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Modul Bhs Inggris

Modul Bhs Inggris

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Published by GolfridWoren

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Published by: GolfridWoren on Sep 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What will you get in chapter I ?
Responding to expression of requestResponding to expression of suggestionResponding to expression of complaintResponding to expression of possibility to do somethingResponding to expression of instructionResponding to a text in a narrative text
Expressing an expression of requestExpressing an expression of suggestionExpressing an expression of complaintExpressing an expression of possibilities and capabilities to dosomethingExpressing expression of instructionPerform a narrative text
Reading the text in a narrative form aloud in a good intonationChange a narrative text into playFinding the meanings of new wordsIdentifying main ideas, supporting ideas and details in narrativetextUnderstanding the use of linking word
Writing paragraph in a narrative form with correct structureArranging paragraph given into a good storyCapitalizing and punctuating a paragraph givenCompleting the given storyPage - 1
In a request it's asking the listener to do something, It is as thoughyou are reminding the person that he must do it. One would expectthat listener would do it.Ann: Could you put away all the books, please?Wana: Sure!Alex: Could I ask you to be quiet,please?Leony: Of course!Louis: Do you think you could lower the volume of the music,please?Lana: Sure!Clark: Do you mind sitting at the other table, please?Kent: Of course! John: Can you move a little, please? Jane: I'm sorry, but I can’t!SuggestingSome students attend the meeting. They discuss the plan for a“Study Tour" with the teacher.Dita: Id like to suggest that we hear the student firstDina: It sounds like a good suggestionAnty: May I suggest to go to the beach o
AnnaAnna: I don't want to go to the
because I always gothereAnn: I suggest that we go to
beachAnto: That's a good/nice/great/wonderful idea/suggestionNi
sa: Why don't we go to
beach ?Page - 2
Ita: I think you're rightlIin: I recommend that we go to
beachSukma: Thanks, but we have another plan
Expressions of complaint are the expressions of how to say that one isdissatisfied or unhappy.Andra: I'm not at all satisfied with the service in this hotelAnton: You're not aloneAndra: This villa is terribleAnton: I feel the same wayRika: I want to complaint about the service in this restaurantRina: I feel the same way
Possibilities and capabilities to do something
Expressions of Possibilities and capabilities to do something are theexpressions of how to say that one is able or disable to do something.Andra: Do you think there is a possibility for Capricornpeople to be successful in life based on their basiccharacter?Anton : That's one possibilityRani: Do you think, we are capable of repairing ourmotorcycle?Ratite: I think we have that capacity Jack: Is there a possibility for her being a computer freak? Jane: That's one possibilityPage - 3

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