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Clinical Pit Shop Comm 661

Clinical Pit Shop Comm 661

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Published by Jakita L. Jones

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Jakita L. Jones on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running Head: THE CLINICAL PIT STOP 1The Clinical Pit StopJakita L. JonesQueens University of Charlotte
Running Head: THE CLINICIAL PIT STOP 2Societal understanding of health varies from one culture to another. Several factors such asgender, class, ethnicity, religion and even education determine our experience of reality. Health,illness, and disability can all be seen as socially created or defined. Some debate that friends,relatives, and even cultural backgrounds often influence a person’s view of a “symptom” worthy of the physician’s attention. In addition, images, places, and various spaces often formulate a realityof what “health” is for individuals. However, thorough observations and interpretations of objectsand images within a particular space can provide insight and enlightenment of how realities aresocially constructed for people within that environment. This paper will provide an in-depthdescription of how CVS MinuteClinic in Waxhaw, North Carolina has socially shaped our notionsof health/illness. A critical examination and analysis of artifacts/text within CVS MinuteClinic will be explored and discussed to offer substantiation of how illnesses and diagnosis are constructed for  patients who visit this type of healthcare unit.
Description of the Clinical Pit Stop
The visit to CVS MinuteClinic revealed some intriguing dynamics as it relates to societalconception of our health reality and convictions. The MinuteClinic was located in the back of CVS, where it was seemingly quiet with light instrumental jazz music playing over the intercom.While walking through the aisles, there was an excessive amount of advertising prompting potential patients to make a quick visit to the clinic for further medical assistance. There were atleast three to four advertisements in every walkway. Once a prospective patient enters into thewaiting area, they are greeted by a flat screen monitor that list minor illnesses, skin conditions,wellness exams, and vaccinations the MinuteClinic clinical physicians are able to administer. Thespace of the MinuteClinic was shaped parallel in the form of an assembly line, stretching
Running Head: THE CLINICIAL PIT STOP 3from one end of the store to other end. Within that space, patients were accommodated in such away that after their 15-minute appointment, one is able to conveniently take 10 to 15 steps to visitthe pharmacy if necessary to fill a medicine prescription given by the physician. The pharmacy issuitably situated next to the MinuteClinic and it consist of three windows, a “drop off” counter, a“consultation” window, and a “pick-up” area for patients to walk in a parallel direction for convenience and expediency. If patients left the clinic to proceed to the pharmacy, walking canes,and pill organizing containers were available for purchase at the check-out counter. Above, is adepiction of the operating space/text of the MinuteClinic. The space within CVS reserved for theMinuteClinic is positioned like a pit stop in a NASCAR race. A pit stop is where a racingvehicle stops in a pit during a race for refueling, new tires, repairs, mechanical adjustments, a driver  change, or any combination of the above. The pit usually comprises a pit lane, which runs parallelto the start/finish straight and is connected at each end to the main track. During a scheduled pitstop, the team’s pit crew services the car as swiftly as possible, completing a number of differentservices. Likewise, the MinuteClinic has several characteristics of a pit stop that will further illuminate how this text has socially constructed several different realities of health for its prospective patients.
Clinical Pit Stop Analysis
The type of analogical illustration of the text aforementioned implies that the symptoms of a patient can be easily diagnosed and speedily treated, reducing symptoms to minor, non-detrimental issues. The name of the clinic itself and the menu of illnesses listed on the flat screenat the entry point cause patients to believe that all illnesses are quickly and easily identifiable andcurable, just as changing tires on a race car. This causes one to deem our bodies as invincible,exempt from severe medical complications. The assembly line space of the MinuteClinic and

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