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Utah 2012-13 Furbearer Guide

Utah 2012-13 Furbearer Guide

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Published by State of Utah
For more information, please visit http://wildlife.utah.gov
For more information, please visit http://wildlife.utah.gov

More info:

Published by: State of Utah on Sep 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Few changes to guidebook:
As you ipthrough the guidebook, you may notice thatthe regulations seem amiliar. That’s because2012–2013 is the last year o a three-year guide-book. This book will remain relatively unchangeduntil the 2013–2014 season. The Utah WildlieBoard approved a three-year guidebook to ensureconsistency and ease o use or hunters.
New predator control program:
In 2012, theDivision is implementing a predator control pro-gram that pays members o the public to removecoyotes. Participants in this new program willreceive $50 or each properly documented coyotethat they kill in Utah. For details, see the article onpage 20or visit
Change in trespass laws:
In 2012, the UtahLegislature made changes to Utah’s trespass laws.Please read the Trespassing section, starting onpage 17, or the latest regulations.
Bobcat permits available:
The Utah WildlieBoard has approved 4,600 bobcat permits or the2012–2013 season. Beginning Oct. 1, 2012, youcan purchase bobcat permits on a rst-come, rst-served basis at
or at any Divisionoce. For more inormation, seepage 7.
Maximum o three bobcat permits:
Thisyear, you may obtain no more than three bobcatpermits. For more inormation on obtaining apermit, seepage 7.
Buy your license over the phone:
You cannow buy a Utah urbearer license over the phone.Just call 1-800-221-0659. The line is stafed 24hours a day, seven days a week. In addition tothe ee or the license, you’ll also be charged a $2transaction ee or each item you buy.
Bobcat permit/tag ormat:
Bobcat tempo-rary possession tags and jaw tags are attachedto bobcat permits. For more inormation on howto attach these tags to a bobcat, please read theTagging Bobcats section onpage 8.
Jake AlbrechtJohn BairCalvin CrandallBill FenimoreMichael King
Wildlie Board members
Del Brady,
Ernie Perkins,
Vice Chair 
James F. Karpowitz,
Division Director Executive Secretary 
Division oces
Oces are open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.,Monday through Friday.
 Salt Lake City 
1594 W North TempleBox 146301Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6301801-538-4700
Central Region
1115 N Main StreetSpringville, UT 84663801-491-5678
Northeastern Region
New Location
318 N Vernal AvenueVernal, UT 84078435-781-9453
Northern Region
515 E 5300 SOgden, UT 84405801-476-2740
 Southeastern Region
319 N Carbonville Road, Ste APrice, UT 84501435-613-3700
 Southern Region
1470 N Airport RoadCedar City, UT 84721435-865-6100
Washington County Field Ofce
451 N SR-318Hurricane, UT 84737435-879-8694
This guidebook summarizes Utah’surbearer hunting laws and rules. Althoughit is a convenient quick-reerence documentor Utah’s urbearer regulations, it is not anall-encompassing resource.For an in-depth look at the state’surbearer hunting laws and rules, visit
.You can use the reerences in the guide-book—such as Utah Code § 23-20-3 and UtahAdministrative Rule R657-11-4—to searchthe Division’s website or the detailed statuteor rule that underpins the guidebook summary.I you have questions about a particularrule, call or visit the nearest Division oce.
Who makes the rules?
The Utah Wildlie Board passes the rulesand laws summarized in this guidebook.There are seven board members, andeach serves a six-year term. Appointed by thegovernor, board members are not Divisionemployees.The Division’s director serves as the board’sexecutive secretary but does not have a vote onwildlie policies.Beore board members make changes towildlie rules, they listen to recommendationsrom Division biologists. They also receive inputrom the public and various interest groups viathe regional advisory council (RAC) process.I you have eedback or suggestions orboard members, you can nd their contactinormation online at
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Private lands:
The Division cannot guaranteeaccess to any private land. I you plan to hunt ortrap—or engage in any other wildlie-relatedactivities—on private lands, you must obtainWRITTEN permission rom the landowner or thelandowner’s authorized representative. To learnmore, please see Trespassing onpage 17.
Division unding:
The Division is mostly undedby the sale o hunting and shing licenses andthrough ederal aid made possible by an excisetax on the sale o rearms and other hunting- andshing-related equipment.o 1972, the U.S. Department o the Interior andits bureaus prohibit discrimination on the basis o race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.I you believe that you have been discriminatedagainst in any program, activity or acility, or i you desire urther inormation, please write to:The U.S. Fish and Wildlie ServiceOce or Diversity and Civil Rights Pro-grams—External Programs4040 North Fairax Drive, Suite 130Arlington, VA 22203
Obtain permanent tags:
You may obtainpermanent marten and bobcat tags—by ap-pointment only—at any Division oce. Martentags will be available Oct. 1, 2012 through Feb.8, 2013. Bobcat tags will be available Dec. 3,2012 through Feb. 8, 2013. You can also obtainpermanent tags at the Utah Trappers AssociationFur Sale on Feb. 8–9, 2013.
Restrictions to protect river otters:
In anefort to protect transplanted river otters, themiddle section o the Provo River has been addedto the list o areas with trapping restrictions. Seepage 12to learn more.
Checking traps ater dark:
A trapper on ootmay use a ashlight to check traps ater dark, andurbearers caught in these traps may be harvestedby shooting at any time. Harvesting urbearers bymethods other than trapping remains restrictedto 30 minutes beore sunrise until 30 minutesater sunset. Please read Hunting and trappingmethods, starting onpage 10, or details andrestrictions.
Accidental trapping o protected species:
 Black-ooted erret, lynx and wol are protectedspecies under the Endangered Species Act, andriver otters and wolverines are state-protectedspecies. I you accidentally trap or capture one o these species, you must report it to the Divisionwithin 48 hours.
Native American trust lands and nationalwildlie reuges:
I you want to trap on NativeAmerican trust lands and national wildlie reugesin Utah, you should rst check with the respectivetribal authority or reuge manager.
I errors are ound in thisguidebook ater it is printed, the Divisionwill correct them in the online copy. Visit
to view all o theDivision’s guidebooks.
Protection rom discrimination:
The Divisionreceives ederal nancial assistance rom the U.S.Fish and Wildlie Service. Under Title VI o the CivilRights Act o 1964, Section 504 o the Rehabilita-tion Act o 1973, Title II o the Americans withDisabilities Act o 1990, the Age DiscriminationAct o 1975, Title IX o the Education Amendments
Don’t lose your hunting and fshing privileges
I you commit a wildlie violation, you could lose the privilege o hunting and fshing in Utah.The Utah Division o Wildlie Resources can suspend the license o anyone who knowingly, intentionally or recklessly violates wildlielaws. Your license can be suspended or a wildlie violation i:
You are convicted.
You plead guilty or no contest.
You enter a plea in abeyance ordiversion agreement.Suspension proceedings are separate and inde-pendent rom criminal prosecution. The Utah Divisiono Wildlie Resources may suspend your license privilegeswhether or not the court considers suspension in yourcriminal case. You will be notifed o any action againstyour privilege ater criminal proceedings conclude. Andremember, i your license is suspended in Utah, youmay not be permitted to hunt or fsh in most otherstates. (Visit
to see a map o participating states.)
Marten permits availableSept. 12, 2012Permanent marten tagsavailableOct. 1, 2012Bobcat permits andtemporary possession tagsavailableBegins Oct. 1,2012Permanent bobcat tagsavailableDec. 3, 2012Utah Trappers AssociationFur SaleFeb. 8–9, 2013
Badger, gray ox, kit ox,ringtail, spotted skunk andweaselSept. 29, 2012–Feb. 3, 2013Beaver and minkSept. 29, 2012April 8, 2013BobcatNov. 28, 2012Feb. 3, 2013MartenSept. 29, 2012Feb. 3, 2013Muskrat, red ox and stripedskunkYear round
 See page 22for information on bag limits and other restrictions.
Resident license$29Nonresident license$154
Bobcat permits
Resident permit$5 each (up to 3)Nonresident permit $5 each (up to 3)
Marten permits
Marten permitNo charge
Trap registration number
Resident$10 (payable once)Nonresident$10 (payable once)
Certicates o registration
Fur dealer$160Fur dealers agent$160Fur dealer renewal$40Fur dealers agent renewal$40

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