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Welcome Booklet KTB-6

Welcome Booklet KTB-6

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Published by Miles Thompson

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Published by: Miles Thompson on Sep 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome to Kapiti Timebank!
A timebank is a way of exchanging abilities, skills, talents andexperiences within a community. Based on a foundation of reciprocity, members exchange services. This promotes an active andconnected community. By both giving and receiving, we appreciatethe value of every member and also experience the value of our owncontributions. Instead of separating our community into those whoneed and those who provide, we recognise that we all have needs aswell as gifts to share.Members earn time credits by doing services for other members. One hour equals one timecredit. An online website account keeps track of your time credits which you can thenexchange for services offered by other members of the timebank. You do not have to tradewith the same person who has traded with you. You can trade with whoever you like and
can always refuse a trade if you don’t feel comfortable or are too busy.
Time credits aren’t meant to replace standard dollars. They are designed to counterbalance
the market economy where almost everything is measured in money terms. The timebankassumes that everyone is an asset to the community and has skills that are valued equally.Through facilitating the exchange of services, timebanks build relationships of trust andreciprocity.
The advantages of a timebank
Get to know the people who live around you: our neighbourhoods-
Support and care for one another-
Promote equality and social justice-
Re-value skills currently undervalued in our society-
Learn new skills and share skills with others-
Regenerate and build community
Community Chest
 is a pool of donated time credits to be used by those members whoare unable to earn time credits due to illness or disability. Time credits can also be donatedby timebank members who do not wish to accumulate extra time credits to their ownaccount.
Our website is www.kapititimebank.org.nzWe have a public Facebook page atfacebook.com/kapititimebank
Core Principals
We are all assets
- Every human being can be a builder and a contributor. In thetimebank
everyone’s time is valued equally.
Redefine work
- The kind of work that builds society needs to be honoured,recorded and rewarded
building strong families, revitalising neighbourhoods andcommunity, making democracy work, advancing social justice, rebuilding socialvalues, making the planet more sustainable.
- Timebanks are based on giving and receiving. We often ask, can I helpyou and very rarely ask can you help me? Timebanks focus on helping each other.Networks are stronger than individuals.
Social capital
We are valuing labour
that the market doesn’t value.
Such as caringfor elderly, child-minding, doing errands, being good company!
Respect -
Respecting people and the role they play in our community.
Membership Information
JOINING THE TIMEBANK - The first step to joining the timebank is to meet with thecoordinator who will go through the orientation process. Together you will discuss thelogistics of timebanking and the safety systems in place.SAFETY REGULATIONS - We ask that you treat a timebank exchange as you would answer anad out of the newspaper. Common sense and putting your safety first is paramount. If thereis any time you feel uncomfortable you can opt out of a trade and you can notify thecoordinator and/or committee. The committee members are listed on the homepage andthe coordinator can be reached atcoordinator@kapititimebank.org
Suggested donation
There is a suggested $10 membership fee per person/family joining. This helps us with harddollar costs and in hosting our website. You can pay by cash to the coordinator or onlinepayment at Kiwibank. Account Number:
38-9011-0811571-00. (
Please put your timebank
username in the ‘reference’ field.
How does timebanking work?
Once a member we encourage you to request a service as soon as possible. If everyonewaits to be asked, no exchanges will happen. Similarly, if everyone tries to maintain apositive time credit balance, the level of timebank activity will be low - for the time bank tofunction some of us will have positive balances and others negative balances.
Making an exchange
Offer or request a service. It helps to put your phone number in the offer orrequest and add some times best for you for service to be done. Our offers and/or requestswill go out in the fortnightly newsletter. If you have any problems with accessing acomputer or the website please contact the coordinator.
: Co-ordinate the exchanges and answer any emails sent to you through thewebsite. Respond to offers and requests by contacting the members directly: - Arrange adate and time for the trade, discuss any materials or costs necessary for the trade and makesure you exchange names and numbers
(if you haven’t already).
: Complete the trade and log your hours online under
record an exchange
. Itis usually the responsibility of the receiver of the service to log the hours after the exchange.We ask that you log exchanges within a week of the exchange. We encourage you to do thisindependently online, however if you do not have online access you can contact thecoordinator.
Earning Time Credits
One hour of service equals one time credit. For fractions of hours you round up to thenearest quarter hour. (For example- 1 hour and 27 minutes of service equals 1.5 timecredits. There is a one hour minimum for a trade.
Working in teams or groups
Some members will prefer to work in teams or pairs. Member profiles will simply note “Thismember wants to work in a team or pair.” W
e can assist you to identify a team or partner if you prefer. This is already happening with a gardening group on the timebank.
Problem Resolution Procedure
Whenever possible, the provider and receiver should try to work out an agreement amongthem if a problem arises during a service exchange. However, if this is not possible, you cancontact the coordinator or a committee member.
Frequently Asked Questions
What services can I buy with, and what can I do to earn time credits?
The possibilities are endless! From walking a neighbour's dog, oiling a squeaky door, rakingleaves, stuffing envelopes, braiding hair, cooking meals, giving music lessons, runningerrands to lending professional advice, everyone in a timebank has a valuable skill to share.

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