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GVI Amazon Final Achievement Report - Sept 2012

GVI Amazon Final Achievement Report - Sept 2012

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Published by GVI_Amazon

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Published by: GVI_Amazon on Sep 27, 2012
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GVI Amazon Final Achievement Report - September 2012
As our time in the Amazon draws to a close it becomes apparent that we have achieved a great dealhere in the last six years and it seems fitting that out final report should summarise some of the greatthings to come out of all the hard work done by volunteers and staff at our little jungle base and throughour partnership with the Yachana Foundation.Our project partners Yachana did not have a definite scientific aim in mind for GVI when they wereapproached in 2006; they wanted to know more about the rainforest land they were committed toprotecting, and asked GVI
in the words of the founder of the Yachana Foundation, Douglas McMeekin
“just go out there and see what you can find”. And that we did. Six years later we have a species list
of over 785 different species including 298 bird species, 248 butterflies, 78 frog and toad species, 62
mammals and various snakes, salamanders and other fascinating creatures. We didn’t even start on the
plants! What is so amazing is that we keep adding to this list. Even now we are finding new species everyweek.However, the scientific contribution did not end there. At the time of writing, GVI Amazon has apublished paper on glass frogs and is in the process of publishing a second on the edge effects of theroad through the reserve. Additionally, the current staff team are putting together a follow-up roadstudy since the dramatic widening of the road that will be compared with the previous study, to see howdisturbance along the road affects biodiversity levels within the reserve. Alongside this, a monitoringsystem was put in place using the international PPBio grid methodology to allow for long-termmonitoring of the reserve and comparison to other rainforest sites around the world. As part of ourhandover to our
partners at Yachana, GVI has prepared monitoring methodology tailored to Yachana’s
high school students so that the reserve can be used as part of their science lessons, allowing thestudents themselves the chance to monitor and protect their own reserve.GVI Amazon has also produced the only frog and reptile guide for the area, which is currently beingdistributed to universities, museums, scientists, lodges and professional jungle guides. An online versionof our guides can be found here.Of course, conservation biology is nothing without the understanding and cooperation of the localresidents. GVI Amazon worked long and hard on developing relationships with the surrounding
GVI Avian Field Staffer Lana on a stream walk 
 in over her head? The Amazonian fringed leaf frog
 one of our favorite frog finds of 2012

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