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Karnataka State Women University

Karnataka State Women University

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Published by Najmuddin Aamer

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Published by: Najmuddin Aamer on Sep 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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instruction: Answer any three questions from Section 'A' and ten questions from Section 'B'.Section - A
1. Define Educational Technology. Discuss nature and scope of Educational Technology.2. Calculate mean, median and mode for the following data:CI f 10-14 815-19 920-24 1225-29 730-34 835-39 340-44 8N = 553. What is time table? What are the principles you will keep in mind while preparing a good time-table4. Discuss the role and functions of NCERT and NCTE in enhancement of Quality Education.5. What are the qualities and qualifications of a Headmaster? Explain the duties of Headmaster in aSecondary School.Section - B 10x5=506. What is micro-teaching? Discuss the micro-teaching cycle.7. Give the taxonomy of the educational objectives of affective domain as given by Krathwhol.8. What is evaluation? Distinguish between formative and summative evaluation.9. Discuss the applications of television in teaching and learning at secondary school level.10. What are the components of the skill of stimulus variation?11. "Any media can't replace the teacher". Justify the statement.12. Discuss nature and scope of Educational Management.13. What are the functions of B.E.O. at Taluka level educational administration?14. Discuss the programmes "Edusat" and 'Mahiti Sindhu' with respect to school education.15. Explain the structure and functions of SDMC.16. What programmes help in the professional development of teacher?17. Discuss the importance of co-curricular activities in school education.
10BD 55-1 (01)Year : 2010B.Ed. (Theory) Degree ExaminationEd-I : EDUCATION IN EMERGING INDIATime : 3 hoursMax. Marks : 80Instruction : Answer any three questions from section A & any ten questions from section B.SECTION
A (10x3=30)Each answer should not be more than 3 pages.1. Explain Indian Philosophical values of 'Karma and Dharma' with its Educational Implications.2. Explain the concept of Education for Harmony and Artistic Self Expression of RabindranathTagore.3. What do you meant by National Integration? What are the programmes would you suggest forstrengthening National Integration among secondary school children?4. Explain the meaning and scope of Educational Sociology.5. Critically examine the measures taken by government of India for Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE).SECTION
B (10x5=50)6. "Education is the natural, harmonious and progressive development of man's innate powers".Elucidate the statement7. What are the recommendations of Woods Despatch (1854) regarding secondary education?8. Explain in brief the characteristics of Emerging India Society.9. Suggest the ways and means of co-ordinating school and community functions.10. What do you meant by Democratic value? How do you develop the same among secondaryschool children?11. Explain the role of education in bringing desirable social change.12. List out the problems of women Education in India "and suggest the remedies.13. Discuss the role of Education in promoting International Understanding.14. Bring out the important functions of Educational Philosophy.15. Distinguish between Informal and Non-formal agencies of education.16. What are the recommendations of Kothari Education Commission (1964-66) regarding TeacherEducation?17. What are the constitutional provisions regarding education? Explain in brief.
2010 Karnataka State Women's University B.Ed B.Ed.(Theory) Degree Examination ED-II: EDUCATIONALPSYCHOLOGY for the year 2010 of Bijapur university,Question paper
10BD 55-1 (02)Year : 2010B.Ed. (Theory) Degree ExaminationEd-II : EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGYTime : 3 hoursMax. Marks : 80Instruction : Answer any three questions from Section A and ten from Section B.SECTION
A (10x3=30)Each answer should not be more than 3 pages.1. Describe the experiment conducted by Skinner on Operant Conditioning and discuss itseducational implications.2. Write an experiment you have performed on learning curve with respected toa. Aims, materials and procedure.b. Analysis, discussion and conclusion.c. Educational implements.3. Explain-Physical, cognitive and emotional aspect of development in adolescent learner.4. State the meaning of heredity and environment and discuss the impact of both in thedevelopment of the children.5. Explain the meaning and importance of Educational Psychology.SECTION
B (5x10=50)6. What are the stages of growth and development? Explain.7. What is transfer of learning? What is the role of teacher in transfer of learning?8. Define
personality and explain any two assessment tools.9. Explain physiological and psychological factors affecting on learning.10. The mental age of two children is 16 and 19 with same chronological age of 16. Calculate theI.Q. of both and analyse the result.11. Explain the concept of Sthitapragna.12. Explain the concept and areas of individual differences.13. Explain briefly principles of mental hygiene.14. What is creativity? How do you fostering creativity among your students?15. Define attention. What are the factors affecting attention? Explain.16. Explain the various defence mechanisms.17. Write structure and characteristics of classroom group.

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