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Published by Devraj Choudhari

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Published by: Devraj Choudhari on Sep 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Modules of Modular Employable Skills (MES) under Skill DevelopmentInitiative (SDI) Suitable for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
S.N. Sector Name of Course EducationalQualificationDuration(hours)Disability
1. Automobile Basic AutomotiveServicing (4Wheelers)5th 180 OH/PartiallyHH2. Automobile Basic AutomotiveServicing (2-3wheelers)
180 OH/PartiallyHH3. Automobile Repair &overhauling of 2wheelers (scooter)
240 OH/PartiallyHH4. Automobile Repair &overhauling of 2wheelers (motor cycle)
270 OH/PartiallyHH5. Automobile Wheel Alignment &Balancing
120 OH/PartiallyHH6. Automobile Auto Body Painting
180 OH, HH7. Banking and Accounting Accounting 12
120 OH8. Beauty Culture& Hair DressingBasics of Beautyand Hair Dressing8
150 OH(lower limb),HH9. Beauty Culture& Hair DressingMassage Therapist
60 OH(lower limb),HH10. Beauty Culture& Hair DressingFacial Therapist
120 OH(lower limb),HH11. Beauty Culture& Hair DressingHair stylist
120 OH(lower limb),HH12. Beauty Culture& Hair DressingHair Colourist
60 OH(lower limb),HH13. Carpet HandknottedWoolen CarpetManufacturing5
240 OH(lower limb),HH14. Carpet Tibbetan CarpetManufacturing
240 OH(lower limb),HH
S.N. Sector Name of Course EducationalQualificationDuration(hours)Disability
15. Carpet Flat woven DhurrieManufacturing
240 OH(lower limb),HH16. Carpet Hand Spinning of Woolen CarpetYarn
240 OH(lower limb),HH17. Carpet Hand Spinning of Cotton Carpet Yarn
240 OH(lower limb),HH18. Carpet Hand tufted CarpetManufacturing
240 OH(lower limb),HH19. Electrical Electronic Choke &CFL Assembling
120 OH(lower limb),HH20. Electrical Transformer Winding
120 OH(lower limb),HH21. Electrical Armature Winding
120 OH(lower limb),HH22. Electrical Maintenance of Batteries
60 OH(lower limb),HH23. Electronics Basic Electronics(Repair &Maintenance of Power supply,inverters and UPS
120 OH(lower limb),HH24. Electronics Repair &Maintenance of Cellular Phone
210 OH25. Electronics Repair &Maintenance PA & Audio Systems
120 OH26. Electronics Repair &MaintenancePhotocopier andFax Machine
120 OH(lower limb),HH27. Fabrication Basic Welding(Gas)
120 OH(lower limb),HH28. Fabrication Basic Welding(Arc)
120 OH(lower limb),HH29. Fabrication Gas Cutting
120 OH(lower limb),HH30. Fabrication TIG Welding
90 OH(lower limb),HH31. Fabrication MAG/ CO2Welding
90 OH(lower limb),HH
S.N. Sector Name of Course EducationalQualificationDuration(hours)Disability
32. Fabrication Pipe welding (TIG& ARC)
150 HH33. GarmentMakingHand Embroider 5
210 OH(lower limb),HH34. GarmentMakingMachineEmbroideryOperator 
210 OH(lower limb),HH35. GarmentMakingGarment packer 
120 OH/HH/MMRLow Vision36. GarmentMakingGarment Ironer 
120 OH(lower limb),HH37. GarmentMakingTailor (BasicSewing Operator)
270 OH(lower limb),HH38. GarmentMakingGarment Cutter 8
270 OH(lower limb),HH39. GarmentMakingGarment Checkers
210 OH(lower limb),HH40. GarmentMakingSkilled SewingOperators
210 OH(lower limb),HH41. Gem andJewelryGem Cutting Assistant8
180 OH(lower limb),HH42. InformationandCommunication TechnologyComputer Fundamentals, MS-Office & Internet10
120 OH/HH/VH43. InformationandCommunication TechnologyTally
180 OH/ VH44. InformationandCommunication TechnologyDesk TopPublishing8
180 OH(lower limb),HH45. InformationandCommunication TechnologyDomestic BPO
180 OH(lower limb),HH46. InformationandCommunication TechnologyInternet KioskOperators
60 OH(lower limb),HH

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