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September 27 2012

September 27 2012

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Published by The Ontarion

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Published by: The Ontarion on Sep 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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thursday, september 27th, 2012
T Uv f G’ I S N
page 4
A & CS & HLfOECC LCfi
New public nuisance bylaw considers resident input
Students andperformers should takenote
stacey aspinall
Students who party hard, be-
: G   
a new public nuisance bylaw ineffect soon. City staff and theGuelph Police Service are out-lining the new bylaw, which isaimed at dealing more effec-tively with nuisance parties onprivate property, minor distur-
  z  f  .
Guelph is recognized across
Canada for being a relatively safe
city. he new bylaw, however,
would provide the city’s officers
and local police extra tools andresources in order to deal withminor disturbances that “oc-casionally occur on public and
private property that contravene
 ,” -
ing to the press release. Police
          ,
rather than through the Crimi-
 C.Jff L,   
who can often be spotted drum-
ming downtown on the corner of Wyndham and Macdonell, shared
some of his thoughts regardingthe bylaw. Lyons, who is often
exposed to city bylaws, expressed
    
bylaw would affect his public
“I really love playing music forpeople to enjoy and interpret,especially drums. Playing music
   
and even this could be consid-
ered a nuisance,” Lyons explained.
Lyons questioned the effects it
 v    
to gather in public to enjoy music
 .
“Tis bylaw may affect me and allpublic performers because people
congregate to dance or enjoy an
 x.”
Some specific situationsbeing considered include nui-sance parties that run the riskof escalating and affecting pub-lic safety; the host or property
   q   f    v  
of enforcement. Officers would
also deal with protests and ralliesextending over 24 hours, unless acity permit is obtained. Camping,
dwelling or constructing struc-tures on city properties would
v   z   .
he Council’s Operations,ransit and Emergency Services
Committee has given residents an
opportunity to voice their opin-
      
on Sept. 17, which was open to
 .
“Public education is our firstcourse of action and the bylawwould be used to address un-wanted behaviour in a timelierand more cost-effi cient manner
for all parties involved,” said Doug
Godfrey, manager of Bylaw Com-
, S  L.
Popular street-corner musician, Jeff Lyons, protests the new public nuisance bylaw.
Homecoming bomb?
Suspicious devicediscovery resultsin U of G buildingevacuation
tom beedham
Following an employee’s discov-
 f   v, 
evacuated the University of Guelph
S Cx  S. .G P Cf B L-
kin attended to the scene with
 GPS ffi     U f 
G Campus Community Police and
Fire. He described the suspect-
 xv     
bottle, filled with an unknownliquid and wires. Tere was alsoelectrical tape wrapped around
 x.
Te device was found in the area of 
 S Cx’  k.“B     f  ,   k,   
was treated with great concern
 ,” Lk  v  v.U fi  v -
where between 4:00 and 5:00p.m., the university employeecontacted Campus CommunityPolice, who called in assistance
from Guelph Police Service (GPS).
page 4
september 27th, 2012
U of G librarian awarded distinction
Jim Brett honoured byOCUFA for excellencein librarianship
michael long
Uvy f Gu u -
vices librarian Jim Brett has
 zd y  O- Cfd f Uvy
Faculty Associations (OCUFA)
as one of the province’s mostoutstanding librarians. Brettis one of only seven Ontariouniversity professors and li-
  v  OCUFA
Teaching and Academic Librari-
 Awd  y.
In making its decision, theOCUFA, a group which spon-sors advocacy, research andlogistical services for some17,000 university faculty andacademic librarians across
Ontario, noted how Brett’s co-workers consider him a leader,
, d vy.
Robin Bergart, an associatelibrarian at the U of G since2002 and member of the User
Experience Team, spearheaded
the nomination process – most-
ly unbeknownst to Brett. After
 B’ d, CV
and collecting references, Ber-
 fy kd B  
off on the nomination package.
“I didn’t find out about it
u I w uy kd, f w d   wud I -,” d B.
As the University’s user ser-vices librarian, Brett workson the library’s array of pub-
lic services, including research
reference help and virtual ref-erencing tools. Most recently,Brett and his team launchedthe library’s new Ask Us! ser-
v. T    
recent example of the type of 
forward-thinking changes that
have secured him recognition
f  OCUFA.
As Brett explains, with this
new service, “We’re not asking
people to sit down for a one-on-
one interview, we’re actuallytrying to do that upfront andsay, ‘let’s get you going, let’sget you into some stuff that’s
ufu, d  yu ud
on that knowledge and come
k d  u d w’ yu .’”
Brett was also on the van-
guard of the learning commons
concept at the U of G. In the late
1990s, he was on the team re-sponsible for introducing the
computer commons to the OVC
It is this commitment to
keeping the university forward-
thinking, novel and adaptable
that has made Brett so respected
among his peers. It is a phi-losophy summed up in Brett’svision for the future of the li-brary; or, in his words: “howcan we respond and give you,
[the students], the kind of space
yu d.”
Atypically, Brett earned aB.Sc. in botany and a M.Sc. in
plant systematics from the U of 
G f w  W
University in 1983 to pursue asecond master’s degree in li-
brary and information sciences.He credits his experience doing
extensive research as a graduate
student with inspiring him to
make the change in career paths.
“When I was doing my mas-
ter’s research, there were a ton
of people in [the library] who
d  d I   kw 
lot of them,” Brett said. “Those
folks were fantastic, there was a
huge amount of historical liter-
ature review that I needed to dobecause of the systematics I was
wk  d  fk -uy   d     .”
Over the years, Brett has also
d  u f   f y ff  w
as for students coming out of 
school with degrees in informa-
 . B  v 
number of talks on successful
networking and interview strat-
egies for prospective librarians.“When you’re doing the infor-
mation sciences degree, there’s
a degree of disconnectednessbetween what you’re doing
 d w   wd,” d B. “S f  ww I’v  vvd  
library schools and just talk-
  fk u   
profession. And that’s hugely
Though for Brett, the best
part about receiving the award
was the affirmation from hiscolleagues that came along
w .
“Anytime your peers give you
recognition for what you’ve
contributed it’s great. It feels
wdfu,” d B.
Hate on campus
Hate crimes on campusmore prominent thanstudents realize
gagan batra
T w d  
and gone here on campus. Of 
u,  wud’ v 
complete without the annualevents signifying the start of a new year. Frosh week wentby as smoothly as ever, themany university clubs andorganizations made their in-
troductions and recruited new
members, and according to
Pd A Su,
the “hate graffiti” has made its
appearance yet again this year.
President Summerlee sent out
a message to all university stu-
d S.    d
regret that such an unfortu-nate incident had taken place
 y    y. A-
though hate graffiti has been a
prominent issue occurring near
the beginning of the semes-ter each year, concern is stillraised when there is any in-
stance of hate being expressed
 u.
In a telephone interview, As-
sistant Vice President ChuckCunningham confirmed that
fu f ud 
be released about the nature of 
the hate graffiti so as to prevent
“y .”
“All hate graffiti is terri-ble and unacceptable,” said
Cunningham explained that
 d    f  ff   y u
near the beginning of the se-mester. Last year, there were
a total of 16 incidents such as
this, the first of which occurred
 d-O.“O  d  ’  
number, but on the other hand
v  d f  f-
fiti is unacceptable,” said
Fourth year student Ama-tus Legbedion explained thatfrom her recollection of theprevious year, there was onlyone incident of hate graffi-ti. When prompted about thegroup the hate graffiti was
d   y,  d,“T  dd’ d f.”
Like Legbedion, third year
student Gagan Sahota explained
that he wasn’t aware that in-cidents such as this had even
taken place the past two years.
In the past, the universi-
y d    w ud   du- d  w u
these sorts of hate crimes. The
first step towards preventingthese incidents was the mass
Jim Brett was awarded a provincial award for his work in the library.
Global to Local:
U of G students and staff oninternational and national news
Mu f   d’        dv Ly, w v u-d - w d f  f w.Ry,  fu  ud  d f U.S. A-d C Svd   A, d u f  k  U.S. u  B-z y  w w   -If. T  w  C-d vv  Lyw d  S.  wCd d  f    Mdd E,fy  Ey, Ly,d Sud,    v.
T Onrion:
Hv yu fw  dv f v  Ly?
Sandra Singer, associate pro-fessor
: T u  Lyfw f  A S, I v  fw w    .
T Onrion:
Wy d u  yu?
S  8, I v d  , I  u  Gu,    f Ly’ f d Mu- Gddf, w w kd , v d y.
T Onrion:
W du d yu u  f u  u-  Ly?
F d u, Iw v d ddy  f ud wd. I uu  - f  v, u   k f US A-d C Sv d u I f  f ;  I d [ y ud] [ f y ], y d v dd’w y qu u f uud k d  u f US y. I   uwk,    u ud k v  d .
Thanks to the faculty member who participated in thisweek’s interview. If you havean international news storythat you want to see here, or if you want to be signed up for a mailing list of potential interviewees, contact NewsEditor Alicja Grzadkowska at onnews@uoguelph.ca.

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