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Makalah Hukum Penanaman Modal

Makalah Hukum Penanaman Modal

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Published by benny603

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Published by: benny603 on Sep 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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F@_@ ^KMH@M_@Z
 @ww`c`i{“`c`lf{i Xz- Xj-
Wkh`c` ~{dl o`m w|{f{z wkm`mtl`w` ~km{clw ~`md`tf`m fkb`olz`t @cc`b WX_f`zkm` okmh`m cli~`b`m z`bi`t o`m blo`|`b)M|`# ~km{clw o`~`t ikm|kckw`lf`m
i`f`c`b |`mh jkzd{o{c –
MAIAZ :;_@B[M :>>8 _KM_@MH ^KM@M@I@M IAO@C
@o`~{m t{d{`m ~kij{`t`m o`m ~km|{w{m`m i`f`c`b lml h{m` ikikm{blw`c`b w`t{ w|`z`t ol o`c`i ~kc`fw`m``m i`t` f{cl`b B{f{i Lmukwt` ! ^km`m`i`mIao`c % ^`w`z Iao`c ol E`f{ct`w B{f{i Jlwmlw [mlukzwlt`w _zlw`ftl ~zahz`iI`hlwtkz B{f{i-Okmh`m fkzkmo`b`m b`tl ~km{clw ikm|`o`zl j`bx` ~km|{w{m`m i`f`c`blml i`wlb d`{b o`zl fkwki~{zm``m j`lf o`zl wkhl jkmt{f i`{~{m lwlm|`# ackbf`zkm` lt{ ~km{clw okmh`m wkm`mh b`tl `f`m ikmkzli` fzltlf o`m w`z`m |`mhikij`mh{m- Wkiah` i`f`c`b lml o`~`t jkzi`me``t o`m ~km{clw d{h` ikiabami``e `~`jlc` tkzo`~`t fkw`c`b`m o`c`i ~km{clw`m i`f`c`b lml-
Xz- Xj-
D`f`zt`# >0 Wk~tkijkz :>0:_kw|` @wtl`m [t`il#WB
F@_@ ^KMH@M_@Z ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ lO@E_@Z LWL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- llJ@J L ^KMO@B[C[@M@- C`t`z Jkc`f`mh I`w`c`b ---------------------------------------------------------- 0J- ^kz{i{w`m I`w`c`b ----------------------------------------------------------------- 5J@J LL _LMD@[@M ^[W_@F@@- Fkz`mhf` tkazl0- _lmd`{`m tkmt`mh ^kzlmo{wtzl`m -------------------------------------------- 8`- ^kmhkztl`m ^kzlmo{wtzl`m -------------------------------------------------- 8:- _lmd`{`m tkmt`mh ^km`m`i`m Iao`c`- ^kmhkztl`m ^km`m`i`m Iao`c ----------------------------------------- 2j- Dkmlw ^km`m`i`m Iao`c -------------------------------------------------- <g- _{d{`m ^km`m`i`m Iao`c ---------------------------------------------- 007- _lmd`{`m tkmt`mh Famtz`f @clb _kfmacahl`- ^kmhkztl`m Famtz`f @clb tkfamacahl -------------------------------- 0:J@J LLL ^KIJ@B@W@M@- ^kz`m`m [mo`mh)[mo`mh Maiaz :; _`b{m :>>8 tkmt`mh^km`m`i`m Iao`c F`lt`mm|` okmh`m Famtz`f @clb_kfmacahl o`c`i Z`mhf` ^kmhkij`mh`m ^kzlmo{wtzl`m olLmoamkwl`0- Wkd`z`b C`blzm|` [mo`mh)[mo`mh Maiaz :; _`b{m:>>8 tkmt`mh ^km`m`i`m Iao`c ----------------------------------------- 08:- W{jwt`mwl o`m ^kz`m`m [mo`mh)[mo`mh Maiaz :;_`b{m :>>8 tkmt`mh ^km`m`i`m Iao`c o`c`i^kc`fw`m``m Famtz`f @clb _kfmacahl ol Lmoamkwl` -------------- :77- ^kzfkij`mh`m Famtz`f @clb tkfmacahl ol Lmoamkwl`okmh`m C`blzm|` [mo`mh)[mo`mh Maiaz _`b{m :;
lll_`b{m :>>8 tkmt`mh ^km`m`i`m Iao`c ------------------------------- 70J- ^atkmwl I`w`c`b C`blzm|` [mo`mh)[mo`mh Maiaz :;_`b{m :>>8 tkmt`mh ^km`m`i`m Iao`c Olf`ltf`m okmh`m^kc`fw`m``m Famtz`f @clb _kfmacahl o`c`i Z`mhf` {mt{f ^kmhkij`mh`m ^kzlmo{wtzl`m ol Lmoamkwl`0- ^kzi`w`c`b`m [mo`mh)[mo`mh Maiaz :; _`b{m :>>8tkmt`mh ^km`m`i`m Iao`c F`lt`mm|` okmh`m Famtz`f @clb _kfmacahl o`c`i Z`mhf` {mt{f Ikmhkij`mhf`m^kzlmo{wtzl`m ol Lmoamkwl` --------------------------------------------------- 77:- Fktkzf`lt`m [mo`mh)[mo`mh Maiaz :; _`b{m :>>8tkmt`mh ^km`m`i`m Iao`c okmh`m Jkjkz`~` ^kz`t{z`m^kz{mo`mh)[mo`mh`m ol Lmoamkwl` |`mh Ikm|kj`jf`m^atkmwl I`w`c`b _kztkmt{ ----------------------------------------------------- ?5J@J LU ^KM[_[^Fkwli~{c`m ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ?<O@E_@Z ^[W_@F@

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