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Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo

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Published by Kanti nath Banerjee

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Published by: Kanti nath Banerjee on Sep 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brand Image of Tata and Docomo
This is another important factor which proves as a major strong point for TataDocomo. Tata DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices Limited's (TTSL) telecom service on theGSM platform-arising out of the Tata Group's strategic alliance with Japanese telecommajor NTT DOCOMO in November 2008. Both of these are Big brand names in theirrespective countries; viz. Tata in India and NTT Docomo in Japan. Tokyo-based NTTDOCOMO is one of the world's leading mobile operators-in the Japanese market, thecompany is clearly the preferred mobile phone service provider in Japan with a 50 percent market share. Variety of plans on offer Tata Docomo focuses not only on theprice but also makes sure that the variety of services offered is not compromised. There are a number of tariff plans for post pay customers as well as for prepaycustomers.
One major weakness of this organization would be the lack of adequate infrastructureto service the subscribers that it may initially achieve owing to the low prices. The keyissue would be network coverage, where the customers would prefer that a call gothrough, or not be disconnected, than save Rs. 0.5-Re.1 on a call. At the same time,since operators have so far been focused on the “land-grab”...
Morale is a way of describing how people feel about their jobs, employers andcompanies, and those feelings are tied to the behaviors and attitudes that employeesexhibit in the workplace. When employees have good morale, they feel committed totheir employers, loyal to their jobs and motivated to be productive. They work harder,produce more, meet deadlines and give it their all.
Low Morale
According to BNET, a website that offers business management advice, low moraletakes a toll on employee performance and productivity. Employees become lessmotivated to work, less committed to their employers, exhibit an attitude of indifference and are absent more often. Companies pay the consequences of low
morale, as less work gets done and time and money are wasted. Such characteristicsmay not always indicate low morale. Be sure that you don't misdiagnose employeesas having low morale when they may just be having a bad day. Low morale isindicated by a pattern of these behaviors and attitudes over time.
 The goal of the Management System and Organisation Optimisation is to introduce anew organisation and management system at the level of a selected company or agroup of companies (holding), as the case may be. The solution's standard subjectmatter is the conceptual preparation of the client's new organization and theimplementation thereof, which is broken down into detailed organisational andfunctional patterns including job structure and category. Other steps include apreparation of the company's (holding) management rules, setting the basicfunctions, competencies, powers and responsibilities for individual managementlevels of a company (holding), and the preparation of a company's (holding) basicinternal policies.
In TATA DOCOMO the organizational culture is the workplace environment formulatedfrom the interaction of the employees in the workplace. Organizational culture isdefined by all of the life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education, upbringing,and so forth of the employees. While executive leaders play a large role in definingorganizational culture by their actions and leadership, all employees contribute to theorganizational culture.
Not favourable in terms of Recent spectrum allocation {2G-scam}.
Political lobbying is prevalent and many companies are taking advantage of it.It has become ubiquotous and creates lots of hassels for the firms.
Due to 2G Scam therre will be tighter control and auditing system.
Also UPA will bring some new changes as the social pressure is so high{Annahazare movemenet}.Some new guidelines are coming up.
 TATA may get truly benefitted by their inherent policy of no form of corruption.TATA Docomo should be ready for a patient game so that thispolitical uncertainity gets settled.
 Teledensity has improved from under 4% in March 2001 to 53% by the end of March 2010.Cellular telephony has emerged as the fastest moving businesssegment.
Due to high growth rate,hgher teledensity and sustainable domestic demandcellular telephony will surely reamain in the pink of health in India.
Unexplored rural market.Usage may be low but volume can be high.
Due to immense competition and lowest call rates in the world there are waferthin margins as well.
 Youth population is increasing,adoption to new technologies has become dailyroutine,more litracy rate and more purchasing power of Domestic consumersmakes this industry more than attractive.
 Youth will control the economy within next 10 years and companies need tomeet their ever changing and newest deamands.
Plans and tariffs need to be updated according to current demand and socialhabbits.
Devolopment of new apps and cool value added services are in demand.
 Tata Docomo is enjoying the distinct advantage of the backing up of NTTDocomo which proven innovative technology.It is first in Inidia to roll out 3Gservices in India resulted a growth of 30%-40% in VAS and also planning tobring in 3G enabled mobile phones at an affordable price.
It should try to capitalize the capabilities of Wimax technologies,a high speeddata connection,which is supposed to have 12 million subscribers by 2012.

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