications departmenthas begun the process of creating a more modern,unified, and recognizablebrand that students, parents,and faculty can be proud of and identify with.“This is a wholecomprehensive project thatlooks at the visual brand andalso includes the website,”Suffolk’s President McCarthy commented. “It encompassesall the ways in which wecommunicate. We think it’s very important that wepresent communication thatmakes it clear that we’reone university.” It all started with efforts to redesign theSuffolk website. In doing so,they discovered that Suffolk’s various colleges, departments,and offices had all createdtheir own brands. What theuniversity had were hundredsof variations of symbols,layouts, fonts, and colorschemes under the same roof 
University Rebranding Seeks to Rejuvinate Image
This summer, aftercareful consideration andconsultation with departmentchairs, the administrationmade the decision to dissolvethe Department of Educationand Human Services. Althoughmany of the programs havebeen relocated to alternativedepartments and will stillbe offered to students, someprograms will begin to bephased out completely,including the undergraduatelicensure program in MiddleSchool and Secondary SchoolTeaching.“This will be a yearof transition,” said AssociateDean Krisanne Bursik of theCollege of Arts and Sciences.“We are shifting all programs,except those with little stu-dent interest, to other existingdepartments within the Col-lege of Arts and Sciences.”Prior to July 1st, thegraduate programs in SchoolCounseling and Mental HealthCounseling had been adminis-tered through the Departmentof Education and Human Ser- vices. By moving the programsto the Psychology Department,the administration expects toboth increase enrollment, as well as provide students inthose programs with a com-munity that better fits theirarea of interest. Additionally, the graduateprogram in Administration of Higher Education will be of-fered through the Philosophy Department with no program-matic implications, and thegraduate programs in Organi-zational Learning and Devel-opment will be temporarily administered through the De-partment of Communicationand Journalism as they moveinto a “teach-out” due to lowenrollment.“The department was aneclectic assortment of pro-grams,” commented Dean Bur-sik. “At one point, after the Applied Legal Studies program was moved to the GovernmentDepartment last year, it of-fered five very different grad-uate programs and only oneundergraduate minor. The un-usual placement created a lack of focus and commonality forthe department as a whole.”Students have been givenuntil October 1 to declaretheir interest in pursuing thelicensure programs in MiddleSchool or Secondary SchoolEducation. The undergraduatenon-licensure minor inEducational Studies is stilland no coherent brand thatunited Suffolk as one family.“Every time we had a newlogo, somebody had to pay tohave it designed or they hadto design it themselves,” saidMcCarthy. “We were spendinga lot more than we needed toon something which was, ineffect, a very diffuse brand.”In creating a new brand,the University wanted not only to create unification but alsoto strengthen the presentationof the individual departments.Suffolk brought in a marketingconsultant, Sametz Blackstone Associates, to help them getstarted.“This new brand systemgives us the tools to build a moreunified and dynamic university image,” said Greg Gatlin, Vice President of Marketingand Communications. “That will help us with marketingthe university, recruiting,
Education Department Closes
strong and will now be admin-istered through the Sociology Department.Due to the recentfundraising, communicatingto current students,prospective students, alumni,employees, you name it.It’s more than just a logo.It’s a whole system of color,photography, typography,language. It’s really a new way of communicating who we are. The idea is to elevatethe university’s brand andbring more people into theconversation.”One of the most importantpieces of the new brand is thenew symbol that representsthe university. An excellentand creative way to unite thecolleges was to introduce thesymbol as an identifier for the whole university, and thento color code it according tothe different schools: the LawSchool is gold, the BusinessSchool is red, and the
Photo by Ivan Favelevic
Haven Orecchio-Egrezits
 Journal Staff 
Gianna Carchia
Online Arts Editor
see REBRANDING page 3see EDU page 4
"DS: David Stern'sDouble Stan-dards"pg. 18"Why I am votingfor Scott Brown!"pg. 16
 Wednesday, September 5
1:02 p.m.West Street
Report of disorderly conduct. CaseClosed.
Thursday, September 6
2:26 p.m.Modern Theater
Report of vandalism by grai. Cased
Saturday, September 8
9:38 p.m.150 Tremont
Posessession of alcohol by a minor. Re-
port led.
Sunday, September 16
12:27 a.m.10 West
Report of drunkenesness. Case Closed.
PAGE 2September 19, 2012
The Suffolk Journal
 Below: A sample advertisment for the new, rebranded Suffolk image. " We are auniversity on the move," says Greg Gatlin.
PAGE 3September 19, 2012
The Suffolk Journal
 As of this academic year,Suffolk is no longer offeringGerman as a major. Theuniversity has restructured theprogram and will only offerthe language as a minor.“Small programs are thefirst to go,” said Professor Jay Rosellini, a current Germanprofessor and head of theGerman Department from when he began at Suffolk in2001 and until 2007. Rosellinihas loved German his wholelife and thinks it is importantfor cultural and economicreasons. He believes Germany is one of the most importantcountries in the world, whichis why he came to Suffolk toteach it.Rosellini says that accordingto the Dean, German shouldstill be offered as a minor. Butthe disadvantages to this arethat it will offer fewer Germanclasses which will not beadvertised like a major would,according to Rosellini. He seesmany other schools getting ridof their German programs andthe negative effect this willhave on college students.“Suffolk was one of the only schools of its kind that offersGerman,” said Rosellini. Healready thinks Suffolk studentsare at a disadvantage becausethe Bachelor of Scienceprogram allows many studentsto escape taking a foreignlanguage course.“It’s a shame because itcreates two classes,” saysRosellini, “a broad educationand a limited education.”Some of Rosellini’s studentshave their own opinions onthe matter. Senior Josef Nothmann believes that theGerman program is “notdeemed profitable enough by the new administration.” Hebecame interested in studyingGerman because of hisgrandparents, and it is why hecame to Suffolk.“Maybe it says more about what Suffolk sees as itsfuture,” says Nothmann, whobelieves the college is gettingrid of too many programs inthe humanities department.He is concerned for how this will affect his future.“We sort of shake ourheads and roll our eyes,” saysNothmann on how he and hispeers are dealing with thisloss.Junior, Lynsey Bourquinchose German as a majorso that she could teach thesubject at a high school levelafter she graduates. It is, likeNothmann, the reason shecame to Suffolk. Bourquinbelieves that because the headof the program is retiringsoon, Suffolk chose to notlook into hiring a new Germanprofessor in order to terminatethe major.“I think it’s really adisappointment,” saidBourquin, “Suffolk wasoffering more languages thanother schools but are hurtingthemselves in the long run.”She also thinks the cut-backson the language departmentsmakes study abroad lessprevalent. Bourquin seesthe loss of German in otherinstitutions and now thinksshe will have to settle and bean English teacher.“I can only hope that infive or 10 years [German] willcome back,” said Bourquin.She knows freshman thatcame to Suffolk wanting tomajor in German and believesthe University will continue tolose students because of cutslike these. She remarks on thedisappointment she imaginesProfessor Rosellini feels.“In a way were not tooshocked...I think we’re alldisappointed,said Bourquin.
 German No Longer Offered as a Major, Will Likely Be Taught as Minor
Melissa Hanson
 Assistant News Editor
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the building profile very much. Maybe if I did [know what it was] it would help.”The new flame and shieldsymbol has a lot more to do with Suffolk’s heritage than theformer image of 73 Tremont did.“We think the new symbolis a more inclusive, morecontemporary and a moredynamic image that captures where the University isheaded,” said Gatlin. “Youcan almost feel the motion,emotion and energy in thesymbol’s flame. That really feelslike where Suffolk is today. Weare a university on the move.”When Gleason Archer, Sr.founded the University in1906, he designed the Suffolk University seal himself. In thecenter of the seal is a torch,the original representationof Suffolk “lighting a path.”The new symbol includes amodern artistic rendering of the flame from the torch andadds a contemporary versionof the university shield.“The new logo is a fresh newexpression of the flame that isfound in the university’s seal,and it represents the highestideals of Suffolk, lighting apath towards excellence,”said George Comeau, Directorof Digital and InteractiveCommunications at Suffolk University. “I like the feel of motion and the use of light.The shield is a classic symbolfor academia and scholarship.Taken together, the flameand shield are a dynamicand positive expressionfor Suffolk University.”Other than the new symbol,the brand uses a lot of color,enticing language, and friendly fonts. They did not wantit to be boring like the oldstudent information packets were; they wanted somethingrefreshing and relatable. Inprototypes for new studentpackets, it is clear that all of the publications come from thesame entity. However, uponcloser inspection the colorsand images specifically targeteach audience. While the fontsand some aspects of the layoutare similar, sophisticatedportraits and deep colors makeup the brochure for the LawSchool while bright colorsand fun images are for theCollege of Arts and Sciences. Again, this unites the brand while strengthening whateach college has to offer.“I like that it’s really simplified,” said junior ColinBarry. “And unlike the old logo,it shows the school colors.It’s showing that we have abit of a creative side. We’renot just “Hey, we’re Suffolk University.’ We’re somethingthat’s gonna stick out.”Suffolk University’s brandis about a lot more thanhaving a new symbol, fonts,and color schemes. Theadministration wants studentsto choose Suffolk, but they also want to present a brandthat tells prospective students why they should want to behere, tells current students what Suffolk can do for them,and tells everyone, includingparents and faculty, whatkind of community Suffolk University is. There is no quad,there is hardly a campus, butSuffolk is a family. Creating
Photo by Ivan Favelevic
a cohesive brand is thecrucial first step for creatinga true feeling of community at Suffolk University.
 Another sample advertisement, this one for the Sawyer Business School 

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