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Asking Too Much

Asking Too Much

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Published by Matthew Perrett
A Xenosaga comedy. After Wilhelm's defeat, Shion and company propose an expedition to Lost Jerusalem. For understandable reasons, the crew of the Elsa balk at the idea.
A Xenosaga comedy. After Wilhelm's defeat, Shion and company propose an expedition to Lost Jerusalem. For understandable reasons, the crew of the Elsa balk at the idea.

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Published by: Matthew Perrett on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Asking Too Much
By Matthew Perrettwww.mattperrett.commperrett@mattperrett.com"Wait a minute, lemme get this straight," Captain Matthews asked in complete disbelief. Jr., Shionand Allen had come onto the bridge of the Elsa with a ludicrous proposal that he wasn't certain hehad heard right, and just the thought of it was making his head spin. "You want to take the Elsaand go hunting for this Lost Jerusalem place?!""And its crew, of course," Jr. reassured him. "We wouldn't think of separating you from your  beloved ship, Captain.""But without the U.M.N., all we'd have is normal flight!" Hammer interjected with some dismay."It would take years to get to even the closest star system! Do you even know where we'd begoing?""We have a general idea, yes," Shion replied, seemingly unconcerned by their objections."A general—" Captain Matthews broke off, sputtering in rage. "And what if you're wrong?!""Then we'll keep searching until we do find it," Shion answered in a firm tone."Even if we do, how would we ever get back home?" Tony inquired with grave seriousness."Well, unless MOMO and Scientia can build a new U.M.N. from scratch in our lifetime,"answered Allen as he rubbed the back of his head nervously, "we, uh, probably won't be able to.""What?!" the captain exploded. "What the hell's so important about this place, anyway?!""For one thing, it's the birthplace of humanity, and we think KOS-MOS wound up there," Shionstated matter-of-factly, as if that was reason enough. "Beyond that, we're not really sure what we'llfind. It's likely either entirely devoid of life or swarming with Gnosis, though."Hammer, appearing close to a panic attack, kept pressing the argument. "Look, have you seriouslyconsidered all the logistics of this trip? We'd need food, clothing, parts—" He ticked each of theseitems off on his fingers as he spoke. "Maybe for a lifetime!""Hey, don't worry about that stuff," Jr. said, gesturing dismissively. "The Elsa's a cargo freighter,so we'll just fill the hold with everything we need. I've got Mary and Shelley working it all out."
"We can use hydroponics to grow our food, and make cloth from plant fibers," Allen explained."We can also process some of it into artificial meat. We'd want to save most of the cargo space for spare parts, equipment and other irreplaceables."Tony and Hammer shared a glance, looking for all the world as if they would like nothing better than separation from their beloved ship. "And how many people would we be taking?" the pilotasked, his suspicions rising."Oh, just the six of us," Shion answered smoothly.The navigator did a quick calculation. "Which comes out to five guys and one woman, who's—""Engaged!" Shion said, beaming as she held up her hand to show off the brilliant diamond ring thatadorned her finger. Allen took a step closer to her possessively."Right," Tony muttered sourly. "Great.""We could pick up a few more crew members before we go," Allen offered in an attempt toappease them. "Professor and Assistant Scott said they might be interested in coming.""Yeah, that'll solve the problem, alright," retorted Tony, his voice dripping with sarcasm."Wait, when were you planning on leaving?" Hammer queried, suddenly afraid of the answer."In about two weeks," Jr. responded. "Helmer's helping us expedite the process.""Two weeks?!" the ship's crew exclaimed as one.Jr. shrugged. "Give or take a week."Captain Matthews took a deep breath, trying to get his temper in check. "So lemme see if I got thisright," he said as calmly as he could, though there was still a strong undercurrent of anger in hisvoice. "You want us to go on a one-way trip to a mythical planet you don't know the location of,which, if we're lucky, will only take decades and not generations.""It's not a myth if we find it!" Shion declared cheerfully."Also," he continued, "beyond the point of no return, we won't be able to resupply or communicatewith anyone, so if we forget anything or have an emergency we didn't prepare for, we'll be up thecreek without a paddle.""Planning is everything!" Jr. agreed, nodding enthusiastically."You're committing us to a life of vegetarianism and celibacy, we'll probably never see another friendly face again, and even if we do find it, there's a significant chance that we'll die a horrificdeath at the hands of the Gnosis."

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