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Mmc Presentation Outline

Mmc Presentation Outline

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Published by Lauren Staniszewski

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Published by: Lauren Staniszewski on Sep 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lauren: Intro (5 min)Including Mobile Technology in our music classrooms is no longer somethingwe should simply wish for. There are a number of solid points that show us howimportant mobile technology is, and how it is not just about having the latest coolgadget in the room.Many academic studies have shown how utilizing mobile technology inthe classroom can serve as an aid for differentiating students’ learning.MathSpecial EducationSciencesMusicThere is a growing cultural demand for including these devices in our daily lives.Growing number of jobsEntrepreneurs utilizing this rapid developing marketEase of accessibility- putting more types of experiences in thehands of our students that was not previously available. (Such asmusic creation, play, interaction, etc.)Music businesses have found there is a viable market for thedevelopment of musical materials engineered specifically for thesedevices, and invested money into their developments.Sound Innovations & Essential Elements both having electronicversions of their method books available for smart phones/tabletsGrowing online PDF music library for reading via smart devicesApps specifically geared toward interaction and learning of music. Heather: (5 min)What is Mobile Technology and how does it benefit “me” (teacher/students)?
Tablets, Smartphones & devices engineered to use smartphone software (iOS or  Android); iPod touch, etc.Laptops are now on the far end of the spectrumUsed to be the most mobile piece of technology, however is nowcumbersome and some less powerful/capable in comparison to newdevices on the marketBenefitsAccess to tools not previously available or cost prohibitiveA means of connecting and contributing to their own music education, andapplying knowledge in a collaborative way.An access point for students to engage in creative musical thinking andproductionA streamlined experience allowing for and encouraging the freedom of thecreative processTraveling TeacheCommon Tools in the Music Classroom Made Mobile (2-3 min each)Heather: Subdivide
Many of the same functions as Dr. Beat at a fraction of the cost ($5)
Illustrated and text buttons and Tap for Beat make it easy to use
Teacher can check tempos of pieces (recordings or in rehearsal)
Can have students come up to tap the tempo to see tempo of ensemble
Audio & Visual metronome
Since it is often difficult for individuals in the back to hear amplified beat, can project togive a visual (directors encourage listening and watching in rehearsals)
Presets make it easy to switch quickly from one tempo to the next Lauren: iStroboSoft HD
Strobe tuner (developed by Peterson Tuners) for $20 vs. hundreds
May not have all the specific features of the stand alone tuner, but still high quality(Guaranteed accurate to 1/10th of a cent)
Capable of being projected onto screen to facilitate group instruction
Particularly with younger students, helps give reason as to why we must stay quiet whileothers are using the tuner so that it can be as accurate as possible, because they can seethe tuner working while someone else is tuning. Lauren: Pianist ProPortable keyboard capable of all 88 keys: sliding top keyboard; expanding to double key view
Wonderful as a teacher to have a keyboard I can use to walk around the classroom with whiletonicizing chords and having students sing
Another option allows students to use the touch keyboard with pre-established scales and explorevia touch screen
Also serves as a wireless MIDI keyboard input for Finale (cost effective alternative to purchasinga MIDI sequencer) HEATHER Symphony Pro:
Many more features than Finale Notepad, at a similar price point ($15)
Ease of notating music via touch screen or via in-app keyboard
Ability to export via MP3, PDF, MusicXML (Finale), or Photo
Easy to write exercises quickly or pass to a student to write a rhythm/composition thatdemonstrates understanding of musical concepts
Create quick theory exercises (use as a smart board) DEMONSTRATION
 New Document tab
Title, composer, time signature, key, tempo, instrumentation
Tool bars
Entering notation (pencil vs. keyboard)
Importing and ExportingApps designed for Specifically for Mobile DevicesForScore ($5)LAUREN
Designed to take advantage of both the iPad projection capabilities as well as the iPad’s flat tablet design
Sheet music library and portable SmartBoard for your sheet music
Demonstrate W/IPAD 1: Annotation tools on Fiddler’s Hoedown excerpts
Showing students how to write in music
Turning sheet music into excerpts/showing how to practice
Repeat function?
Teachers can store all their scores and parts in the app, accessing them wherever necessary
You can embed a recording of the sheet music right into the file in app
Built in app metronome helps in practicing/rehearsing the music
Score Annotation: VARIATIONS
Typing tool (clarinets unison - change size and color)
Highlighter tool (highlight cantabile)
Pen tool (draw lines around clarinet melody)
 Notes tool: rehearsal or score study notes, composer and composition information
E-mail and print hard copies of clean or annotated scores/sheet music (far right menu) **Makes using sheet music and rehearsing music more organized for teachers and more accessible for students** 
Marching Band Uses
Drill (Reeling n the Years)
annotate set directions in drill
make notes in drill at rehearsal (pg14)
Music Scores
Annotate director music notes
Annotate drill sets in music
Annotate movements in music
Theory and Exercise Uses
Clef Studies (functions as a Smart Board)
Rhythm Studies ****demonstrate with Garage Band smart drum beats**** Lauren will have set-up GarageBand ($5)
Only way to get this prior to now was in owning an Apple computer (not possible for some schooldistricts)
 Now available for iPad
Background drum beats (Smart Drums)
To accompany rhythm exercises
To accompany method book work 
To keep a steady beat when repping a challenging section of music
As a metronome to help internalize pulse 
LAUREN: Extremely intuitive mixing software
Students can:
Record themselves on an external instrument
Perform on an in-app instrument (piano, bass, guitar, drums)
Record sound effects into an in-app sampler 
Combine anything they’ve recorded with in-app Apple Loops
Apple Loops: instrument samples organized by the number of measures they last& instrumentation...All by selecting and dragging to where they want the sound on the mixing board-Save their finished song as an MP3 and share or use with other apps (i.e., using in AnyTune,ForScore, etc.) **Makes recording, mixing, and composing music extremely accessible for students, and provides an immediate product for students to display/share**-Great way to see if student understand and can perform certain rhythms, song forms, chord

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