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Adan Avila Interview

Adan Avila Interview

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Published by Chaebai

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Published by: Chaebai on Sep 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adan Avila Interview with:You can find his profile here
 Basave- In other news, after last week's shooting at Aurora, COwhere 12 people died and dozens were injured, one of them,a mexican immigrant called Adan Avila got shot 3 times andhe survived this attack, we have him on the line. Adan goodafternoon. Adan- Good afternoon. B- First of all thanks for taking this call. How are you doing now?Are you still in the hospital? A- Yes, I'm tired and with pain. B- You were shot 3 times however at the end you managed tosurvive this attack. You were there with your wife. Please tell usas much as you can what you saw and where were you sit thatday in the Aurora movie theater? A- I was in the front, very close where the guy who was shootingwas standing. I was very close to him. Everything was dark,he was all dressed in black. All I could see was the sparks of the bullets coming out. When I realized what was happening Igrabbed my wife and toss her to the ground and protected her asI could. B- Were you able to save your wife?
 A- Yes, my wife is perfectly fine. B- So she didn't get shot? A- No. B- What happened later after this person arrived, I mean afterHolmes arrived to the theater? A lot of people thought this waspart of the movie, of some kind of show that was prepared for theBatman premiere. A- Yeah a lot of people thought so. I thought is was some kindof joke made by some kid because when the canister that wasthrown it looked like one of those that smells bad as it left a trailof smoke and started to smell really bad but then it exploded tomy left, very close to me, I looked there and I saw people werebleeding. B- When the bullets hit you, did you lose consciousness? youwere able to walk out of there by your own or were you helped bythe paramedics? A-When the bullets hit me... Well while I was protecting my wife,I was praying to God to take care of her and to keep me alive,then I felt the heat in my leg, then in the arm and back, also Ifelt wet. Then the shooting stopped, at first he was shooting quitea lot but then it stopped.So I stood up, grabbed my wife and told her we needed to goout of there as he was gone, but he was still there and he waslooking at us. I kept my sight at the emergency exit. There Iwas with my foot broken, he destroyed my foot with the rifle,I don't know how I did it but I was able to walk and run toget out of there. He tried to shoot us but as you've heard inprevious reports the gun jammed, so thats when I knew God wasprotecting me, and there he was, looking at us, pointing at us
wanting to shoot us but his gun didn't work so that gave us timetoget out of the theater using the emergency exit. Some peopleescaped along with us and they helped me walk, this were 2 man,a chinese guy who I didn't know and a friend of mine who wasthere in the theater. But we didn't go too far as I fell down and Icouldn't stand up again. B- Yes, it was being reported that the gun Holmes was using jammed at some point. So you were looking at him and suddenlyhe wasn't able to shoot anymore? A- Exactly. B- And thanks to that a lot of people were able to stay alive,including you. Adan you've mention before you forgive Holmes,do you still think like this? A-Yes. I quickly forgave him, that’s what God wants. He wantsme to forgive everybody as I have been forgiven before. Sin issin, no matter if you are a murder or a lier, is the same thing. Formy God sin is sin and thats life. I don't wanna have anger or hateinside of me, all I want is peace with God. B- Have you talked to other victims of the shooting? A- Well only with my friends. One of them was shoot in the hipbut I haven't talk with anybody else. B- What’s your opinion about the controversial topic on guncontrol and the easy access to weapons in the United States, thatpeople seem to talk a lot about lately since the shooting? A- What do I think about it? Well bad people will get a gun nomatter how many laws there are to stop that, bad people will finda way to get them, just like drugs, they are not legal but peoplestill get them, it will be the same. 

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