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Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 4

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 4

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Published by Rob2814
Spider-Man Episode 4 of 6.
Spider-Man Episode 4 of 6.

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: Rob2814 on Sep 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ultimate Spider-ManEpisode 4- Secrets
Script by Roby D’Ottavi
 Spider-Man is created and owned by Marvel Entertainment.Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
We start the episode where episode 3 left off; Peter is about to say his identity.
Peter: I’m….
Gwen: Your what?Peter hesitatesPeter: In love.Gwen smiles and kisses Peter.Captain Stacy is seen walking up the stairs to go on the balcony, when he seesGwen and Peter kissing.Captain Stacy: Gwen d
 Peter and Gwen immediately stop kissing.Captain Stacy: Parker go home, please and get your mouth away from mydaughter.Peter: yes, sir.Peter kisses Gwen again and then tries to give Captain Stacy a high five, but hishand is left untouched.Gwen: dad, leave him alone.Captain Stacy: He is going to get you into troublePeter walks to the camera and smiles; we see Gwen and her dad talking behindhim.Peter starts walking until he finds an ally way and he changes into his Spider-Man suit and swings away.Spider-Man:
I should have told her, what if she finds out? I’m stuffed.
 We see Spider-Man swinging when he notices a burning house.Spider-Man swings out side the house and asks a man who has just escaped thehouse.Spider-Man: how many people are inside?Man: I think one or two.Spider-Man: cheers.Spider-Man jumps into the house.Man: Go Spidey!We see through Spider-
Man’s eyes.
 We see rubble and destroyed furnitureA scream comes from the other side of the building.Spider-Man: Hello?The scream gets louder.Spider-Man slowly walks towards it.He is walking very slowly, the burning house could fall ontop of him and thetrapped person at any second.Spider-
Man: hello? Theres nothing to fear, I’m here to help.
 We see a person in a corner the flames are blocking the face.
Man: Stay there I’m coming.
 Spider-Man walks towards the person.When two massive chunks of wood fall on the floor and set on fire.Spider-Man: Oh, Great.The person screams louder.Spider-Man: Hang on!!Spider-Man grabs the wood, they burn his hands but he gets threw it.Spider-Man lifting the wood.Spider-Man: AHHHH UGGGGHH this really F@$&ing hurts.Screamer screams again.Spider-Man throws the wood behind him and walks towards the person.Spider-Man is in touching distance.Spider-Man puts his hand on the persons shoulder.Spider-Man: cheez is there an elevator of something?The person turns around and a man who Peter has never known smiles.Spider-Man: You were the dude screaming like a girl?Man: That I am, what you must realise is I am more than just a man.Spider-Man: Surprise MeThe house is burning even more.The man stands up takes the hood that was covering his face.Man: Spider-Man, fight me.Spider-Man: Um, no, why? Well this house is about to fall down, so I think it would be wise if we just fight outside or something.Man pulls out a knife and starts trying to stab Spider-Man.Spider-Man: Whoa.Spider-Man reacts to every jab, and keeps moving out of the way.Man: Perfect.The Man stops fighting.Man: You and I will met again.The Man jumps out of the window.Spider-Man: What the hell just happened to me?Spider-Man jumps out of the window and starts swinging towards his house.His phone rings.He lands on a building.The phone says Gwen Calling.Spider-Man accepts the call.Spider-Man: Hello?
Gwen: hey Pete, my dad loves you doesn’t he?
 Spider-Man: Oh really your dad loves me? Nice joke Gwen.Gwen: ahah, my dad I think wants you dead or arrested.Spider-
Man: great, he isn’t going to put an arrest warrant out 
for me is he?
Gwen: No I can guarantee he won’t. At least I hope he won’t.
 Spider-Man: so, what are you doing tomorrow?Gwen: remember tomorrow Flash asked you and I on a double date.Spider-Man: what?Gwen: Flash asked MJ out, and then he asked if you and I wanted to come with.Spider-Man: good I heard something different.Gwen: oh you are a disgusting bug.
Spider-Man: a what?Gwen: Bug.Spider-Man sighs.
Gwen: what’s matter
Man: I… I need to tell you something.
 Gwen: tell me.Spider-Man: just I. want to tell you in person.Gwen: tell me whenever you fell comfortable.Spider-Man: GwenGwen: yes.Spider-Man: I love you, in fact I cherish youGwen: why thank you.Spider-Man: what time is dinner?Gwen: I think MJ told me 7:30.Spider-Man: cool, we will be there at 8Gwen: Please Peter, not everybody is Tony Stark.Spider-
Man: what I’m not Iron Man?
 Gwen: good night Peter.Spider-Man: good night.Spider-Man hangs up and he swings to his home.Peter climbs though the window in his room.Peter hops onto his computer and searches in Facebook He logs in.He goes to chat and hits Flash Thompson.Peter: Flash, what time is dinner?
 Flash: oh right, its at 8Peter: ok man, talk tomorrow then, see ya.Peter logs off and closes his computer.Peter goes downstairs to get something to eat.When Aunt May is standing by the fridge.Aunt May: why so late Peter?Peter: Work, you know.
Aunt May sees a scar on Peter’s chin and cheek.
Aunt May: who… who did this to you.
 Peter: did what.Aunt May: you have a scar on your chin and cheek.Peter: oh yeah I do.Peter: I must have fell or something.Aunt May: what do you want to eat?Peter: what evers going.
Aunt May: Peter it’s 12:35, do you want toast or cereal?
 Peter: toast sounds good.Peter smiles and sits at the table.Peter: do we have Pop Tarts?Peter goes to his room and sleeps we see the dream he has.The dream shows Peter being experimented on.

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