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HTML Difference FAQS Compiled-1

HTML Difference FAQS Compiled-1

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Published by Umar Ali
This is compiled version(part-1) of HTML Difference FAQS
This is compiled version(part-1) of HTML Difference FAQS

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Published by: Umar Ali on Sep 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HTML Difference FAQs-11.Difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5S.NoHTML 4HTML 5
1HTML 4 uses commonstructures like headers ,footersHTML5 uses new structures suchas drag, drop and much more2HTML 4 cannot embed videoor audio directly. HTML 4makes use of flash player for itHTML 5 can contain embeddedvideo and audio without using flashplayer 3HTML 4 has traditional APIswhich does not include canvasand content editable API’sHTML 5 introduced many new API’s which facilitate flexibility of web pages4In HTML 4, local storage is notpossible and tags that canhandle only one dimension arepresentIn HTML 5, new tags and newfeatures like local storage areenhanced5HTML 4 cannot handleinaccurate syntaxHTML 5 is capable of handlinginaccurate syntax
2.Difference between HTML and DHTMLS.NoHTMLDHTML
1HTML site work slowly uponclient-side technologies.DHTML sites works faster uponclient-side technologies2HTML is static in nature DHTML is dynamic in nature3HTML files are saved with .htmextensionDHTML files are saved with .dhtmextension4HTML does not make use oany methods for making itdynamic. HTML content isalways staticDHTML uses events, methods andmuch more for providing dynamismfor HTML pages5HTML pages does not requireany processing from browser DHTML requires processing frombrowser which changes its lookand feel
3.Difference between HTML and XHTMLS.NoHTMLXHTML
1HTML is an application oSGMLXHTML is an application of XML
2Attribute minimization and tagsomission is supported in HTMLXHTML does not supportminimization of attributes andomitting tags3In HTML, document rowheadings will remain in normalfontIn DHTML, row headings will be inbold4In HTML, tbody portion will bein the dom tree shape and alsosecond selector should matchthe ‘t’th elementDHTML does not contain tbody andt’th element5HTML is not case sensitive XHTML is case sensitive6In HTML, document bodyelement is specified rather than html elementIn DHTML, html element isspecified and document bodyelement does not replace it
4.Difference between HTML and PHPS.NoHTMLPHP
1In HTML the output remainssame as that of inputFor PHP, the output may not be thesame all the time2In HTML, browser cannotinterpret the codeThe output of PHP is HTML codewhich the browser can interpret3HTML does not involve PHPPHP includes both PHP and HTMLcodes4HTML can create webpagesthat are only staticPHP can design dynamicwebpages
Difference between HTML and XML1.Difference between HTML and XMLS.NoHTMLXML
HTML stands for HyperTextMarkup Language
XML stands for eXtensible MarkupLanguage2
To display information and tofocus on how data looks.
To describe information and and tofocus on what data is.

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